War -What is it Good for? (Lots- but war is not essential)

I ask myself this question after I see yet another shocking New York TImes headline – with the legless torso body of a young soldier receiving advanced rehabilitation. Proving yet again, our limitless healing potential. War used to be a few days raiding and pillaging in order for a tribe’s harmony to be appeased. Light…… Continue reading War -What is it Good for? (Lots- but war is not essential)


Hi there Ayin, ע, would like to tell you more of his story, since after all, he IS very important[1]. I was a little hard on Him last time. Ayin, ע, is made from Nun נ and Vau ו; becoming embodied in Hod’s Sephiroth intelligence of names and senses.  Like a spring of water- infinite from my incarnate life’s perspective,…… Continue reading Ayin

Our Jungian Archetypes (I’m not sure if this is posting correctly!)

I am so appreciative of the work of Carl Jung (may he RIP). I wish everybody knew about it. He is a man who really came to understand synchronicities and archetypes. He explored them for a while from the point of near-madness, and produced for us his “Red Book” and the field of analytical psychiatry…… Continue reading Our Jungian Archetypes (I’m not sure if this is posting correctly!)

Becoming Author of Your Life

Many ‘magicians’ I know, meaning those who want to author[1], rather than footnote their life, often do the “the Middle Pillar Exercise[2]” to strengthen their resolve. This helps reaffirm our connections with Spirit and Earth.  When you want to be a pillar in your ‘society’[3], then this is helpful to keep on the straight and…… Continue reading Becoming Author of Your Life

Feeling Pretty

How often does it happen for you To have the thought “Hey, I look pretty” as a flash of insight, Or cross your mind? Implicit in pretty, is happy and non-self-conscious, in a light attractive way. Unlike riveting beauty, Which is distracting- Beauty demands being the center of attention, That is a law of attraction!…… Continue reading Feeling Pretty

Atonement, for Yom Kippur

Atonement At-one-ment Being at one in the moment –  All spelled. Ultimately in coherence with the sum of your actions. I give to G-d that I may not be forgotten by Him. The 7-directional meditation I do when times are tough,  can be done in any position, Maybe strongest in full Tadasana  Hands placed firmly…… Continue reading Atonement, for Yom Kippur

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