Pluto is transiting into Aquarius!

Because I sign up for a couple of newsletters, I receive a ton of “woo-woo” emails about spirit, astrology, energy healing, you name it. (Everybody’s selling my ‘data’.)

Many are uplifting, but most aren’t really – not from a neurolinguistic perspective – nor my cue card rule [1].

There are whole summits on Pluto shifting into Aquarius; most name all these awful qualities and tendencies (Pluto’s depictions of actions in the past based on f-ear and hat-red) when there are as many could be described as transformative.  Focusing on supporting ease (Jupiter’s role) in any given situation would be entertaining adjunct to the analysis.

The fact is, in any given astrologic event, all the planets have a role in carrying out the final outcome. Some might be immediate, but others set up situations like bowling pins. As our wave forms are the literal manifestation of these energies, how we’ll (well), as in have a WE Will, (not so much “I Will” (I’ll or ill) attitude, guides how these manifestations “look” or seem.


Mars is what She’s after (our inner self, looking for more love and happiness- Venus’s promise), Venus attracts us (suckers we are for beauty and luxury); Jupiter gives the ease (and slip and slide), Saturn the shape and form.

Mercury, governed by energy of hive minds- neuro-immunologic state of solid visceral organs who each sit in our inner council, pleads Her needs symbolically. Mercury is our conscious and “thinking” self- our part that conceptualizes feelings into thoughts.

As our Mercury conceptualizes, is today being bamboozled by virtual reality. We, the Americans and other western wannabes, may as well have our heads cut off. All anybody talks about is their version of love /hate story- (dr-ama =Dr. Amas: karmic attachments directing) and how they soothed themselves – this is heart-based, not rational.

The moon provides the exact timing- for when our perceptions- how the world  seems (our Ascendant) from heart’s perspective (our sun) is received -shifting us  yet again towards our maturity.


I sometimes send a very nice (as best as I can, but I maybe don’t read them out loud and play them back…) email to said sites, mentioning, as if in parentheses, an alternate /inverse perspective.  Usually this turns out alright, but not always.

I try to mince my words as finely as possible so as not be blunt; that feelings be preserved, or at best – a tiny tap might come across – rather than prick or incisive stab. I use my words when I observe incongruence.

(I’ve decided emails I can’t write back to, I won’t open and instead block as spam).


With Pluto coming into Aquarius, ‘stuff’ will become much clearer – Pluto, planet of death and rebirth, AKA transformation, will be cleaning up our fixed wave experience of – science, astrology, and nature of the revolutionary and humanity as a concept.

Babies being born now, will ‘understand’ their Kabbalistic waveform nature– know instinctively how entities are formed, and how are words affect our individual merkabah of self- for better or worse.

Pluto’s ~zigzag traipse (from earth’s vantage) takes 248 years, so his transit in Pisces, twenty years from now, the sign of sensitivity and spiritual compassion, will reflect humanity as a whole realizing their own version of Gaia’s spiritual nature~twenty years.

Twenty years later, in 2066, when Pluto enters Aries, each person, will understand their (Holy, as in G-d-given or astrologic destiny) role – (when you literally follow The Ten Commandments and the ‘do unto others’ rules (and a few other things, that will be seem easy- with help of all world’s cultures working together honorably).


In 2066, I’ll be ~ 108.  (Inshallah!). It is a funny thing , a few years ago I thought 108 might be a nice number to try for after Senator McClain’s mother passed away at 108(!)- outliving most in her life).

In 2066,  will be the first generation of young adults who understand their individual king and queenship- crafting with love and using their hands. I hope I get to ‘see’ it (Inshallah, and for me, with thriving ease).

Right now Saturn is in the first minutes of Pisces, (O degrees) and directly opposite (confronting) my natal Pluto (what we do for ‘love’/ not love) at 0 degrees 44min Virgo (the slave and servant).

Transiting Pluto requires/ needs to transform my heart’s communications/speech –as it affects my status- (is inconjunct). Just today I posted a pretty (bluntly) metaphysical assessment of a doctor’s wish for happier practice. I’m well on my way to destroying (and rebirthing) my reputation!

With Pluto and Saturn together in acute aspect for our hu(e)-man collective as they are perfectly 30 degrees apart,– inklings about transformation of abstract/spiritual/ taboo structures are coming. Lol, such as this post.


Thus, I am in a time of direct confrontation with my inner sense of transforming materially and measurably, my inner king/queen (my Pluto is closely conjunct MC at 26+ Leo). With Pluto moving so slowly (and usually back and forth), this has been for a while now[2].  

Jim Carey also has Pluto in ten, but Uranus is right on the cusp- he is known for his intense eccentricity. (G-d bless him); he, and Mr. Putin, like me he has his Ascendant at 15 Scorpio.

Pluto seeks Venus’s treasures  which in my case are coming right up at 5 Aquarius –opposite Uranus and square my nodes (on my birthday in 2026), this should be exciting times for me- as a time of destiny.

Pluto is perseverant and ruthless. He ‘uses’ all of astrology to  purify where Saturn lands in an individual’s chart, as in house. This is where one sees the objective results.

Heed your intuition!!!

The aspect Pluto and Saturn are currently making (acute, 30 degrees), is conduit for inklings of growth to come; not opportunities (sextile), conflict (square), or easy/slick (trines) events.


[Pluto, as a word, has two “Vau’s and Samech”- from which “u” and “o” are derived, with consonants P (Peh with G-d’s dot, Lamed (judgement),and Tav (karmic creation) reforming one’s labrynthal groove. Saturn – Lord of structure and manifest containment, is it looks like to us and our observers- with Ayin/ Aleph, and “u” again; consonants Samech/Teth, Teth/Tav, creating with Resh (opportunity) Nun- entity) Saturn results are measureable in time and space and masterful/ not masterful].

Blurb for today- Finito

Holy Week is coming soon!

[1] Cue card rule -at the end of a day, write down all things uplifting on one side/ challenging on the other.  Do more of the things that make you feel better after from before.

[2] I share Pluto in Virgo with lots of people, but not so many right on the midheaven – or with Scorpio ascendant (which then makes Pluto (with Mars) “chart ruler”). For example, Vladimir Putin, Twyla Tharp, Eric Stanley Gardner, Prince, and Chris Christie- all known for their relative intensity, have Pluto conjunct MC, so I am in good company.  We differ by our sun and moons.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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