Carpe Diem. (Seize the day)

Whether one or the other wins, at this point, there will be difficult futures for many, many, many people including the previously disenfranchised. Compared to what the Gulf Wars did to ordinary folks with businesses and practices- all lost when they were abusively deployed boots-on the ground. which took them years to recover, but many they did eventually, this will be pretty atomic to businesses world-over.

With covid-19 wave 3, etc, the medical system isn’t robust. Before Covid, there was 45-50% burnout rate already.  The docs and nurses aren’t getting supported.

We will need to create a new medical system that is not based on dis-ease.

After being a physician for nearly 30 years, practicing as an er doc, family practice, and allergist and personally healing from child abuse, I know that medicine can be redefined.

“Me-dice” – literally, I talk to myself.

Heal thyself with Ayurveda-type local plant-rich seasonal diet, effective “witnessing”, and Reiki or any other hands on healing. It works. Use color, smell, nature, pets, twelve-steps, and baths to give yourself another knot to hang onto. Meditate. Do yoga. Call your friends. Hear their voices. Listen without speaking (I suck at this…it is so much easier said than done!). Cry. Mourn.

The ensuing widespread unemployment from businesses collapsing with covid will give opportunity for the media amplify and foster dissent, fear, and they will (at least until now) try to place blames. This feeds specific agenda. We all play our roles.

It can still ALWAYS get worse and just as equally, for any one of us, always get better.  Americans have the highest overall standard of living than anywhere I’ve lived or visited the world over! 

How you stand affects, and reflects, how you feel in your own dignity.

TURN OFF YOUR MEDIA unless it is providing direct information for your neighborhood. Ads, sitcoms, game shows, news broadcasts are all meaningless poison. They are highly refined propaganda productions.

Scenes and emotionally-linked images are treated in the brain as reality. It is coopting your own free will.-This is technically evil and holds you back from your dreams!

Media skews sensibilities with neuro-linguistic conditioning. The robots CAN win this one and already have been trained to do so.

Media teaches your brain to feel unsafe. That is completely unnecessary and fuels dis-ease. When you go outside, you are facing the world with this skewed condition.  

Learn from direct personal experiences of those around you -the ACTUAL experiences, not the ones you made worse with your emotional reactions!

Treat each other with kindness- no matter what! Life isn’t worth dying for over stuff. Smile until your eyes crinkle.

Be modest.

Follow the golden rule; love they neighbor as thyself.


Everything that happens is by the Grace of G-d.

Given economic reality that the US is a plutocracy, actively enforcing voter ineligibility, without possibility of redemption, enslaving children in cages, and shielding environmental criminals, this isn’t a democracy and hasn’t been for quite some time.  “They” are just getting caught! Learn. 

There will always be predators. It is part of us and our psyche! We need them to stay glued, attached, and bonded to our (sacred) missions.  Maybe just not so many (Inshallah).

A plutocracy – meaning not only do the rich own the means of production (the factories), they own the organs, neurolinguistic marketing of mass media, (more or less held to a peer-reviewed standard), most of the jobs, laws, police, and prisons. In this case the peer-reviewed standard is wholly artificial and needlessly violent and cruel.

The situation is dire, and yet, many folks seem REALLY wedded to perpetuating their immediate gratification- at the expense of the greater good or any sense of collective. Get out of their way. They will perish all by themselves. Let them go. Hold the ones you love closer.


As a country, we have disrespected the world’s peoples in no way different than we treat the environment- ever since Britain got kicked out of India (1947), and we were the next best ally.  

The contemporaneous end of WWII (1945), poised America to be the next bully. The Marshall plan was a shrewd way to have ‘sticky’ boots on the ground all over the world. And like hydra, America grew organizationally; meanwhile being consistently ugly to all other lands and peoples- arrogant, belittling, culturally obtuse and incurious. The “rich” (top .1%) have always been criminal as a whole. Until Covid-19 started to break up the organizations.

May we all have mercy on each other.


This is what is ahead.

From here out and we, like every other country in the world, which has been decimated by war famine plague or whatever, we will heal.

Every other country has recovered.

So will we to become a little wiser and kinder.

The human spirit is eternal. 

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) and recently completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master and astrologer.

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