Asthma – inspired by my weekly allergy summit

I get to go a weekly meeting with my allergy colleagues. We dial in or watch on zoom; some go in person to listen to the speaker present his or her special topic. Though it used to only be in person  ~40 miles away or by phone, the pandemic brought it to Zoom. Usually a…… Continue reading Asthma – inspired by my weekly allergy summit

Thoughts on being a “healer”

If it is a “healer’s” job to guide the willing back to one’s own path of light, to remember and regain one’s true essence (bit by bit, with ease and joy – rather than being thrown in the alchemical cauldron and distilled back to nescience  (‘not knowing’)), then may medicine, especially as practiced in the…… Continue reading Thoughts on being a “healer”

A food allergy story

I’ve had skin sensitivities since I was a kid – none so stressful I went to any doctor except, when I had poison ivy – all over my face and body – that swelled my lids shut. ‘They’ said I probably got in some smoke or something despite trying to avoid it while out in…… Continue reading A food allergy story


I was just picking up a shirt off the floor in bright sunlight. It was astonishing, and gross, to see so much dust floating in the air, after wearing the shirt ~once, and with a camisole no less! A cloud recreated when I moved the shirt with a jiggle[1]. * Big to small, there were…… Continue reading Skin

Brief personal statement

Now that the FDA has approved the vaccine for use with younger children, I hope those who do not choose vaccination will be either accommodated (wearing their personal protective gear) or ignored. Perhaps develop portable HEPA systems for kids in cubicles. Personally, I’m going to sit out my vaccination because 1) I have no intimate…… Continue reading Brief personal statement

AMA – a mystical perspective (Ayurveda part 3)

[ here we are in that time of Lent, but I have disclaimer. Every birthday for me, falls right in the middle of Lent and when traditionally there would be little fresh fruit. Parties and expected pleasures are generally muted. Maybe why, I do love a good party -am I entitled? To have excuse to…… Continue reading AMA – a mystical perspective (Ayurveda part 3)

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