War -What is it Good for? (Lots- but war is not essential)

I ask myself this question after I see yet another shocking New York TImes headline – with the legless torso body of a young soldier receiving advanced rehabilitation. Proving yet again, our limitless healing potential.

War used to be a few days raiding and pillaging in order for a tribe’s harmony to be appeased.

Light some fires, grab new resources.

Don’t forget there were women and children too – fresh blood for both ‘slave’ and mothering. The inflictors having lost too many in child-bearing.

Always under some exaggerated pretest.

The  “he did this or that” stories, used to rally the families around sending troops – troops sounds like company, but its plural-sounding word is only one hu(e)man.

Stories that invariably center around a[1] heart’s woundings- like the loss of a child, or death of wife and mother.

“Unintended side effects” of war include leaving the home populace of instigator, ghostly quiet – like Moskow today now, that conscripts begun. That’s a strategy against rabble-rousers, who make everyone angry. Individuals who foment more than most – especially about stuff uncontrollable disrupt the flow of productive work and causing unsettlement. Mostly do this for their personal attention seeking regardless of outcome.

Blames problems on an individual, when the latter is but shining photon – the brightest face– on iceberg of corruptive shit.

Putin’s cleaning them out – an option he’s exercising.

Shipping out his society’s dross- sitting in front of gaming consoles. And those who otherwise can’t escape driving his tank trucks, through the graveyard of Chernobyl.

Though to the young Moskivite (child), during wartime, life’s more peaceful even if mom’s extra busy. All focused on the war effort, for better or worse. Meanwhile moms find life is smoother without their (often alcoholic) lout-ish husbands. Maybe they even get (another job )– learn how hard they actual can work. Generations of daughter’s have new role models. What they can do, will surprise them.

Later the warriors return subdued by the violence of concussions, though cross and untouchable.

Leaving soldiers a lifetime to forgive themselves – for the e-vil they wrought on other hu(e)man beings. In this case, who looked just like them, might even be cousins. I see being motivated to use and learn lots of inter-personal skills – for them intuitively, since they accept knowing a thing is possible, even if it isn’t measurable.

Maybe they will then try to do extra good, striving to ‘equal out’ their hand made atrocities and unkindness towards those they called “enemy”. Especially once they realize we are waveforms together- by the time they reach their pearly gates.

But too bad, oh wait, for most Russians there’s not belief in Higher Power but only what is right in front of them, but that’s Gaia too.

But here the aristocracy sits around a long table – watching war as a presentation – pointing at a terrain and resource maps, with their pointing sticks and lasers. Their war is about where they can place their miner’s bombs and weapons. will contribute to the war chests drives. Once in a while, they get to use their imaginations visualizing. It is years since any one of them, were sitting near front-lines. Meanwhile, the officer’s wives get involved with friendship drives.

Lol, here is where the US makes out – we try supply most of them, or as many as we call allies. In this case though, the aggressor’s fueled by bigger outsiders bearing grudges of their own. Never mind, the US started with its positioning a new depot at Ukraine’s back yard – and where the lithium is stored -which she wants for her electric car batteries and windmills. No doubt Elon’s helping US intelligence with his satellites for free.

Meanwhile our soldiers sit in silos, with their fingers twitching. They are the s-i-ck est ones of all, literally in deep captivity. Doing thirty years for no crime they committed.

Eventually they too will learn what it means to be free. Though they call their actions, defending democracy. Meanwhile life for them is video- as seen from the other side- like looking through glassine.

Un-kind-ness is Not of one’s kind- as reflected by the beings in ones nest- secure emotional home, and where a mind can rest.

And then for the conquered, war will mean this:

There will be a generation (thirty years) of clean up jobs and building restorations.  May they build back better – reflecting higher community standards.

Everyone can be ‘miser-able’ together, but working hard, time will fly- and birth measurable new economies- even if all is transitory, essential economy will stabilize life. Forcing people to live with less, gives the ‘ well/ we’ll/ we will’ a deeper depth. Necessity is the mother of invention- everyone will become smarter, from smarting.

On paper there might be new masters, but for any given individual life will simply go on as before, especially after a few years or more, everything will seem to come back to normal.

Once insular and provincial, now there’s a Ukrainian diaspora. Forced to branch out and find for themselves, those “child eating” neighbors aren’t so different after all. It is so easy to be Balkanized. Most folks don’t travel more than thirty miles.

As the new strangers, they aren’t faceless peasant – and no one cared for. Their hosts might even become passionate with them.

With an opportunity to rebuild areas, may they incorporate more parks and wild spaces – where birds might land, for example. Plant some trees and cultivate them.

So there my friends, is what war is good for. Naturally though, one could do all these things without going to war to do them. Just bypass, the whole shit show. Maybe in the future, we’ll have better ways to deal with broken hearts. May it be so.

I’m glad for now, I’m not supporting it- and yet wouldn’t be shamed for it either.

[1] It is always interesting to ask the ‘”who what where when”questions – of the most powerful one in charge. Some ONE makes a decision to start the ball rolling- can not let a grudge go- at least until now.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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