Keys to the spiral path

#Whenever someone says a thing can’t be done- yet feels important to you, and you get a rise out of it, even if their limited mind can’t see a way, there is- and you will.   #If you notice something and immediately a idea, thought, or sensation comes to you, “I don’t want to do…… Continue reading Keys to the spiral path

 Zayin and Happy Juneteenth!

Zayin, ז, is the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It looks like Vau with backwards baseball cap. Zayin means sword weapon (we-a-pon or we ap(p) on) in Hebrew and is shaped like a sword. It has  ‘blade’ Vau ו and a hilt. It is wielded and willed by the heart governed by brain, with…… Continue reading  Zayin and Happy Juneteenth!

Anatomy of a Fentanyl Overdose

My son’s sweet childhood friend is currently in the hospital – brain dead on life support. While his heart is beating and skin is warm, he’s in a suspended state of “feeling” with no discerning brain. Without that – his e-motions are gone. No passions can arise; he but receives from outside. You could think…… Continue reading Anatomy of a Fentanyl Overdose

Re-silience (“resilience”)

Re-silience (resilience) is a buzz word everyone likes to use – to describe kids and adults who are able to ‘bounce back” and re-buckle in, after seeing or hearing about traumas[1]  and tragedy. Including me, I know lots of ‘resilient’ people, who look and act as if they are able to be ‘calm’ at their…… Continue reading Re-silience (“resilience”)

The Souk (part 1)

(Souk I)- updated 6-4-23 The goal of this essay is to show how the “souk” is a sustainable and inherently productive model for secondary education that could be incorporated into the present system. * Implemented it would increase individual satisfaction and productivity of those e-duced by creating and being comfortable with useful skills taught within…… Continue reading The Souk (part 1)

Imp-unity or Im-punity –

‘There’s a spat in Morocco about muezzin being too loud. He’s bothering the eardrums of hotel patrons; the local imam jacked up the decibels with imunity. Bullying those who’d come for a restful visit to _________.-c(ould be anywhere). Impunity – to do without punishment –or not to thought of as puny, for doing it. (As…… Continue reading Imp-unity or Im-punity –

A response to the prompt, “What is school for?”

What is education and why do we need it? As a hu(e)-man woman coming from a white Anglo-Saxon background, I grew up in a “privileged” town, or so I thought. Our public high school, had some good teachers but no advance A.P. classes; there was no homework assigned on computer. We did have Latin, Greek,…… Continue reading A response to the prompt, “What is school for?”


***** Love, L-O-V-E, is a sensation of coherence experienced when Vau, our inner  heart’s being, is aligned and strong- with another’s heart chakra- be it baby or lover. Love is sparked by locality- being in a physical room together- and touch is involved. * L-O-V-E is Lamed- Samech (ס for O) shape but in English,…… Continue reading “Love”


“Peace Now” “Give Peace a Chance!”, “Peace on Earth” without specifics, these declarations make me wince. They are so non-specific as “peace” can look like anything. Please consider[1]this. What bugs you anyway?  That you might pick another’s cause distracts you (not that that’s bad, just different choice of focus). Peace, as I have experienced it in my…… Continue reading Peace

Some souls come and make a huge splash,

others barely a ripple. some seem to skip and surf across difficult channels, yet land safely. * Your results are what the outside world sees, a deeper self perhaps not. you might never know their story of how life informed their necessities. * What made them choose, to use those props on their stages ringed…… Continue reading Some souls come and make a huge splash,

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