Inclusivity is a like a bubble –the sense, really a feeling, of belonging within as you share space with others on more than a physical, but emotional level too. When you get that warm fuzzy feeling that reflects comforting hormonal levels of oxytocin and serotonin, it’s from belief and inner knowing, that you are wanted and heard[1]

Being in emotional bubbles with others, you feed off the one’s next to you by your resonance and stirs passions (flames of spirit) within your self. Passions together in a field, don’t necessarily amplify or heal; but create surges of dopamine, and serotonin along with your mind’s pictures and symbolism. 

Bubbles create power by its intention. With each bubble you are part of, you get the opportunity to engage with more like-bubbles, or to choose not. For this reason, one must ask, for what purpose do circles serve? Does it create power with, or power over? Are all parties given agency? Is it balanced both the masculine and feminine; yin and yang? Engaging with ones’ agency- or the feeling that in the “our” of being in a bubble, will get you more of “whatever you want!”, is powerful and feeds creativity. 

Our bubbles exist on discrete levels-physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, (as well as the above and below- forces we call to guide us on our paths). Beyond the physical and emotional, engaging with mental or spiritual selves supports further inclusion (and interdependency). Engagements with others have 100% reciprocity- give and take for something both need or want. 

How attached you feel about that, is your perception.

When bubbles overlap, we reciprocally gain opportunities despite differences, even when subsumed. Being engaged, creates entity in one or the other (depending on who is more powerful). The minimum size for shared bubble is two.

Without bubbles, we stay ourselves, shallow, vain, and disconnected. It ‘s not possible, to perceive imbalances or what we’re lacking with our perspective alone or in a vacuum.

Groups, like bubbles, have their dynamics: some are bigger, smaller, stronger, and flimsier than others. There is usually an alpha in a group- in nature, alpha is the one whose heart rate is low during situations of stress and duress.

IN the human world, alpha is the one who, by their manner of listening, decides who’s “In” and who is “Out”.  This is nonverbally signaled with eye contact, body language, and looking at their clocks. In our sense-skewed world, seeing with eyes and not really listening, this is often a male who’s tallest and white.

Feeling heard especially by ‘alpha’, we calm, we can open our minds to greater possibility, and become more willing to learn from each other, like a relaxed sea anemone. This feeling of being “safe”, validated, in our energy toroid shifts us towards the blue- to becoming expansive, receptive and teachable. Note: while there seem to be fundamental neurologic differences between those who consider themselves red vs. blue[2], conservatives or liberal.

Ignorance with fear, keeps people confused, stuck, and in the dark. Nonetheless, the brain and its connections are plastic, you can still learn and heal to become a “better” self if you are willing.

Gathering in groups where we feel ‘heard’ are healing. Meaning we heal to be ‘better’- maybe more understanding, wise, or accepting, either way, maybe you feel a bit more content in that moment and less triggered!

After a 12-Step Meeting,[3]when we recovering-beings pray together as one, holding hands, our wishes to “Higher Selves” spoken of in the Lord’s prayer, project and overlap in the center. Hearts’ hopes for all and each other, creates an energetic current, a ring of hope- giving to the right, and receiving from the left. Words spoken from the heart, the most powerful energy center in the body, create a strong psychic anchor that tethers (to something you feel you can count on).

The length of the prayer over time, and each participant’s degree of fervency, creates an energetic totem pole (orthogonal vector) rising to imprint the reminder that each one of us matters- too!. Physically, like the symbol for the sun- a circle with a dot in the middle of it![4]

Together, the circle of energy and totem pole, create an energy singularity both in your and your world’s existence of being.

Naturally, this vector forms in both directions up and down; a material test to your integrity will manifest to test your trigger.  When you are “willing” to be “better”, you will be tested (and ouch!)

Social leaders, ostensibly chosen to represent societies’ greater good, speak to inclusivity as numbers; and there’s some truth in that. The physical being measurable[5]– “diversity” creates a facade of inclusiveness, even when our feelings[6], would tell us otherwise. 

Transactions laced with adrenaline and cortisol, reflect presence of fear, and exclude the possibility of trust. So don’t! You must learn to trust your own gut! Feeling guarding, tightness or sense of restriction in your chest abdomen or pelvis, is a sign when we are less teachable or willing. 

Tuning out may be a protective device. Why waste your power on groups where you aren’t wanted- maybe only considered ‘useful’ to fill another’s needs; your own neglected? Thicken your skin, do the job and get out! People don’t have to like you, even if you share in their mission.

When we forget we are all part of the One (i.e. at-one-ment, atonement), it’s easier to pit ‘us’ against ‘them’. The latter is the intention of the plutocrat’s media. Media is a weapon for cognitive dissonance causing mental confusion, and spiritual destruction with it careless use of words, perverse sexuality, and violence.

Interactions with others shift our energy rings and frequencies- suppressing or facilitating our hive minds[7]“wants” or needs.  How many times did you interrupt your “boss” to go get lunch or pee?  I’ll bet, never in a million years!*[8]  The person of greater rank suppresses our lesser needs in the moment.

Being of human form, some frequencies are vestigial, blocked, poisoned or otherwise skewed.[9]No one is perfect. Biases stem from the subconscious, from blind spots of ignorance. How could you possibly ‘know’, what you don’t have? Without metric or mirror, these flaws are unseen to your eyes- yet we “hate” the qualities in others what we’ve experienced or taught not to like in ourselves. 

To create emotion, to be triggered, from another is to share in a frequency; can be additive or subtracting. If I don’t even care at all about you, I’m not going to be triggered, yeah or nay!

Being triggered emotionally is a breadcrumb on the path to the self.

Take your own advice; check out the sins of your own lineage! Confusion and incoherence[10]stem from inability to see underlying patterns, and is repulsive to the ‘ignorant’ mind. Being promoted so broadly is a symptom of society’s madness, personal dis-order, and lack of integrity.

We draw and collect others to us, by sensations of coherence- common thought, words, and deeds, firmed up in the human world by feelingsof like and dis-like. 

With Covid-19 and nearly inescapable impending economic collapse of the USA due to greed and gross mismanagement, confusion creates opportunity for those with predatory intent so it’s doubly important to stay connected to G-d’s light[11].

So how does it feel to be included, beyond sharing a language and breaking bread together? Personally it (now) feels pretty rare for me, unless I’m in my 12-step group, in ballet, or with my cat, though I sorely miss seeing patients!

[1]Heard – Change the “d” (Dalet, or gateway), to “T” (for Tau, manifestation), you get heart. For both ‘heard’ and ‘heart’, Heh (window) for air/change (Aleph), pouring in (Resh). The homonym is relevant too; we want to belong to the ‘herd’. 

[2]Red – Thoughts strongly motivated by tribal herd root chakra instinct for needs of survival have larger more reactive, Amygdalae that tends to short-circuit the learning brain; vs. Blue – trained and able to focus on mental derivatives of life beyond needs. Until now, neither has much actual regard for the organism of our planet, or so it would seem. 

[3]When each person has had an opportunity to be heard without judgments or criticism – no cross talk allowed. Minimum is two people.

[4]Circle with a dot is a 2-D representation of a three (or more)-D ‘reality’.

[5]Physicality also requires geometries and structure, without which, there’s no-thing.

[6]The sensation of feelings, like anger and fear, are hormonally driven expressions of emotions. Our emotional ‘reality’ is skewed by emotional attachment. How we experience emotions- intensity and persistence reflects limbic structures we’ve inherited, then groomed or suppressed, by cultural conditioning. 

[7]Embodiments of our elemental selves, technically form hive minds in the solid reticulated organs such as in brain, thyroid, heart, pancreas, spleen and marrow, liver, kidneys, ovaries and testicles. These organs are entrained with body whole as mitochondria are activated by growth hormone, thyroxin, cortisol and sex hormones (among others). These organs also have their own pace maker cells and rhythms.

[8]The first one to break space in a group stops communication and breaks the reciprocal ring of intentional presence between parties. Whoever initiates these changes, is then controlling of the “time”. This controls the other person in that moment – as they were in circle with you and their time, being your boss, is worth more (in man’s world, not G-ds). Your actions are duly noted; you are being insubordinate. Don’t expect a raise.

[9]Whatever colors we are missing from our chakra bodies that create the colors of our aura; white is the presence of all colors in the reflection. As pure light, without receptors, we are invisible and interact repelling and attracting by energy frequency of spirit.

[10]This you can directly improve by cutting off TV. It is literally inflicting pain.

[11]Reiki and meditation create opportunities for listening to G-d. Prayers are asking G-d, not listening.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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