1) Late –arriving late to your appointment short-changes you. Please leave enough time to get to your appointment (please no more than 10 minutes early- the office is locked during appointments). Reading materials and tea are available to help you unwind and relax in the sanctuary space between appointments.  Rescheduling on the day of an appointment is considered a “no-show”.

Even a brief therapy treatment can be very helpful.

2) “No-shows” for appointments take time from another. No show appointments are non-refundable.

3) As your provider, I provide evidence-based and heart-centered intuitive guidelines to best coach you towards your health goals.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own health as your environment, attitude, and habits support and create your being.

While I do not recommend pharmaceutical medications as first line treatment, I will not ask you to stop medications prescribed by another provider.

4) That my “cup may be filled”, I do not answer calls when I am in a class or meditating. All calls are screened; if you are new please leave a message!

I keep my phone nearby between the hours of 7AM and 10PM.

5) As your happiness improves, some changes may be noticed by those around you. While this is ultimately for your highest “good”, it may not always seem fun all the time. Balancing and claiming healthy boundaries needs to be done gently with ease and joy.

By setting clear boundaries you also teach others that you believe in them and their own strengths.

6) Your health, especially as we age, reflects your sense of wellness. Releasing that which ‘no longer serves’ only happens when your subconscious feels it is safe to let go of a habit that may have been essential for your family lineage and generations! Be gentle!

If you are feeling stuck, try (mindfully) sending and receiving blessings from all seven directions (front, side, back, side, above, below, and within). For example, “I send blessings to all beings in front of me, large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen”…”I receive blessings from all the beings in front of me, large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen”… and so forth, for each direction going clockwise. Notice how it feels in each direction. Pause and wait if for an answer that sheds new light on your situation. Really, this works!

7) If you don’t understand what I am saying or recommending, please ask for clarification!