One’s wave form of self- using a candle as metaphor

In the following essay I’ll describe nurturance of one’s waveform of self – using the analogy of a healthy candle flame for one’s ‘inner child[1]’ spirit. Our form, the result of photons both reflected and emitted – expresses our state of health from the inside out. Our ‘inner child’ is the being at our core…… Continue reading One’s wave form of self- using a candle as metaphor

Organizing from the inside out. 

This is written in response to today’s New York Times article about depression and living in chaotic clutter. This is an expanded version of my comment. * Living in clutter my whole adult life, I’ve read many how-to clean/ how to de-clutter books. For me, the energy draining problem was from being internally oppressed- me…… Continue reading Organizing from the inside out. 

Ayurveda Questionnaire comment. (Geb 2).

As hu(e)-man waveform beings, we are the energetic embodiment, of variable densities and energy -and of our astrology (whether Vedic or Western, both are accurate – just from different perspectives – the earth’s vs sun’s vs galactic view of our energies as we took the first breath). How we deal with our co-existence in the…… Continue reading Ayurveda Questionnaire comment. (Geb 2).

A response to the prompt, “What is school for?”

What is education and why do we need it? As a hu(e)-man woman coming from a white Anglo-Saxon background, I grew up in a “privileged” town, or so I thought. Our public high school, had some good teachers but no advance A.P. classes; there was no homework assigned on computer. We did have Latin, Greek,…… Continue reading A response to the prompt, “What is school for?”

Thoughts on being a “healer”

If it is a “healer’s” job to guide the willing back to one’s own path of light, to remember and regain one’s true essence (bit by bit, with ease and joy – rather than being thrown in the alchemical cauldron and distilled back to nescience  (‘not knowing’)), then may medicine, especially as practiced in the…… Continue reading Thoughts on being a “healer”

Feeling Pretty

How often does it happen for you To have the thought “Hey, I look pretty” as a flash of insight, Or cross your mind? Implicit in pretty, is happy and non-self-conscious, in a light attractive way. Unlike riveting beauty, Which is distracting- Beauty demands being the center of attention, That is a law of attraction!…… Continue reading Feeling Pretty

AMA – a mystical perspective (Ayurveda part 3)

[ here we are in that time of Lent, but I have disclaimer. Every birthday for me, falls right in the middle of Lent and when traditionally there would be little fresh fruit. Parties and expected pleasures are generally muted. Maybe why, I do love a good party -am I entitled? To have excuse to…… Continue reading AMA – a mystical perspective (Ayurveda part 3)

What is Ayurveda ? (Ayurveda 2)

Ayurveda focuses on digestion, Foods, yes, but also thought, feelings and emotions. The end result creates essence in our body and supports ojas, or sweetness in our being. Ojas is the experience of happiness, bliss, and contentment.

What is chronic i’ll-ness really?

Here are some interesting points about modern medicine and the healing processes that are worth considering.   While nothing is true ALL the time, some things are truer than others (and even true more often than others). NOTE: Nothing on this list negates life-saving measures when one is not yet ready to die. Modern medicine…… Continue reading What is chronic i’ll-ness really?