Twin Flame (L.D. #13.3)

“The twin flame concept is a delusion, I give up I created it all in my head I’m crazy. How can I unbrainwash myself and stop thinking about him?” I read this on Quora – here is my published response: “I felt this way for about two years after my ‘event’ of a man I…… Continue reading Twin Flame (L.D. #13.3)

Scouting report on my Ghostly Interloper (LD  #13.2)

Thought you might like my little update. A question- what do you think of this ongoing ghostly entity who keeps loving on me?! (without my permission!) While I realize, as in gradually come to know and understand, this projection/ dream, which I experience as intrusive “possession” stemming from a Reiki event over three years ago,…… Continue reading Scouting report on my Ghostly Interloper (LD  #13.2)

Soul retrieval – day 1286[1] (L.D. 13.1)

It has been 1286 days since I gave Reiki to a man and became possessed after he said suggestive comments when I was both “down” and in a suggestible state. This I received  as “cupid’s arrow”- a (golden) energetic shard of entity that still ricochets. Until now, this has been experienced as an intense intrusive…… Continue reading Soul retrieval – day 1286[1] (L.D. 13.1)

A blog post (from dr W-C)

As I remarked in my last post, I’m working on my office – or I was, until that sing-song voice wouldn’t quit about a story that’s come to me several times. So here goes, during my energetic soul merging with light body love demon, over these last 3+ years I’ve had spontaneous soul merging with…… Continue reading A blog post (from dr W-C)

Edited version of “the Accident”

‘Just found out this morning, my ex- got into a terrible bike traffic accident- after flying 20 feet – “like Superman”, crash landed. He broke both kneecaps, got a big gash on his shin, and dislocated his dominant hand ring finger.[1] I burst into tears To tell you truth, I continue to cry throughout the…… Continue reading Edited version of “the Accident”

“Scouting report”. (L.D. #10)

This is basically a “scouting report” about my ongoing possession by my Love Daemon-Angel. Maybe I should call him a de-mangler. Either way for now, it’s L.D-A. , for short. I left another note on his car. * This one was a card with an elephant holding an umbrella whilst a tiny mouse danced on…… Continue reading “Scouting report”. (L.D. #10)

A Musing about my Love Angel (L.D. #9)[1]

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if ‘he’ showed up here, actually? He could one day, I’m ~ sure of it. AS if I could be sure of anything, that is. Which really is nothing[2]. Anyway what if he did, would I need to make a big fuss about it? Broadcast and cash in…… Continue reading A Musing about my Love Angel (L.D. #9)[1]

St. Valentine’s day Tribute[1]

Valentines day is a time of year, landing in February when all bleak and cheerless, and has been already for 3 months or more up here in the northern hemisphere. Coming off of Christmas and New Year’s festivities. I love the pretty cards and sentiments of affection between two parties, both personal and collectively. and…… Continue reading St. Valentine’s day Tribute[1]


Hi there Ayin, ע, would like to tell you more of his story, since after all, he IS very important[1]. I was a little hard on Him last time. Ayin, ע, is made from Nun נ and Vau ו; becoming embodied in Hod’s Sephiroth intelligence of names and senses.  Like a spring of water- infinite from my incarnate life’s perspective,…… Continue reading Ayin

Love is

Perhaps this is a law of manifestation from the energetic being of spirit- In order to become denser, our spirit spirals right and left as we are cleaved into dyad. Splitting our flame into separateness, when previously there was one. In answering love’s call to creation. We must be ‘man’ and ‘woman’.  you can’t create…… Continue reading Love is

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