Entities (L.D. -1)

What is an “entity”?

[Dream sequence] and Introduction

“I’m paddling my spirit boat. The current is gentle, water flat, and I arrange the altar crystals towards the front. I contemplatively rearrange them on the right side of the bow to make more space for ‘spirit’ to come in.

Moving them, I spy an dark glassy-eye embedded near the midline. The being almost bulges and seems to want to be released. As I coax and gently tease at it, it slowly winds and unwinds like an exposed worm around my finger. It removes, elongates, and unfurls like an origami structure. Lightens in color. As if focuses on me with acknowledgement, it blooms to the shape of a bird.

Spreading wing-like structures, my entity sets forth as an elegant ibis to land on a rock wall high above. Returning to it’s perch until needed again. Settling into being a pale celestite icy blue sculpted bird overlooking the traversed watery passage.

This happens twice again. With the Beings released, my boat is lighter and guided more surely over deep waters.”


“Entities” are thought forms, ideas and undeveloped thoughts. Loved or hated, Entities, as beings both animate and inanimate, have energetic lineage that has brought it into existence. By will or desire, they persist- despite the odds of succumbing to entropy. The process is analogous to the path taken by our ancient mothers’ mitochondria as she left Africa. These energetic lineages form what is called an entity or spirit.

Entities are present in every rock (as devi), plant, and animal- all beings composed of earth, air, fire, and water, including individual letters of any language .

Consciously and unconsciously, we resonate with them, and they with us, reflecting our personal genealogy and  environmental lineage patterns.

Entities are called into being to fulfill a purpose. They balance an energetic force, fill a vacuum, or are even sometimes carelessly thought up by man’s rich imagination. Ebola virus was one such entity to protect against a foreign intrusion. It was destructive and protective at the same time. Ebola’s root chakra is white- it was summoned (to protect against the enemies- really they just unleashed it).

Entities are neither good nor bad. It is the intention behind their creation that makes the connection, strength, and purpose of attachment.

Like mythic heroes, they don’t go where they aren’t needed.

Marriage creates Entity from the combined power of ritual formation and commitment. The more formally respected and emotionally honored, the stronger the Entity projects into the conscious of the beings that made the commitment (regardless of whether  it’s based on love or not). Commitment itself, gets one through the trials but sometimes keeps us in relationship too long after abuse or neglect has replaced most of the relationship’s physicality . Negative entities especially, feel like spiritual intrusion.


Events paired with (especially) strong emotional responses become nearly indelible and can create intrusive thoughts or ‘poking’.

For example, subconscious  data (meaning automatic collection) of time, place, senses (smell, taste, color, touch) even limb positions, are recorded in the your brain and body proper during peak high or (especially) low or stressful emotional events. The strength of such an event,  proportional to intensity and duration of any one cue, can often be recalled by one trigger. Ask anyone who experiences full-blown PTSD. These sets of neural pathways in the brain are regulated with neurolinguistic programming principles. While strong medications can dull or blunt the perseverance of strong entity, they usually don’t work.

As we create anything with strong focus with emotional intention, we create a sort of wormhole of possibility for similarly resonant being to attach (or attack).

Strong passions feed entities and are required to keep these ‘beings’ strong within our psyche. Unless very well delineated for their purpose to serve only the highest and greatest good (or light and love), they can be harmful to the psyche by exacting a toll. Like Chinese water torture, even the smallest entity can be destructive over time.

As Entities create the imbalance of craving or aversion, entities act like small G-ds to affect behavior. While initially they may seem pleasurable, there is a natural tendency for the human brain dopamine circuit to, want more of that sense of feeling good, which creates craving. In time, this reinforces solid stepping stones to addiction as we seek to avoid the sense of loss, anger, or fear (aversion). You may feel empty without it or like you’re stuck in a dark hole without at least constant reassurance that it’s coming soon.

This is where rituals can be used to calm and to ease our inflexibility.

As we lose flexibility and react stereotypically, our behavior changes. Reacting automatically, we  drain and lose power over our ability to respond more clearly to the moment. Have you ever felt transported in time by a song, fragrance or taste that made you stop what you were doing? These are the (pleasant) triggers I’m talking about.

Conditioned behavioral response to any stimulus, by definition, removes “free will”. We may feel fear when out of our comfort zone.

Today marketing deploys highly sophisticated psychological tools that coerce and reinforce you to buy ‘stuff’.  In the United States, corporations are LITERALLY entities with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual properties and given full rights to deploy whatever tools they may in the name of our First Amendment or “free speech”. As we, or our government which is an energetically perfect reflection of our corpus, have chosen to protect incorporated business constitutionally over human dignity, they have become elevated to supra-human status, essentially ‘G-ds’ .  Parents and canonized ‘churches’ (mosques, synagogues, temples) acts this way too.

Some entities are spirit forms that attach to unfinished business and yet aren’t re-housed, like after-life spirits stuck in limbo or the astral plane. Created when someone dies, especially when released from life through other than the crown chakra. Entities  with  attachment to unfinished business of that chakra; often experienced as sensations of warmth or coolness to ones being.

They re-incarnate within the same lineage where karmic patterns persist until they are consciously released.

As our collective social definition of status quo, or tribe, determines what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, usually whatever is successful, in terms of procreation and material gain (sacral and root chakra issues respectively), is retained, at least covertly.

Most human societies have evolved to persist and expand, often brutally, with little or no personal regard for individual dignity. This creates large defensive entities that persist in the collective unconscious.

For example incest most often evolved to create pregnancy, so unmarried girls wouldn’t expose the patriarchal family to loss of treasure in the event she were raped by a marauders or otherwise sexually exposed to any non-family member of the opposite sex. This reduced liabilities associated with ‘bride price’ and irrefutable obligation of blood lineage or babies. Sadly, honor killings function in much the same way.

Power, sex and procreation are among the strongest motivators for human behavior as they help cement our lineage into future manifestation.

Most ‘bad’ behaviors in families arose from the need for survival – the idea of kill or be killed. Being killed means less opportunity for procreation. Until the 20thcentury, there were limited middle classes in the western world. Those in a position of power could be easily offended and use the excuse to wipe out entire families or at least condemn them to lifetimes of misery. Check out the book of Sirach in the Bible.

While preserving the treasure and material property, an entity of shame for both male and female lineage of the family (felt most acutely by the women) is also born. This is subconscious until it is consciously released with an affirmation like, “I’ll thrive by the Grace of G-d, or Love”, thanking the shame for it’s service before ritually releasing it.

Lastly, when power is wielded against another, like during a personal attack or rape, entities in the recipient often create or enlarge. By forming spiritual intrusion, most ancestral lineages have strong taboo against rape. Vengeance sets in the heart of all those affected, and poisons every relationship that has any resonance or similarities.

Resentment and revenge provide a nice toehold for cancer which are always forming in our body but repaired and/or destroyed before more fully setting in unless repair mechanisms are blunted by hatred. The immune system works best during the parasympathetic phase of our daily rhythms, resting and digesting.

Essentially when we worship any idol, it becomes ‘G-d-like’ as it influences our behavior. Author Terry Pratchett, RIP, wrote a brilliant parody about entities entitled, “Small Gods”. Funny but sobering.

Fear of shame haunts many folks brought up in strong patriarchal faiths today.

Hospitals are loaded with entities- even as we sterilize every atom in the room! They exist in every dimension at once so we can only lessen them with physical scrubbing.

When I was a resident on the hospital wards, occasionally a patient would die that seemed particularly unfair or at least unexpected. Being sensitive, it was hard not to blame oneself, even though everything possible was done sitting at the bedside around the clock, balancing all the numbers when they didn’t seem to respond, encouraging them to pull through. The guilt might assuage if 20-20 hindsight suggested a long-standing quiet desperation, or other death wish, that may have contributed to the patient’s demise. That was not something a resident hospitalist would usually learn.

Feeling any event as unshakeable, is a symptom that you’ve acquired an entity.

In the USA especially, we physicians seem to generally fear death and refuse to look it in the eye for fear it’s contagious, which it is, when fear and anger is our emotional response. Fear festers subconsciously and in time, feeds entities (which probably brought some of us to medicine in the first place) that demand perfection and selflessness at the expense of our personal happiness and integrity.

Recall from calculus 101 and physics, that any quantity with direction creates an energetic vector. This includes thought with intention towards another being. By the “random walk” path, when a vector is released into any direction, and perpetuated meaning fed with craving or aversion, such ideas will always return to you and your direct lineage as they are related to us in an energetic spiral.

This is why we must ‘bless’ with any idea of thought we would be willing to happily receive- even our worst frenemies! Never mind how that little butterfly perpetuates in the strata it was originally directed.

Another set of entities are more casual and may be experienced or attach when someone’s aura has “holes” in it, like from smoking marijuana or becoming otherwise intoxicated in an “unclean” space. These Entities are mostly just lazy- not wanting to bother with the difficult process of incorporating for themselves when they have a willing carrier to do their bidding. Some pretty silly thoughts come up during these pick-ups and often cause mischief and mayhem.

…and now there’s Twitter.

Banishing rituals, which I teach, are very helpful to avoid and reduce these inadvertent attachments.

Entities can also enter body forms that are poorly formed, whether by birth or acquired.

Focusing on a body mind part for better or worse, creates expectations both internal and external.  Not accepting the being we already are, sends the message we aren’t good enough. This forms strong negative karma- an energetic vector.

Wartime often attracts individuals who are trained they aren’t “enough” and now must “prove” themselves. These folks are ripe to pick up entities.  Multiple opportunities exist to release and exchange Entities including destroying a family home or land, kicking tombstones and smashing monuments of the hated. But these same walls and structures have often  become sacred through resonance. Resonance builds with countless prayers and feelings of gratitude.  Through the resonance of Love, spirit as entity incorporates into the stone or object.

Destroyed in rage or hatred, the ‘spirit’ is now no longer contained, often entering and attach to the nearby destroyer’s anger-obsessed psyche. Yes, just like the Harry Potter wraiths (although they are usually smaller).

Sadly psychotherapy which often encourages rumination, may actually worsen the one plagued by entity. Being further encouraged to recount an event can deepen resonance, especially if you are exposed to a careless counselor who encourages emotional retelling but then cuts you off in mid-sentence with a judgement! Dredging up unprocessed feelings, discolor the rest of your day and can create further negative karma. No wonder as a culture, we have such a well-developed sense of victimhood!

Always end counseling sessions with a blessing that all parties enjoy ever greater love and light!!!! This is a blessing for integrity.

Acquiring and feeding entities that aren’t our own, or based on love, while they may make us seem invincible in the moment, brings us out of spiritual, mental, emotional, and ultimately physical integrity. I would define that as energetic coherence with your best and most happy self (and your AURA). This manifests as illness, addiction, or dis-ease. We are human and by definition NEVER perfect. How we find happiness, live with and love our imperfections offer great lessons in the art of living which we will have as long as we are in the body corporate.


Having a strong sense of self naturally resists entities. Maintaining personal boundaries with honest dignity– including making amends when needed when it wouldn’t hurt them or others, honor for the land, gratitude for the gifts we have, honoring all others in your life, and by getting restorative sleep are essential.

Learning how to let other people make their own mistakes with love, is a great skill. Not only does the lack of frustration and anger lessen your negative entity’s space, as you become happier, one’s negative Entities gets a lot less comfortable and start to separate since you’re vibrating at a whole different (higher) frequency.

When you step back and let others fail from time to time, you telegraph to the other individual that you love them and believe in them so much, that they can handle consequences of their own mistakes. That’s a big helpful lesson these days!

While there are rewards for care-taking and nurturing a strong maternal instinct, it is disempowering under many circumstances. Better a trickster than martyr be.

Powerful entities can also be made with devotion and love crossing into “idol” territory. Over time, and in the process of creation, repeated attachments and recall strengthens the entity. This is how amulets and protective shields are created and why they are worn especially over the heart or solar plexus chakra. One must remember that even as they created this,  the talismen are essentially gifts of circumstance. One cannot really “own” an entity.

RELEASING ENTITIES      Is always possible- when they have completely served their purpose, are complete, and are no longer needed. With love and light sent back to the source from which they came.

Until then, “cord cuttings”, “banishments”, “psychic surgery”, even smudging, while reducing the immediate experience of the entity will not permanently remove them. Ultimately they will often ‘re-grow’ in that part of the aura where there is incoherence or confusion and knots.

Having a strong belief in G-d, or at least be willing to entertain the possibility of G-d, will enable an experienced (Catholic) priest to remove entities safely. This particular religious lineage has long respected the power of entity and ritual. Special priests have honed the ability to stay intact channeling the Holy Angels while engaging with departing spirits.

Shamanic extractions, where one channels the entity while the shaman is ‘in rapture’ and gently guides it to release, can often be done safely.

Psychic surgery to remove entities should be done carefully as the practitioner can inadvertently direct them into their own aura as they are being physically removed.

Regardless of the procedure, most secular practitioners  don’t do this work because it is dangerous and rewards too few for the amount of pain (the practitioner) may experience. I use strong intentions, have excellent grounding and channeling crystals, and invoke strong Divinity to protect me doing this work. Inshallah.

The Vipassana technique, when fully implemented, removes entities safely and effectively. Vipassana, practiced correctly, will greatly assist in releasing entities after one has completed the ten-day (free) course such as at Dhama Kunja. This training specifically teaches you to experience unpleasantness without emotional attachment. After my first Vipassana retreat, waking at 4:30 and sitting until 9:30 at night in meditation, I felt more rested, light, and clear than any time in my life. That healing persisted to some extent, even to today (almost ten years later)

For those who were abused as children, I strongly recommend getting at least a first degree Reiki attunement before any Vipassana retreat. Stripping yourself of ego is wonderfully healing but can be destructive for a ‘weak’ person (ie. not in integrity).

Reiki reconnects us our own divinity and reminds us of our blessings. As we engage with that sense of blessing and gratitude, we regain integrity.

Another way to lighten the load of entities, is to look in the mirror, make your best smile, and say out loud, “I, (state your name) am enough” enough times so you feel it. Start to get an emotional attachment to the idea and thought, that YOU ARE ENOUGH! This is healthy.

Later when you get emotionally triggered, ask yourself, what would (that person in the mirror) do? While it is easier at first to ask, “what would Jesus do” and that will likely help quite a lot too, your personal integrity will strengthen with the former.

Twelve step programs help the shift from victimhood to hope and faith, the latter raises your vibration quite  a lot.

There’s a mantra saying, which done 7-108 times shifts energy,

“May (I, you (that you love, or you that you hate) be healthy and strong.”

“May (I, you that you love, you that you hate) be happy and peaceful.”

“May (I, you that you love, you that you hate), be safe and free.”

“May (I, you that you love, you that you hate), care for (my, your-, them-) self with ease and joy”.

Say it first for yourself 7 or 8 times, then for the one you love 7 or 8 times, then for the being that “hurt” you, until you mean it.

With this work, our spirit boat lightens, and eventually the Entity, with gentle encouragement and blessings, disengages and releases. Perhaps to return to the ancestors who helped us come into manifestation today, perhaps to return to pure source (as in the four elements), or pure spirit. Sure all is one at a quantum level, but the devil (lol) is in the details when it comes to releasing them.

The result is a happier, clearer and more productive you who is more able to shine doing your personal Dharma- all that is love and light! Did I say it makes you happier?

Now that you have read all about entities, I suggest you go take a shower and as you do, imagine pure liquid gold light coming into your crown chakra and filling you up from the soles of your feet to come out and cascade like a fountain over your being. Be cleansed with love and light. Let the little dark eddies of confusion and concern rinse away. You don’t need any extra entities a la moi!

Additional note: For those who are curious, numbers are organizing relationships and can direct entities in specific ways but are not entities themselves.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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