Aleph א

Leaving a wake

א Is shaped like a Vau ו tipped sideways with Yods ׳ coming in from the (up) right, and going out (down) on the left. Aleph א is our fool or self – who steps out over Daath’s abyss – and into Gaia’s  unknowns. He steps without looking, where he’s going! Such as in moments…… Continue reading Aleph א

“Scouting report”. (L.D. #10)

This is basically a “scouting report” about my ongoing possession by my Love Daemon-Angel. Maybe I should call him a de-mangler. Either way for now, it’s L.D-A. , for short. I left another note on his car. * This one was a card with an elephant holding an umbrella whilst a tiny mouse danced on…… Continue reading “Scouting report”. (L.D. #10)

A Musing about my Love Angel (L.D. #9)[1]

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if ‘he’ showed up here, actually? He could one day, I’m ~ sure of it. AS if I could be sure of anything, that is. Which really is nothing[2]. Anyway what if he did, would I need to make a big fuss about it? Broadcast and cash in…… Continue reading A Musing about my Love Angel (L.D. #9)[1]

Lamed  ל

The path of Lamed ל is our experience of day-to-day decisions we make to stay in our commitments towards those we love; our corpus of family. Could be pronounced La’ med, l’ame d, or lamed- the latter like caused an ouch. With Lamed’s ל path, as our truths unfold, we may feel a bit lamed,…… Continue reading Lamed  ל


***** Love, L-O-V-E, is a sensation of coherence experienced when Vau, our inner  heart’s being, is aligned and strong- with another’s heart chakra- be it baby or lover. Love is sparked by locality- being in a physical room together- and touch is involved. * L-O-V-E is Lamed- Samech (ס for O) shape but in English,…… Continue reading “Love”

Here’s an idea- AEIOU ‘medicine’            

* In your name, there are likely to be one or two vowels missing. Each vowel being a certain tone, carries frequency.  When you say it aloud. Creating a rainbow[1] in this case, with the  A, E, I, O, U. You can add color associations of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue –  or whatever…… Continue reading Here’s an idea- AEIOU ‘medicine’            


The most striking aspect of this L.D. intrusion is the sense of kissing and being kissed. Just yesterday while I was opening the drapes, ‘he’, landed (another) hard one on me. Truthfully I can say, I have NEVER been kissed this way[1]- at least not in real life- only in the ethera, and from ‘him’…… Continue reading Kisses

“E-vil” is live spelled backwards

As in sum of our lives- Marked by gold spiral Is Measured against G-d’s Holy Light which way floats your merkaba? * How many crystals and entity goblins are ‘twixt you and His Sight of brilliance? * What is left over will, like the Terminator coalesce and again incarnate. Sorry; there’s no escaping it. That’s…… Continue reading “E-vil” is live spelled backwards

Scary Malefics

It doesn’t fail to annoy me- the constant references to “Mercury retrogrades”, squares and all references to the challenge planets of Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto by astrologers; they create much drama and fear that’s unnecessary. These outer planets represent larger perspectives that stress us- and ruffle our individual sovereign self. We’ve only been aware…… Continue reading Scary Malefics

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