My Thanksgiving story

I started with the expectation of Thanksgiving set by my Aunt Judy (bless her heart). Thanksgiving, even with its historical controversy was, besides Easter, my favorite holiday! Every year there were around thirteen growing to twenty of us a mostly congenial group. With a beautiful formal table with china, crystal, and silver, we’d have like…

Carpe Diem. (Seize the day)

Whether one or the other wins, at this point, there will be difficult futures for many, many, many people including the previously disenfranchised. Compared to what the Gulf Wars did to ordinary folks with businesses and practices- all lost when they were abusively deployed boots-on the ground. which took them years to recover, but many…


Imagine the softest white ermine – laying over my heart like the fresh exudate that naturally Band-Aids an abrasion. With this is a feeling of deep protection, safety and at-one-ness (atonement), holding me like gently peaked meringue. [I would have run from it like lightening in the past


Bubbles create power by its intention. With each bubble you are part of, you get the opportunity to engage with more like-bubbles, or to choose not. For this reason, one must ask, for what purpose do circles serve? Does it create power with, or power over? Are all parties given agency? Is it balanced both the masculine and feminine; yin and yang? Engaging with ones’ agency- or the feeling that in the “our” of being in a bubble, will get you more of “whatever you want!”, is powerful and feeds creativity.

Speaking Aloud

Speaking aloud, an utterance, AKA naming and “spelling”, is saying a word or phrase aloud; creating an airwave disturbance and resonance. Against our auric bubble littered with crystals Localized warping and contracting from our experience of past, present, and futures. Crystals  that slow down and distort, the clarity of NOW around us. Resonating our fixed beliefs to…

Dearest Little One

Please know you are loved. You are so loved. Know you are loved by many ancestors, even hundreds, whose dream, sometimes an only dream, were that one day you would be born! They want you to know they are there, but only when you ask, to assist you with strength, courage, and resilience as well as many other intelligences that are particular to your own family lineage. May they serve only your highest and greatest good serving our planet Gaia!


Ignorance is like being deep in a metaphorical well. From the bottom looking up, your world looks fleeting and unconnected.  There is nothing to count on except regularity of an experience. Since you’re alive, your basic needs are being met. To include air, sustenance, love/hate, elimination. Just like in the OA. Not imminently in any harm’s…