Twin Flame (L.D. #13.3)

“The twin flame concept is a delusion, I give up I created it all in my head I’m crazy. How can I unbrainwash myself and stop thinking about him?” I read this on Quora – here is my published response: “I felt this way for about two years after my ‘event’ of a man I…… Continue reading Twin Flame (L.D. #13.3)

Keys to the spiral path

#Whenever someone says a thing can’t be done- yet feels important to you, and you get a rise out of it, even if their limited mind can’t see a way, there is- and you will.   #If you notice something and immediately a idea, thought, or sensation comes to you, “I don’t want to do…… Continue reading Keys to the spiral path

Scouting report on my Ghostly Interloper (LD  #13.2)

Thought you might like my little update. A question- what do you think of this ongoing ghostly entity who keeps loving on me?! (without my permission!) While I realize, as in gradually come to know and understand, this projection/ dream, which I experience as intrusive “possession” stemming from a Reiki event over three years ago,…… Continue reading Scouting report on my Ghostly Interloper (LD  #13.2)

Soul retrieval – day 1286[1] (L.D. 13.1)

It has been 1286 days since I gave Reiki to a man and became possessed after he said suggestive comments when I was both “down” and in a suggestible state. This I received  as “cupid’s arrow”- a (golden) energetic shard of entity that still ricochets. Until now, this has been experienced as an intense intrusive…… Continue reading Soul retrieval – day 1286[1] (L.D. 13.1)

Asthma – inspired by my weekly allergy summit

I get to go a weekly meeting with my allergy colleagues. We dial in or watch on zoom; some go in person to listen to the speaker present his or her special topic. Though it used to only be in person  ~40 miles away or by phone, the pandemic brought it to Zoom. Usually a…… Continue reading Asthma – inspired by my weekly allergy summit

 Souk (2)

It seems at the souk, everything’s for sale-often in duplicates –although different parts of the Souk have their specialties.  Here seems a world where there’s enough for everyone, it seems. So if you really don’t like a price, you might get a better one elsewhere. Broad tables loaded with foods fresh and dried, mounds of…… Continue reading  Souk (2)

Pluto is transiting into Aquarius!

Because I sign up for a couple of newsletters, I receive a ton of “woo-woo” emails about spirit, astrology, energy healing, you name it. (Everybody’s selling my ‘data’.) Many are uplifting, but most aren’t really – not from a neurolinguistic perspective – nor my cue card rule [1]. There are whole summits on Pluto shifting…… Continue reading Pluto is transiting into Aquarius!

Considering words and their “opposites” – an open letter to a “friend”

Wishing to fulfill my wish to be in some way useful to the (dare I say  ‘our’) council I wish to offer the following idea about “opposite” words –ideas/concepts and facts as named symbolically. So this is my ~scouting report. I know it’s a “little different”.  At this point it’s my belief there are no…… Continue reading Considering words and their “opposites” – an open letter to a “friend”

A blog post (from dr W-C)

As I remarked in my last post, I’m working on my office – or I was, until that sing-song voice wouldn’t quit about a story that’s come to me several times. So here goes, during my energetic soul merging with light body love demon, over these last 3+ years I’ve had spontaneous soul merging with…… Continue reading A blog post (from dr W-C)

L.D. #13 THE END

I’m starting to be comfortable with telling ‘her’, my inner layer of mesoderm being- somatic body ruled by my heart’s subconscious, the story about my Love Daemon, never actually happened. Instead, L.D. 0,1 and 2 are a psych-otic[1] dream sequence I confused for reality. Sensations in my body (while I was dreaming) convinced my mind…… Continue reading L.D. #13 THE END

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