L.D. #5

So, having not seen my L.D. face-to-face by the deadline stated in my “very specific” note, I’ve been listening to many sessions from Hypnosisdownloads.com, to loosen my phantom lover. 

They feel calming and effective, at least seem so on day 2. Tools to get perspective, so in ten years I’ll think, “what a trip”!

The best one so far is the image of Ulysses. ‘Bonds tightened to the mast as he’s passing by the Sirens’ intense addictive singing’. Thank G-d it’s less than that! I can almost feel that heavy oak and lead boat, sailing through those dangerous waters with waves crashing over the decks. Smell that salt air!

Here it is now, several months into the pandemic. I’ve been in nearly 100% alone in the quarantine. I have seen very few souls – at all. So, it was ironic after spending close to 6 hours on these release and restore sanity tapes, feeling lighter than I had been; not under nuzzle attack! I went outside early Sunday morning to do some yard work, and wouldn’t you know it, a nice man came to cheer me on. First he had a snarky remark about the weeds growing…he’s a neighbor who lives across the alleyway. Wouldn’t you know, he introduced himself as, “George”, my LD’s name. (to my Higher Power – Thanks a lot!)

I had to start all over again. With the tapes, I mean.

I think a good one too, is the image of Kali https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kali_by_Raja_Ravi_Varma.jpg#/media/File:Kali_by_Raja_Ravi_Varma.jpg with her many severed heads.I have a special ritual knife to lop off his identity, but leave the energy of his spirit with me.  

Just like I needed it- he’s exactly what I summoned, to heal the deep wound in my heart. His head, those eyes, his foveas[1]on fire, turning black and white, then sepia, as he dims from my sight.[2]

I called my Reiki master, who herself brought me to the mystery school to get a recommendation for an exorcist- I’d go to the Catholic last because they worship the energy of measurement they are corrupt.[3]As luck has it, a very dear lady is nearby, who connected with higher angels when she nearly died as a child. (She told me he loved me spiritually – like Jesus would).

For a very reasonable fee she’ll do a timeline rewind with G-d’s angels, but I think she’s already healed me really!

[1]The central focus of the macula where we see and ‘see’ . Every structure in the eye has reciprocity with every other connection, meaning that it is modulating responsively. The fovea, as command and control, reflects each hive mind (solid reticulated organs) in whole. Each hive mind lighting up with resonance to reflect our very soul. 

[2]Normally getting cataracts and macular degeneration serve this purpose.

[3]Erecting giant temples to G-d to declare their magnificence isn’t a witness unless being built brick and mortar, by hearts on fire with G-d. Michaelanglo was extorted, even if politely. Slaves, body and beings of Gaia, needlessly maimed for a man’s


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