Anatomy of a Fentanyl Overdose

My son’s sweet childhood friend is currently in the hospital – brain dead on life support. While his heart is beating and skin is warm, he’s in a suspended state of “feeling” with no discerning brain. Without that – his e-motions are gone. No passions can arise; he but receives from outside. You could think…… Continue reading Anatomy of a Fentanyl Overdose

Lamentation for Turkey and Syria

May the souls of families and children who have perished in Turkey’s and Syria’s earthquake be received into His hands – whether or not they believed- of course He hears them. May those working to remove rubble be treated with extra tenderness- as they clear away lives that once were. As they rebuild, which will…… Continue reading Lamentation for Turkey and Syria

L.D. #13 THE END

I’m starting to be comfortable with telling ‘her’, my inner layer of mesoderm being- somatic body ruled by my heart’s subconscious, the story about my Love Daemon, never actually happened. Instead, L.D. 0,1 and 2 are a psych-otic[1] dream sequence I confused for reality. Sensations in my body (while I was dreaming) convinced my mind…… Continue reading L.D. #13 THE END


Jasmine has a sweet aroma, delicate and intensely floral. Without citrus or bergamot though has a musky undernote. * Enamored by the idea of fragrant garden in moonlight, And loving glossy vining evergreen, I keep trying to have one cultivated. * After my third or fourth attempt, I’ve finally got one that seems to be…… Continue reading Jasmine

War -What is it Good for? (Lots- but war is not essential)

I ask myself this question after I see yet another shocking New York TImes headline – with the legless torso body of a young soldier receiving advanced rehabilitation. Proving yet again, our limitless healing potential. War used to be a few days raiding and pillaging in order for a tribe’s harmony to be appeased. Light…… Continue reading War -What is it Good for? (Lots- but war is not essential)

L.D. #12 A complaint statement (first draft)

Here’s a letter for our local court system (hey, why not at this point?! This is A-mer-ica, land of no mothers and instead an expensive legal system). I am willing to receive constructive feedback from my readers. Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to register a complaint of verbal assault against Mr. (insert my Love Daemon’s…… Continue reading L.D. #12 A complaint statement (first draft)

L.D.#11 (A gentle rant)

I once met a man, who gave me a shine. He seemed like no other- to both ‘get’ and like, my heart’s spiritual side. * He had gone out of his way – as in giving up two Saturdays and a Friday, To meet me and get Reiki. * And too was in my dream…… Continue reading L.D.#11 (A gentle rant)

Gimel גמל

Gimel, kabbalistically is our priestess of self who bears heart’s call to G-d above. And bears His blessings back to us. With our cries froom Tipheret, She guides His breath from Keter. It is to spirit of Gimel, ג, light being and moon G-ddess (of self), heart’s consciousness bears our flames of nonverbal agony (a-gon-y…… Continue reading Gimel גמל

A Musing about my Love Angel (L.D. #9)[1]

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if ‘he’ showed up here, actually? He could one day, I’m ~ sure of it. AS if I could be sure of anything, that is. Which really is nothing[2]. Anyway what if he did, would I need to make a big fuss about it? Broadcast and cash in…… Continue reading A Musing about my Love Angel (L.D. #9)[1]

Lamed  ל

The path of Lamed ל is our experience of day-to-day decisions we make to stay in our commitments towards those we love; our corpus of family. Could be pronounced La’ med, l’ame d, or lamed- the latter like caused an ouch. With Lamed’s ל path, as our truths unfold, we may feel a bit lamed,…… Continue reading Lamed  ל

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