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As I remarked in my last post,

I’m working on my office – or I was, until that sing-song voice wouldn’t quit about a story that’s come to me several times.

So here goes,

during my energetic soul merging with light body love demon, over these last 3+ years I’ve had spontaneous soul merging with other spirit entities.

Sensations of huge ones in fact – quite larger than life, but give me metaphors and ideas for wisdoms that might be useful, or forgotten.

Most of the time they come up from behind me. Like Terry Pratchett might refer to as “borrowing”- only the other way around – they are ‘borrowing’ me, shall we say. Like ‘jumping on my back’ and using me.

I am willing to do such a thing, as it serves the highest and greatest good for all beings – but, there are no buts! I get what I get – in this case not only possessed, but now borrowed too!

(And if it helps one more soul than me, I’m going to try and share what I am shown.)

It all started about ten years ago with someone talking about dragons. I didn’t want one[1]. I knew it was a slippery slope. ‘He looked so cute though’, I said to myself. Sitting on my left arm glittering green and glimmering with blues and purples. There it was, my sequin self, coming to life even batting lashes. And yet it is a boy dragon, now that I think about it. “She” doesn’t resonate.

Please know, I was married, and had been, to an objectively effeminate man who specifically referred to his hazel-blue eyes as beautiful. He’d tell me stories from his college years about how he dressed up once and was auctioned off for a day like being girl slave. His absolute favorite colors are (bright) greens and purples.

And yet, I had no fun with him- but I almost had it right.

(Lol, if only the Shift Network knew about this! I loved their Soulful Women’s Certificate Program really helped me see there were other aspects to being a woman other than the Initiator. It is fun to connect with any one of their other twelve archetypes, based on Joseph Campbell’s research.)

Dragon promised to teach me about ‘fun’ you see; he has a name though it’s real one is an anagram of the one in Lord of the Rings[2].

I was crossing the street with my Reiki master when he first showed up. It was she talking about a course from her mystery school that was being offered on dragon magic. When I mentioned one showed up exactly when she started talking about it, She seemed to think that’d be typical- though indicated they were conditional- had to have a “clean spirit”. (I wonder about that).

It was too late – I’d already had the “not” thought and with that he was a noun.

Now I know there is no such thing as control (there’s always Whim – creating change, will be in the picture), and I know dragons have big teeth- or can, are fire breathing, and with huge talons like eagle. I’m pretty sure mine flies too- though I don’t usually see wings on him; maybe he’s like a little peacock?

(Though I’ve searched, I can’t find his picture in the Chinese literature – so maybe he’s Viking.)

Even though at the moment dragon showed up, he was as big as my palm-and bouncy, sitting on my left forearm. I’m like – maybe you should be out a bit farther.

I suspected he’d grow in time. He ‘promised’ me though, fun and love (and to serve the highest and greatest good for all hu(e)-mans). I sure wasn’t having much of either-at least of what I might consider, so I said to myself, why not be taught (taut/focused) from a spirit? 

And to her, “hmm, not sure I want to make it more real with a course”. (People can plant the damndest ideas in another’s mind sometimes- I already knew the teachers in her mystery school were power hungry, trying to bend students to their will, like any cult, so no, I never took it; she has since left).

Dragon likes to live in an aerie – so are not so much into busy touchy-feely.  Like eagles dragon is minutely sensitive to a thing they can see, touch, or hear- like a bleating lamb al(l)-one miles away. It is their right to cull the weak and forgotten.

Typically our dragon self represents how our father’s will supports our mission -stemming from the Moon’s south node – our inheritance of light body self. If you read yesterday’s essay, the shin, Shin the Hebrew letter, and Shin-ji , the asteroid are all related to gifts from our ancestors. Mine (Shinji the asteroid) is sitting in 12, conjunct Jupiter, Neptune and North Node. I laughed out loud seeing it. (You sort of have to dig for it on Astrodienst, so didn’t know until now).

Every once and a while I ask dragon, as in focus, what he’d do for fun – trying to keep him to his end of the bargain – (and not just have paved the way for all the other entities that have now been visiting me since I was possessed.)

He’ll usually come back with ‘go for a walk’, ‘whip up some cream’ (have some desert but could include sex, “cream” – get it?)- and ‘there’s always your jewelry making’. That sort of thing.


Shortly after dragon came, lion came next. Sitting on my right side. I ‘met’ Him when I had my last bad hangover- about ten years ago. Lion’s the one who guided me to twelve steps (again). “I like to live in clear dry places”- the desert specifically.  And I know Muslims don’t drink, or aren’t supposed to…

So I bite my lip and admitted to myself, and family, it was time to, “give up my research”, as they like to say (using the same solution for all different problems), and go back to my old meeting. I did.

And I stopped drinking – for the most part. Though I still like a little bit every once in a while (but am conveniently “allergic” to most of it).

He has been helping me with kind courage (more than ferocity- I have plenty of that already).

He became quite huge too, recently. All golden and pretty- I even embroidered one on my mask. While He has no name, As-gard might fit him. He’s

Guard of one’s throat so I ‘can ask’ a question- and is of our upper heart.

Usually his back is a bit slick – with bristly short hair that’s not very pleasant -more like stubbly legs. But he likes to roll around and have tummy rubs. Have no idea if it’s a “he” or “she”, nor does it matter.

He’ll fight for anything he believes in- basically. I got to tame Him early.

Really it’s hard to “pet” either of them. And yet I do – and they like to cuddle – the latter is mammalian pack animal.

Did you know, unlike hu(e)-mans, entities, such as these forms, can’t really change into other ones. No entity itself can become a different frequency. They can get bigger and bloom like flowers- if I ‘will’ it.

That’s enough for today. Work is ahead of me. Ballet behind. Look here, it’s lunch already!


[1][1][1] As a rule, I’d never consider myself, or any other hu(e)-man to equate in any way to any animal. Nor should you, ever- at least any being in the shape of Adam Kadmon. That is technically an abomination. Teaches your spirit the same thing – which you are not.

I am infinitely more creative and versatile – as me. I can respond to things –as experienced by my senses -all kinds of things and in all kinds of languages- as no animal can. I just happen to learn some one thing more easily than others– and am ‘thirsty’ with Eros in my first house.

As any human can – when their being is exposed to and given the experience of the world’s vastness – physically, but mentally and emotionally too. If you want to learn about Big Spirit though, you might want to go to a place where people have loved Him altogether at one time.

We can learn and create in ways no animal could dream of (yes they do dream – as in astral project, just like you and me).


[2] The Lord of the Rings series, like tales of Narnia and similar, has great lessons about what spirit needs and wants (and the nots).

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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