Twin Flame (L.D. #13.3)

“The twin flame concept is a delusion, I give up I created it all in my head I’m crazy. How can I unbrainwash myself and stop thinking about him?” I read this on Quora – here is my published response: “I felt this way for about two years after my ‘event’ of a man I…… Continue reading Twin Flame (L.D. #13.3)

Lightness of Being

Sometimes ~ 5-10 times a day, mostly depending on how long it’s been since I went to see him, I’ll be busying myself with a little chore like folding laundry or tidying[1], doing ballet, or with a big project like building the cedar shed and potting bench I just finished- whatever, unless I’m actively engaged…… Continue reading Lightness of Being

Careless Speech (L.D. #8.5)

With free speech, the person with the most power gets to say them. Those with purse strings, consciously choose what is said during airtime. For that reason, “Free speech” is really a misnomer, I really wish they’d “fix” the First Amendment. Hold your tongue if you know what’s good for you. Reread the Old Testament book of Sirach, It doesn’t mince words! Speaking out of turn or rank, the weaker one will suffer.

L.D. #8 – with a twist

So after sending a huge bouquet with pathetic but sincere love note, hearing nothing, I went to visit. This was my second visit or so, in 15 months.    I went looking flashy with makeup, heels and a dress- which I can do, but usually don’t. The two new staff were nice, but a little frumpy.…… Continue reading L.D. #8 – with a twist

“Insanity” (L.D.#7)

You probably don’t know this, but many would judge me “Insane” for believing in a Higher Power, let alone G-d. That is, literally.  Most of the people I grew up with, especially the aristocratic and polished upper middle class crusts in New England and those from England, scoffed outright at the silliness and imbecility of…… Continue reading “Insanity” (L.D.#7)


Imagine the softest white ermine – laying over my heart like the fresh exudate that naturally Band-Aids an abrasion. With this is a feeling of deep protection, safety and at-one-ness (atonement), holding me like gently peaked meringue. [I would have run from it like lightening in the past

L.D. #5

So, having not seen my L.D. face-to-face by the deadline stated in my “very specific” note, I’ve been listening to many sessions from, to loosen my phantom lover.  They feel calming and effective, at least seem so on day 2. Tools to get perspective, so in ten years I’ll think, “what a trip”! The…… Continue reading L.D. #5

NO. (LD #4.5)

‘NO’ is a powerful word.  For just two letters, Its energy is absurd! NNNNnnnnooooOOOO. N from nun – the energy of death, A fish in Hebrew Letting go from wherever, Your hive mind is holding on. O for everything Father and son, a circle’s completion, oneness and atonement. Finality that as it completes, Slices me…… Continue reading NO. (LD #4.5)

Letting Go, or Trying to…again (L.D.# 4)

I’ve tried to let the Love Daemon Entity go with banishing rituals, over a thousand dollars in therapy bills, and yet, here I am 10 months later still possessed by a spirit with eyes. Ugh, it fills me with passionate love, sadness, and desperate longing- often several times a day- that is where the terrible part comes in; it has been very distracting even when I’m doing other stuff, not unlike having a tic.

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