Souk (2)

It seems at the souk, everything’s for sale-often in duplicates –although different parts of the Souk have their specialties.  Here seems a world where there’s enough for everyone, it seems. So if you really don’t like a price, you might get a better one elsewhere. Broad tables loaded with foods fresh and dried, mounds of…… Continue reading  Souk (2)

Pluto is transiting into Aquarius!

Because I sign up for a couple of newsletters, I receive a ton of “woo-woo” emails about spirit, astrology, energy healing, you name it. (Everybody’s selling my ‘data’.) Many are uplifting, but most aren’t really – not from a neurolinguistic perspective – nor my cue card rule [1]. There are whole summits on Pluto shifting…… Continue reading Pluto is transiting into Aquarius!

A blog post (from dr W-C)

As I remarked in my last post, I’m working on my office – or I was, until that sing-song voice wouldn’t quit about a story that’s come to me several times. So here goes, during my energetic soul merging with light body love demon, over these last 3+ years I’ve had spontaneous soul merging with…… Continue reading A blog post (from dr W-C)

Aleph א

Leaving a wake

א Is shaped like a Vau ו tipped sideways with Yods ׳ coming in from the (up) right, and going out (down) on the left. Aleph א is our fool or self – who steps out over Daath’s abyss – and into Gaia’s  unknowns. He steps without looking, where he’s going! Such as in moments…… Continue reading Aleph א


Jasmine has a sweet aroma, delicate and intensely floral. Without citrus or bergamot though has a musky undernote. * Enamored by the idea of fragrant garden in moonlight, And loving glossy vining evergreen, I keep trying to have one cultivated. * After my third or fourth attempt, I’ve finally got one that seems to be…… Continue reading Jasmine

Gimel גמל

Gimel, kabbalistically is our priestess of self who bears heart’s call to G-d above. And bears His blessings back to us. With our cries froom Tipheret, She guides His breath from Keter. It is to spirit of Gimel, ג, light being and moon G-ddess (of self), heart’s consciousness bears our flames of nonverbal agony (a-gon-y…… Continue reading Gimel גמל

A Musing about my Love Angel (L.D. #9)[1]

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if ‘he’ showed up here, actually? He could one day, I’m ~ sure of it. AS if I could be sure of anything, that is. Which really is nothing[2]. Anyway what if he did, would I need to make a big fuss about it? Broadcast and cash in…… Continue reading A Musing about my Love Angel (L.D. #9)[1]


***** Love, L-O-V-E, is a sensation of coherence experienced when Vau, our inner  heart’s being, is aligned and strong- with another’s heart chakra- be it baby or lover. Love is sparked by locality- being in a physical room together- and touch is involved. * L-O-V-E is Lamed- Samech (ס for O) shape but in English,…… Continue reading “Love”

“E-vil” is live spelled backwards

As in sum of our lives- Marked by gold spiral Is Measured against G-d’s Holy Light which way floats your merkaba? * How many crystals and entity goblins are ‘twixt you and His Sight of brilliance? * What is left over will, like the Terminator coalesce and again incarnate. Sorry; there’s no escaping it. That’s…… Continue reading “E-vil” is live spelled backwards

Revisiting the Snake G-ddess

One thing I learned when I went to visit the Snake G-ddess was about focus of mission.  From the very beginning, I had to submit to lying down on at her writhing snake entrance,[1] they were there en masse, in a version of coherence- as they individually made up her body….Really we all did, as…… Continue reading Revisiting the Snake G-ddess

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