Bubbles create power by its intention. With each bubble you are part of, you get the opportunity to engage with more like-bubbles, or to choose not. For this reason, one must ask, for what purpose do circles serve? Does it create power with, or power over? Are all parties given agency? Is it balanced both the masculine and feminine; yin and yang? Engaging with ones’ agency- or the feeling that in the “our” of being in a bubble, will get you more of “whatever you want!”, is powerful and feeds creativity. Read More

Speaking Aloud

Speaking aloud, an utterance, AKA naming and “spelling”, is saying a word or phrase aloud; creating an airwave disturbance and resonance. Against our auric bubble littered with crystals Localized warping and contracting from our experience of past, present, and futures. Crystals  that slow down and distort, the clarity of NOW around us. Resonating our fixed beliefs to… Read More

When we are disembodied

As a disembodied entity, your’e sensing patterns are based on frequency. We essentially of course, are frequency. At any one moment, we are shifting of course in relation to eight major, but potentially an infinite number of, sensory inputs be they real, or via our mirror neurons. Our frequencies are the summation of all our… Read More