Revisiting the Snake G-ddess

One thing I learned when I went to visit the Snake G-ddess was about focus of mission.  From the very beginning, I had to submit to lying down on at her writhing snake entrance,[1] they were there en masse, in a version of coherence- as they individually made up her body....Really we all did, as…

Meet my two friends, Tzadi and Ayin

Meet my two friends, Tzadi and Ayin They look quite similar, but are in fact different by the ways they experience life in the house of images. As expected, the results are not the same, not bad necessarily, just different. * At first glance, they seem similar and it might seem there is equality in…

Snow as metaphor

Snow- my birthday gift (I was born on the snow-moon- the full moon just finished. ( first draft). [So here I sit swaddled, hot cocoa in hand after my fun foray to clear frontage; writing about it now on my birthday stationary.] I love snow. It hasn’t failed to lift my heart but once… after…


‘NO’ is a powerful word.  For just two letters, Its energy is absurd! NNNNnnnnooooOOOO N from nun – the energy of death, A fish in Hebrew Letting go from wherever, Your hive mind is holding on. O for everything Father and son, a circle’s completion, oneness and atonement. Finality that as it completes, Slices me…

Entities (L.D. -1)

“I am paddling my spirit boat. The current is gentle, water flat, and I arrange the altar crystals towards the front of the boat. I contemplatively rearrange them on the right side of the bow to make more space for spirit to come in.

Moving them, I spy an dark glassy-eye embedded near the midline. The being almost bulges and seems to want to be released. As I coax and gently tease at it, it slowly winds and unwinds like an exposed worm around my finger. It removes, elongates, and unfurls like an origami structure. Lightens in color. As if focuses on me with acknowledgement, it blooms to the shape of a bird.

Spreading wing-like structures, my entity sets forth as an elegant ibis to land on a rock wall high above. Returning to it's perch until needed again. Settling into being a pale celestite icy blue sculpted bird overlooking the traversed watery passage.

This happens twice again. With the Beings released, my boat is lighter and guided more surely over deep waters."