To Bake a Cake – or not.

To bake a cake or not, As in be allowed to choose whom to share one’s heart’s vocation and pleasure, Is a question I’m asking for a friend. When a purveyor feels resistance to a customer’s proposal – Ostensibly from heart-based emotions, but could be “lower”, Do you think s/he will celebrate while s/he creates…… Continue reading To Bake a Cake – or not.

 Zayin and Happy Juneteenth!

Zayin, ז, is the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It looks like Vau with backwards baseball cap. Zayin means sword weapon (we-a-pon or we ap(p) on) in Hebrew and is shaped like a sword. It has  ‘blade’ Vau ו and a hilt. It is wielded and willed by the heart governed by brain, with…… Continue reading  Zayin and Happy Juneteenth!

Dearest Little One[1],(five years later)

I am so sorry your family of origin- your mother and/or your father, were unwilling or unable to take proper care of you. That seems very sad to me. I too, had parents who were unable to properly care for me I lost my mother to mental illness when I was ~four and father (from…… Continue reading Dearest Little One[1],(five years later)

The (living) Death Eaters[1]- a diatribe  and tribute to Memorial Day[2]

There is a culture of G-d’s children Trained to eat death as a steady diet. They have to, until now – their hearts are ripped out. This is and they are, the definition of cor-ruption. They are the world’s true vampires. Sometimes, quickly, sometimes, slowly – but always with perseverance; their hearts bleed from teachings…… Continue reading The (living) Death Eaters[1]- a diatribe  and tribute to Memorial Day[2]

Feeling shafted

As I once again pour my heart out onto my computer after writing for hours on paper, I note dismally, my stats are “down” not “up” as I’d hoped they’d be. That is, compared with a couple of years ago, my readership is dwindling. It never was, very robust. Well there was one time in…… Continue reading Feeling shafted

Asthma – inspired by my weekly allergy summit

I get to go a weekly meeting with my allergy colleagues. We dial in or watch on zoom; some go in person to listen to the speaker present his or her special topic. Though it used to only be in person  ~40 miles away or by phone, the pandemic brought it to Zoom. Usually a…… Continue reading Asthma – inspired by my weekly allergy summit

Ayurveda Questionnaire comment. (Geb 2).

As hu(e)-man waveform beings, we are the energetic embodiment, of variable densities and energy -and of our astrology (whether Vedic or Western, both are accurate – just from different perspectives – the earth’s vs sun’s vs galactic view of our energies as we took the first breath). How we deal with our co-existence in the…… Continue reading Ayurveda Questionnaire comment. (Geb 2).

Imp-unity or Im-punity –

‘There’s a spat in Morocco about muezzin being too loud. He’s bothering the eardrums of hotel patrons; the local imam jacked up the decibels with imunity. Bullying those who’d come for a restful visit to _________.-c(ould be anywhere). Impunity – to do without punishment –or not to thought of as puny, for doing it. (As…… Continue reading Imp-unity or Im-punity –

L.D. #13 THE END

I’m starting to be comfortable with telling ‘her’, my inner layer of mesoderm being- somatic body ruled by my heart’s subconscious, the story about my Love Daemon, never actually happened. Instead, L.D. 0,1 and 2 are a psych-otic[1] dream sequence I confused for reality. Sensations in my body (while I was dreaming) convinced my mind…… Continue reading L.D. #13 THE END


vantage through the cactus

When did you forget to look up? Can you remember the last time you got to be fool, and yet, there was someone there looking out or after you? When was the last time someone snapped, ‘look out where you’re going’, with your gaze lowered down? * Over time, our chins dip and shoulders curve…… Continue reading Stoop-ed

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