Dearest Little One[1],(five years later)

I am so sorry your family of origin- your mother and/or your father, were unwilling or unable to take proper care of you. That seems very sad to me. I too, had parents who were unable to properly care for me I lost my mother to mental illness when I was ~four and father (from…… Continue reading Dearest Little One[1],(five years later)

Anatomy of a Fentanyl Overdose

My son’s sweet childhood friend is currently in the hospital – brain dead on life support. While his heart is beating and skin is warm, he’s in a suspended state of “feeling” with no discerning brain. Without that – his e-motions are gone. No passions can arise; he but receives from outside. You could think…… Continue reading Anatomy of a Fentanyl Overdose

Asthma – inspired by my weekly allergy summit

I get to go a weekly meeting with my allergy colleagues. We dial in or watch on zoom; some go in person to listen to the speaker present his or her special topic. Though it used to only be in person  ~40 miles away or by phone, the pandemic brought it to Zoom. Usually a…… Continue reading Asthma – inspired by my weekly allergy summit

Freedom to say or do

One time I got an astrology reading and the woman, seeing Mars and Venus in my 3rd house of communication and local milieu, said, I “should just write whatever comes out” and publish it on my blog. The idea seems daunting. You can see for the most part, you’d get rawness that’s free associative and…… Continue reading Freedom to say or do

Re-silience (“resilience”)

Re-silience (resilience) is a buzz word everyone likes to use – to describe kids and adults who are able to ‘bounce back” and re-buckle in, after seeing or hearing about traumas[1]  and tragedy. Including me, I know lots of ‘resilient’ people, who look and act as if they are able to be ‘calm’ at their…… Continue reading Re-silience (“resilience”)

The Souk (part 1)

(Souk I)- updated 6-4-23 The goal of this essay is to show how the “souk” is a sustainable and inherently productive model for secondary education that could be incorporated into the present system. * Implemented it would increase individual satisfaction and productivity of those e-duced by creating and being comfortable with useful skills taught within…… Continue reading The Souk (part 1)

Considering words and their “opposites” – an open letter to a “friend”

Wishing to fulfill my wish to be in some way useful to the (dare I say  ‘our’) council I wish to offer the following idea about “opposite” words –ideas/concepts and facts as named symbolically. So this is my ~scouting report. I know it’s a “little different”.  At this point it’s my belief there are no…… Continue reading Considering words and their “opposites” – an open letter to a “friend”

Imp-unity or Im-punity –

‘There’s a spat in Morocco about muezzin being too loud. He’s bothering the eardrums of hotel patrons; the local imam jacked up the decibels with imunity. Bullying those who’d come for a restful visit to _________.-c(ould be anywhere). Impunity – to do without punishment –or not to thought of as puny, for doing it. (As…… Continue reading Imp-unity or Im-punity –


Jasmine has a sweet aroma, delicate and intensely floral. Without citrus or bergamot though has a musky undernote. * Enamored by the idea of fragrant garden in moonlight, And loving glossy vining evergreen, I keep trying to have one cultivated. * After my third or fourth attempt, I’ve finally got one that seems to be…… Continue reading Jasmine

Sobering thoughts

I signed on this morning and it said my website was empty. There were no posts listed. My home page was virgin. Gasp I thought, though I Know, there are no mistakes or accidents. Luckily I have most of my essays emailed already. I just learned that my website – which costs me a ONE…… Continue reading Sobering thoughts

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