Letter to NYT about “After antisemitic attacks- colleges debate…”

Here was my response: “Last I heard, schools and universities were there to teach folks how to be productive in their adult lives doing jobs they wanted to do. To my mind that wouldn’t include any clubs focusing on situations beyond one’s immediate control that are distracting (and divisive or destructive) from courses they are…… Continue reading Letter to NYT about “After antisemitic attacks- colleges debate…”

The (living) Death Eaters[1]- a diatribe  and tribute to Memorial Day[2]

There is a culture of G-d’s children Trained to eat death as a steady diet. They have to, until now – their hearts are ripped out. This is and they are, the definition of cor-ruption. They are the world’s true vampires. Sometimes, quickly, sometimes, slowly – but always with perseverance; their hearts bleed from teachings…… Continue reading The (living) Death Eaters[1]- a diatribe  and tribute to Memorial Day[2]

Anatomy of a Fentanyl Overdose

My son’s sweet childhood friend is currently in the hospital – brain dead on life support. While his heart is beating and skin is warm, he’s in a suspended state of “feeling” with no discerning brain. Without that – his e-motions are gone. No passions can arise; he but receives from outside. You could think…… Continue reading Anatomy of a Fentanyl Overdose

Re-silience (“resilience”)

Re-silience (resilience) is a buzz word everyone likes to use – to describe kids and adults who are able to ‘bounce back” and re-buckle in, after seeing or hearing about traumas[1]  and tragedy. Including me, I know lots of ‘resilient’ people, who look and act as if they are able to be ‘calm’ at their…… Continue reading Re-silience (“resilience”)

L.D. #13 THE END

I’m starting to be comfortable with telling ‘her’, my inner layer of mesoderm being- somatic body ruled by my heart’s subconscious, the story about my Love Daemon, never actually happened. Instead, L.D. 0,1 and 2 are a psych-otic[1] dream sequence I confused for reality. Sensations in my body (while I was dreaming) convinced my mind…… Continue reading L.D. #13 THE END


“Peace Now” “Give Peace a Chance!”, “Peace on Earth” without specifics, these declarations make me wince. They are so non-specific as “peace” can look like anything. Please consider[1]this. What bugs you anyway?  That you might pick another’s cause distracts you (not that that’s bad, just different choice of focus). Peace, as I have experienced it in my…… Continue reading Peace

Becoming Author of Your Life

Many ‘magicians’ I know, meaning those who want to author[1], rather than footnote their life, often do the “the Middle Pillar Exercise[2]” to strengthen their resolve. This helps reaffirm our connections with Spirit and Earth.  When you want to be a pillar in your ‘society’[3], then this is helpful to keep on the straight and…… Continue reading Becoming Author of Your Life

Million Dollar Baby

cool clouds and sun

This morning I listened to a pediatrician and medical intensivist talk about the ethics of spending a couple of million dollars for one baby with a one-of-a kind (very rare) disease, in this case a neuromuscular disorder limiting normal breathing ability.  These babies might receive a series of doses, some intrathecally, (meaning they stick a…… Continue reading Million Dollar Baby

Getting Ready

Getting ready The last time I went to see the actual man from whence the L.D. ensued, it wasn’t because I had to- like the other times[1]. This time I dressed up and went hoping to score.[2] For whatever reason I am feeling better; witness my regained ability to focus and concentrate.   Some will say…… Continue reading Getting Ready