Considering words and their “opposites” – an open letter to a “friend”

Wishing to fulfill my wish to be in some way useful to the (dare I say  ‘our’) council I wish to offer the following idea about “opposite” words –ideas/concepts and facts as named symbolically. So this is my ~scouting report. I know it’s a “little different”.  At this point it’s my belief there are no…… Continue reading Considering words and their “opposites” – an open letter to a “friend”

War -What is it Good for? (Lots- but war is not essential)

I ask myself this question after I see yet another shocking New York TImes headline – with the legless torso body of a young soldier receiving advanced rehabilitation. Proving yet again, our limitless healing potential. War used to be a few days raiding and pillaging in order for a tribe’s harmony to be appeased. Light…… Continue reading War -What is it Good for? (Lots- but war is not essential)

Every picture tells a story

Consider, While every picture tells a story of a thousand words, Every part of your picture Has one of its own. So when you’re looking a picture As e-vidence of proximity in any given situation, How they got there on the page, might be quite interesting. At least if you like listening to people and…… Continue reading Every picture tells a story


I was just picking up a shirt off the floor in bright sunlight. It was astonishing, and gross, to see so much dust floating in the air, after wearing the shirt ~once, and with a camisole no less! A cloud recreated when I moved the shirt with a jiggle[1]. * Big to small, there were…… Continue reading Skin


Synesthesia – the crossing and merging of two or more senses, like color and sounds, is an interesting phenomenon. Some manifestations are more common or others[1]; these are essentially a breakdown of what would normally be subconscious processing. This isn’t that rare; some forms of synesthesia are in ~2% of the population. So far 54…… Continue reading Synesthesia

Becoming Author of Your Life

Many ‘magicians’ I know, meaning those who want to author[1], rather than footnote their life, often do the “the Middle Pillar Exercise[2]” to strengthen their resolve. This helps reaffirm our connections with Spirit and Earth.  When you want to be a pillar in your ‘society’[3], then this is helpful to keep on the straight and…… Continue reading Becoming Author of Your Life

Million Dollar Baby

cool clouds and sun

This morning I listened to a pediatrician and medical intensivist talk about the ethics of spending a couple of million dollars for one baby with a one-of-a kind (very rare) disease, in this case a neuromuscular disorder limiting normal breathing ability.  These babies might receive a series of doses, some intrathecally, (meaning they stick a…… Continue reading Million Dollar Baby

A Plea for Modesty

This is my news reaction to taking down, yet another, prominent man- this time New York governor Coumo[1]. Now this guy is (a tad) imperious. He comes from a “Because I Can” ( background, and may have royalty in his genes. Either way his family learned to govern and he has successfully done so for…… Continue reading A Plea for Modesty

Hail to the Unsung Hero

Hail to the unsung hero The one who steadfastly adheres to an idea Of right and wrong[1] He knows the rules – and sees if you are breaking them. Sure the “leaders”, (until now the tallest whitest men), Will disparage this ‘specialist’ class, As naive and without nuance. It is easy to cast dispersion, when…… Continue reading Hail to the Unsung Hero

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Deformity (Geb 2)

Deformity – that which is away, de-, from form. The “form” is construct of manifestation, the shape or quality of a thing or being as it relates to function- what it does. For a human, as your presented self is often compared to the beauty of those before you, or at least, if you’re beautiful…… Continue reading Deformity (Geb 2)

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