Keys to the spiral path

#Whenever someone says a thing can’t be done- yet feels important to you, and you get a rise out of it, even if their limited mind can’t see a way, there is- and you will.   #If you notice something and immediately a idea, thought, or sensation comes to you, “I don’t want to do…… Continue reading Keys to the spiral path

 Zayin and Happy Juneteenth!

Zayin, ז, is the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It looks like Vau with backwards baseball cap. Zayin means sword weapon (we-a-pon or we ap(p) on) in Hebrew and is shaped like a sword. It has  ‘blade’ Vau ו and a hilt. It is wielded and willed by the heart governed by brain, with…… Continue reading  Zayin and Happy Juneteenth!

Dearest Little One[1],(five years later)

I am so sorry your family of origin- your mother and/or your father, were unwilling or unable to take proper care of you. That seems very sad to me. I too, had parents who were unable to properly care for me I lost my mother to mental illness when I was ~four and father (from…… Continue reading Dearest Little One[1],(five years later)

Feeling shafted

As I once again pour my heart out onto my computer after writing for hours on paper, I note dismally, my stats are “down” not “up” as I’d hoped they’d be. That is, compared with a couple of years ago, my readership is dwindling. It never was, very robust. Well there was one time in…… Continue reading Feeling shafted

One’s wave form of self- using a candle as metaphor

In the following essay I’ll describe nurturance of one’s waveform of self – using the analogy of a healthy candle flame for one’s ‘inner child[1]’ spirit. Our form, the result of photons both reflected and emitted – expresses our state of health from the inside out. Our ‘inner child’ is the being at our core…… Continue reading One’s wave form of self- using a candle as metaphor

Ayurveda Questionnaire comment. (Geb 2).

As hu(e)-man waveform beings, we are the energetic embodiment, of variable densities and energy -and of our astrology (whether Vedic or Western, both are accurate – just from different perspectives – the earth’s vs sun’s vs galactic view of our energies as we took the first breath). How we deal with our co-existence in the…… Continue reading Ayurveda Questionnaire comment. (Geb 2).

 Souk (2)

It seems at the souk, everything’s for sale-often in duplicates –although different parts of the Souk have their specialties.  Here seems a world where there’s enough for everyone, it seems. So if you really don’t like a price, you might get a better one elsewhere. Broad tables loaded with foods fresh and dried, mounds of…… Continue reading  Souk (2)

The Souk (part 1)

(Souk I)- updated 6-4-23 The goal of this essay is to show how the “souk” is a sustainable and inherently productive model for secondary education that could be incorporated into the present system. * Implemented it would increase individual satisfaction and productivity of those e-duced by creating and being comfortable with useful skills taught within…… Continue reading The Souk (part 1)

Pluto is transiting into Aquarius!

Because I sign up for a couple of newsletters, I receive a ton of “woo-woo” emails about spirit, astrology, energy healing, you name it. (Everybody’s selling my ‘data’.) Many are uplifting, but most aren’t really – not from a neurolinguistic perspective – nor my cue card rule [1]. There are whole summits on Pluto shifting…… Continue reading Pluto is transiting into Aquarius!

Considering words and their “opposites” – an open letter to a “friend”

Wishing to fulfill my wish to be in some way useful to the (dare I say  ‘our’) council I wish to offer the following idea about “opposite” words –ideas/concepts and facts as named symbolically. So this is my ~scouting report. I know it’s a “little different”.  At this point it’s my belief there are no…… Continue reading Considering words and their “opposites” – an open letter to a “friend”

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