• At this time I am only offering home visits (close to 98466 area code) or work at your place, as the space I was in is no longer available.

  • New patient: $ 200
    • Please allow at least 90-120 minutes for your appointment to include time for thorough review and written plan.
  • Follow up: $50- $165; Fee depends on time and complexity 

4-6 Therapy sessions done within a short but reasonable time frame, will measurably ease your panic attacks, anxiety, severity of insomnia, frequency of seizures, migraines, and many other aspects of life.

  • Monthly Membership packages: $110/month (after initial appointment for new patient)
    • includes 1 hour follow-up appointments
    • brief telephone consultations
    • additional follow up appointments at cash discount rate
    • cancellation at any time
    • limited to 20 clients
    • one session can be gifted to another friend one time
  • Premium package: $4000.00 (1/4 of fee due at the beginning of each month). More information on services page.

While I am entirely able to provide you with billing codes, please note below is Medicare direction for chiropractic care: The care I provide is not different in it’s intention.

Most insurance plans will not cover Reiki or Ayurveda counseling.

All prices subject to change.

“50% of all profits above fixed costs will go to support children’s wellness and relief programs”

 Examples – Dance Theatre Northwest, International Children’s Fund, Big Brother/ Big sister, Public School Arts and Music Programs. Catholic Family Services and similar inclusive charities that support all children. Further suggestions welcome.