Considering words and their “opposites” – an open letter to a “friend”

Wishing to fulfill my wish to be in some way useful to the (dare I say  ‘our’) council I wish to offer the following idea about “opposite” words –ideas/concepts and facts as named symbolically. So this is my ~scouting report. I know it’s a “little different”.  At this point it’s my belief there are no rights or wrongs really – everything is true some of the time to someone.  This is an essay reflecting on looking for an “opposite word”.

While there seems to be a state of “not” or “un-“, as in absence of _________(insert name here), while qualities may be seem opposite , can they be really?

(Polarity and fear is currently being used to fuel economy – its monies greatly benefit a few; as the case may be.  To seek an ‘opposite’ adds to the sense this (bi-) polarity- opposite has word “oppose” in it. Furthermore, while we seek antonyms, we must focus first on the state we don’t want, then consider an alternate. While a council member, I wish to put this idea of  “opposite word”, into the ‘cauldron[1]’.) (Even though I did send this letter, CC still loves to focus on opposites- and I did leave the council).

From our receptive wish for the state of “not”, the universe sends it to us –

‘She”, as in the One who manifests the vessels, doesn’t ‘hear’ “Not” at all – (something about a “blind spot”- She can “do whatever She wants”, …and From Her, “all is possible”, lol!) The mind is limited, She is infinite.

When we were talking about “grievance” or state of being “aggrieved” (I at first though it was the latter when I set out to write this,), but both share root with grieve – the sense of sadness from tangible (or intangible) loss – maybe along with sense of injustice, after ‘wrong’ happening.- as perceived by inner psych and soma. (e- is when one adds the E (emotion) and gets it moving. Left in one’s usual state of at(t)–one ment, is otherwise (our “subconscious being of self) is in a state of contentment, and aligned with our will-to-do). This loss by definition challenges our personal beliefs about life and self.

 Any and all symbols (encrypted by our lineage) are heard as phonemes by our inner ears (of ~100,000 years of evolution[2])- language starting from heart’s “want” “not want” place as much as expressions of our ‘lower energy’ chakras (the ones that keep us alive).

The state of focusing on the loss, as in having the thoughts, let alone further talking about them, actually strengthens whatever-it-is’s field – and hence reality. Every time we speak of things over which we have no personal control, we worsen them.

Just like in Terry Pratchett’s Small G-ds (one of my favorites) where the more each  god got attention, the stronger (and more overbearing) it became. (The point of the analogy about feeding wolves- which one you choose looms ever larger. Now we are back to feeding wolves again).

But now, instead of ‘thinking about a thing, which requires  our inner being to focus on –articulate when a loss is personal and give opportunity for actual nuance, we are recording and witnessing events as if they are still happening (to us)- Literally catching folks in loops of consciousness. [3]

(Yes, I know they do happen somewhere, just getting involved with stuff outside of one’s specific milieu of family, friends, work, etc is extremely counterproductive to one’s personal energy economy, and erodes at healthy engagement with local society and community.  Feeling hopeless and angry about a thing he or she says, as in politics, creates a sort of mass de-lusion (out of one’s game for a successful life). I contend most Americans suffer from this sad state.


When sitting Shiva, one formally mourns for a given period of time. This heals relationship to ones spirit entity. Holding space for grief, as in sitting Shiva is especially important for the community too- in deep soul-affirming ways. (Too bad the Jews, until now, haven’t stressed this important practice for the rest of us to consider- but then they, as a rule, do not share with anyone outside their tribe(s).)

Sharing that (maybe busy feeling) space, gives hope and solidarity (to ones inner soul) and reminds that is self still part of something bigger– as those around come and go – keeps consciousness aware life outside continues (even and especially, the intrusive aspect of this is important).

We can rejoin life when we are ready. Reassuring too, that grief isn’t endless.

Maybe we “should”, as in correctly honor, sit quietly as long as an elephant (or whale) does, when one of their herd passes. That would be ~month.

in those times we (our body soma) learns – as in, get’s programmed, sharing space with others essentially ‘saves’ us. We experience this on hormone level – chemicals released by emotions. (Senses become feelings when we are conscious of them. Feelings lead to discernments  (and judgments of good/not-good) leads to further hormones releasing. Over time the body hones, to be even more responsive to us- making more of this or that response mechanism! This literally grows organs in the body by their use)

With heart’s loss of reality- that which our ‘will’  can’t or couldn’t stop- its as if being torn apart- so there’s a guilt component too – we subconsciously feel failure and self blame, which left to fester,  is aggrieved, and can become self-punishing. However that looks like, is personal and painful).

Continued state of grief, from this belief of failing, hardens the heart like nut, leaving barely vestigial consciousness body. From then on, we protect from that pain, by focusing attention on others wounds and stories. I would wager most of us are living in a world of projection already.

This is where the media comes in to amplify grievances for entertainment. These wars and disagreements, and especially who they affect, go back to personal vendettas. If one wants to help Ukraine, become a volunteer- for the displaced- but know too, they embody their astrologic life energies just as anyone else…here’s an essay that isn’t tongue in cheek.

(Seeing that Facebook post R.G. posted of those thousands of Latvians singing – was lovely. I couldn’t help noticing, they were ALL Aryan – I saw one girl who seemed a little olive undertone, and yet, between villages, their social structure is really Balkanized – as in actively separated by fear and imaginary, not insurmountable, boundaries meant to fuel polarity even between them)

Once a reality is shattered, a state to which one can never go back to – such as when someone is physically deceased, the individual needs (sixth house requirement)  to pick up the pieces of what is left over- which there always are , (and lots of them in our western world’s reality).

 Even if it is but a weak inner sense of pride- one’s IAM, seemingly snuffed, awakens again- (usually after seeing G-d for the first time), in order to regroup and carry one.  

(I see the terminator robot blinking here a little as it reboots and reawakens from being in otherwise cold smithereens.)

I recall someone saying, to “try another way”, …as in one “summitted the wrong mountain”[4] (in life), can be applied here as well.

Losing an animal human For whatever reason, words can’t express the loss to one’s inner soma self, I call Psych, it only feels- can’t understand any rationality.  For this reason to comfort her, it is best to be in community -but quietly.

As an aside, did you know, when we make choices that repeatedly feel uncomfortable or create pain – exercise too hard, hang out with people who are demeaning and hurtful, eat poorly, let alone if we do things we’ve been told by someone we respect, aren’t good for us but do anyway- Psych , ‘feels’ disregarded, Ignored, she can ‘get’ rebellious and mad?!.

Like that mountain analogy, Psych soma will find all different ways to get our needs met or stop us from doing ‘bad’ things – no matter what that looks like, will ‘try another way’, to shift us on our path. Which is why western medicine, as practiced[5], is completely bogus.

As the separation causing grief is realized, each chakra that participated in the bond, becomes unwound- depending on the relationship (of course.)  When some end, it’s like guts spilling metaphorically (I can attest with my Pisces sun, Virgo moon and Scorpio rising- and do I ever reap what I sow!)

The mesodermal body (which records in its every molecule a sensory hologram of existence, creates cellular Imprints  of our thoughts as much as deeds with several concurrent ‘ticker tapes’ as we energetically lead, or are lead, by and through our senses.

Our Saturn self, as in our inhibitory functions we hone to become masters, slow down and crystallize whatever it is Psych(now Psyche with an “e”) and Will focus on.  We are waveform beings, after all- even if we think we are solid, we are not. 

Each heart chakra loss serves, at least temporarily, to constrict one’s access/availability to life force (Chi, Qi, Ki- all are the same; Kaph is a palm-sized amount of G-d; Qoph is our projection).  First nine months after an acute event are the worst.

Luckily grief and loss really starts healing with sitting together in Shiva, receiving Reiki, Being in nature and with community. Even as silent observer – counts for body to heal from the rift. Nonetheless, 70% of “married” energetic waveforms (couples) transition within the first 2 years after their long-time spouse has passed away; like half of a ladder’s rungs ripped apart- from Chakra’s perspective.

(Bonding to AI counts too- for humans anyway. All this talk about AI’s getting consciousness is 100% projection – people will fall ‘in love’ with them and get susceptible to conditions of nefarious manipulation, won’t be able to destroy them, for example. LOL, there might be robot AI clinics we could bring them to get fixed and fashion clothing lines!)

Once one is freed from state of grieving- as in stops focusing (with thoughts and feelings) on the loss, and is no longer aggrieved with self or anyone, one gains a lightness of heart- relief even.

I’m thinking celebration with balloons might be an alternate state.


Gratitude, is tricky. Gr- at(t)itude.

I’m finishing up my essay- gratitude is about having fat and ease- so maybe another thing, but not exclusive of freedom from grievance and state of grief.

PS Caroline it would be fun to check our charts– some neat ‘coincidences’ will doubtless be found! For example my (almost ex-) husband’s Asc, Older Son’s sun, younger son’s IC, and my moon- are all at 5 Virgo.

As waveform beings we are the literal embodiment of our astro chart- our allies resonate in specific ways.

PSS wouldn’t you know it, Mercury, in 2, is transiting my Saturn today. Good time to be thinking about words and how they affect (stability of) our waveform of self. I have Aquarius on the 4th house cusp and Capricorn on 3.

[1] Truth be told, I’m not much of a ‘witch’ person, spells or talismans, at least until now that is(!)- when we need all allies! And I am still possessed by a love daemon going on over three years now-have been in a constant state of rapture and being stoned to escape from ‘him’. I know, that’s old news, but I thought I’d mention it.

[2] I’m not even sure if I believe in evolution any more. I’m thinking it was opposite – we taught the animals how to be! We are the embodiment of metaphysical entity forces.

[3] My essay “every picture tells a story” speaks to limitations of pictures.

[4] I hope you got the chance to see the “Emperor’s New Groove”. It’s hilarious- I highly recommend seeing it for brilliant parody- even if it’s Disney (Joanne Worley is in it)! Luckily there are no wasted efforts when we take a scenic route and gain alternate perspectives, while climbing our mis-taken mountains, while we are on our own personal Dao (or Tau), as it were.

[5] Medicines are universally designed to inhibit or suppress symptoms the body exhibits as it’s failing from constant stress of imbalance- especially to our creature of self. What gave rise to the failure and symptoms is so far, being (ludicrously) ignored. Furthermore, our states of being can change and heal. Taking a medicine every day, let alone chronically, slows the process of becoming in alignment with what our soma self and Psych(e) needs.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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