Atonement, for Yom Kippur



Being at one in the moment – 

All spelled.

Ultimately in coherence with the sum of your actions.

I give to G-d that I may not be forgotten by Him.

The 7-directional meditation I do when times are tough, 

can be done in any position,

Maybe strongest in full Tadasana 

Hands placed firmly palm-to-palm 

Over your heart facing South.

See what works for you, do anything, it’s all effective. 

It is the intention that matters.

“To all the beings in front of me,

“Large and Small”,

“Dark and Light”, 

“Seen and unseen”, I send my blessings. 

 May it go well for you.

Even if you’re ‘only’ here to chafe me,

May we both have a constructive spiral as we go one through our days.

To you I send a blessing, 

Take it how you wish, 

I don’t own you.


From you, I receive your blessings,

From all of you-

Large and small

Dark and light

Seen and unseen.

From you I receive your blessings.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Then, in my mind’s eye, to my right

I send blessings there next.

To all beings Large and Small,

Dark and Light,

Seen and Unseen,

To you I send blessings

Especially those beings to whom I’d turn to, 

Bright sparks to guide me in my aspirations’ spiral.

with whom I manifest wishes and desires-

as it serves, the Ideals, for constructive reclamation, 

Of each eternal soul.

(Or so I said thousands of those oaths and obligations-

They haven’t left me now.)

Myself included- 

And what that would look like, I leave up to G-d.

But You could look at your natal horoscope’s chart, the truth of your life’s right there.

But hey, you do you

-even if I do care, take it easy for me, my brother.

your best actions for your molecules of self- as we aim for our highest lights.

You can too, you do you! That’s what differentiates us from animals. We can choose.

Don’t apologize for your actions, even if it kills you- ok that’s a bit extreme. amends will be made, or karma will stick to your descendants.

Make no apologies, for being your sovereign self – 

but consider to always to do to those, 

what you would want them to do to you – in thought, tone, and words or your name!

When in doubt, think of yourself as tall as a kneecap.

Trust me bullies do like to kick folks around, 

it serves them a reassurance- 

that they matter and can charge the room.

Most had zero of that at home.

Stay humble, listen and be wise, 

you’ll know about them first -they’ll tell you.

You’ll stay cleaner too- 

when your actions match your swords.

like beings on a quest, 

we pray to find coherence that feeds long-lasting tenderness. 

Thank you children for the moments of coherence- union and sweetness.

Thank you dear LD for being my pillar kissing up my shoulders.

And to my ‘land’, my tethers, with you I too face this pandemic, 

It is daunting sometimes.

For all the beings behind me those I’ll never meet or know, as well as those whom I left with feelings warm or cold,

I send you blessings, 

Large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen,

I send you blessings may you receive them.

Please correct me if I stray from first principles*.

And to those I should be afraid of –

Well, ‘should’ is against our union with G-d’s higher good and against yoga with

Ourselves to be lead by our breath of purpose, nonetheless, 

I send blessings to you too,

And trust in G-d’s gift of intuition,

As it is in G-d’ purpose for me to know you – in our past, present, or future. 

May it go well for us all in the meantime; 

And I try not to burn tooo many bridges….

There is no fault in our being “without purpose”, just advocating, sheds a light on us.

We are all human, only G-d, is perfect. 

Are you sure you’re ready to be honestly responded to? Then shut your mouth, or-

Open your mouth to speak from your heart, 

While the truth can hurt, it’s clearing for you a path to where you want to go. 

Lies affect 7 generations of descendents – both yours and theirs.

To speak of a man who has a tongue, as a dog- brings curses folded back to you with the words of your intentions.

Nonetheless, I receive your invisibility as a blessing, though it be a diamond in muck’s depths. Sometimes, it is truly a blessing to not have to “know” the ‘whys’ of everything..

To those on my left, I send you blessings, may you receive them. To all those beings, large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen I’m meeting for the first time: I send you blessings, warm wishes, may you receive them. 

Even if my blessing to you is experienced as microscopic! 

To you I may say, yes or no, it really doesn’t matter, how we go through our lives, we reflect where we came from- it’s fair to honor history. We must thicken our skins (or at least I must, if I want to go out at all!)

Though equally, we all beat in a trillion odds against the sperm[1]that didn’t make it! 

(That’s pretty weird, and reassuring at the same time, if you think about it. First principle fact, lol)

Our paths’ have crossed for a purpose whether or not we know it. 

There is a reason, a season, or a lifetime to be either friends or fiends. 

The latter is without, “resh[2]”, so let love for G-d guide your principles[3].

Carry your ‘secret’, meaning sacred to you, anchors from nature, to strengthen your resolve and prayers. Keep some anchors of that which loves you with you. [4]But when your beliefs are discovered and made fun of, know you’re just shaking their cages. 

Mocking is fear masked with mirth, of your truth. 

May it be so that from each of you, large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen beings, I receive your blessings. I may love your words or hate them, how I respond is according to my education. It’s how I use my energy to let them stick to me or slide. Mashalla Habbibi.

There are no mistakes in our acquaintance,

Perhaps if even to break a mold, a stereotype of who we’d be of each other- 

by our own witness starting a spiral of ponder, if our truths are sound.


Times to digest one’s own feces, even if served on a platter. When I lasso unpleasantness via my own insulting [5]mouth.

Man, I’m glad I don’t still have PMS!!!

I don’t heap misery on people that are “poor”. These souls are working out their own lessons. Give them dignity but not dependence, easier said than done. The latter looks especially ugly with these days and what’s been going on.

Poor spells backwards roop a reverse tritone rainbow recursively distilling through rings of truths (2 Os) as minors sucking into the dark holes back to earth. We read words subconsciously both forward and back, are you sure your screens not flipped?

Do your Hod exercises!

Smudge and polish it!

Go to a meeting. You only need one another.

Give them what is needed, 

And what you want if your heart is tender. 

For knot by knot on life’s weft,

At life’s bottom is where man meets G-d.[6]

I send blessings to the earth below me, beneath and under my feet.

Thank you for all you’ve been and will be – large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen, to you I send blessings.

Imagine all the creatures in your life that you know and love.

Even if reality seems cold and inappreciative – until now, you’re still in the flesh and reading! There could be bombs going off or worse!

You’ve given me everything I’ve wished for, including the ‘nots’.

To all the blindly wriggling, chewing, and interminably tunneling, thanks for aerating truths that were stuck.

There is no warm happiness in your mineral self, but with your opportunity,  

Do I create my inner hearth to set candle (hope), cup (love), and key(truth) on white linen topping my inner altar.

From the earth below my feet, I receive you blessings. As you hold my feet with each step – reciprocity in action. Thank you.  There is cause and effect.

Thank you for my every opportunity and sustenance. 

And thank you, yes I do need to pick up my own shit!

receiveyour blessings, from the beings deep beneath me, large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen, I receive all your blessings.

You have given me more than I could even hope for! Thank you!

sendblessings to all the beings flying high above me

Large and small,

Dark and light,

Seen and Unseen,

High in the skies and invisible

You know we’re just a dot on of dots in the pause of a massive galaxy, what we put out our authentic (hive mind-based) self– yet it shifts us even if by love in a cloud.

All man shares the experience of the elements each in his own way and in the words of story archetypes that teach the words of the land. 

I send blessings to birds soaring, clouds, bight sun’s blue skies, to the winds  (all names and categorized), and stars, inspiring universal energies to take a moment to notice let them dream you imprinting messages to your subconscious- no wonder big business, those darn plutocrats want us to smudge the air! Hoping maybe we’ll forget in the promises.[7]

By coincidence of ponder, the convergence of alephs forms an entity. What we speak to creates entanglement, divides us to take sides. 

Meeting souls we each ponder on the questions of what gives us meaning.  Like the questions asks itself right back at you, yes, but then what is next?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the light mine eyes can see with.

For creations of awe and beauty, to remind me of a life worth living. I saw three rainbows at once in my hotel- it can happen! 

Eyes interpret science, weighing our dreams with what we see. 

You never know one minute you’re walking down fifth Avenue, preparing for weeks for an event, when you get shit on by a bird who thinks it knows you. I know it’s all random. But even for that moment, your path of destiny was shifted. 

You never know your true love may be there, standing with a Kleenex you know its already happened, a million times or more.

I receive your blessings from all those above me, warm caresses on my cheek, fragrance for my senses, beauty for me to see, listening to earth’s ambiance. I receive your blessing and thank you for reminding me to carry ease in my breath, inhaling and out. 

May there be ease in everything. There are powers far, far, greater than ours. 

Eyes see, ears hear, may your words carry you with ease, along your path. Through the oneness with our life, our atonement, our spirit heals. 

Ho’ ono ponopono!

Love binds spirits into merge, driven by inverse Boson forces. 

Thank you I receive your blessings to the best of my ability. If only to transition into “death” together, hoping we’ll re-incarnate. 

Together clarifying power from the infinity of Qlipoth’s lie that attracts, from acceptance of the present being exactly where you are now in this moment. 

To all the ‘beings’ within me, large and small, dark and light, seen and unseen,

I send blessings. Thank you for each heartbeat and breath. Thank you. I know I’m not always appreciative or kind. 

Thank you for helping me digest the day’s energies. Stay balanced strong and graceful; may my deepest beauty shine from within.

May I listen to your prayers for care and cultivation as I ask myself what is ailing. The cultivation of my self, to better serve Light and love – I mean we have one life, in this piece of flesh, so why not? Why not try for your highest good?

Another oath I said…meaningfully and long ago.

Medicines alleviate our ailments, but G-d of love heals hearts.

From you, my body I receive you blessing. Thank you for letting me hold space for new babe’s life, thank you for supporting me as I dance to uplift life and of course for the gift of healing which G-d has surely given me. Even if tomorrow is my last breath. Though I hope not.  May I be supported in habits of good longevity, let’s I guess we will see. 

May I allow for the reality of full reciprocity- past present and future. Each hive mind giving and receiving.

May it be so with ease. What am I leaving with my life” Is it worth it to the poorest? What will be there, besides my piss and garbage? Will there be more light or less, the world a better place. Facing atonement, it is time to ask these questions.

[1]Sperm – S P E R M – Letters -snake, carrying the distilled light (pe) of man’s waterfall (resh) of possibility in a sea  (mem) of connection and opportunity. matches best when HLA are different, but blood types the same (or something like that), there’s a pheromone heritage smell, that fits in the lock and key. 

[2]Resh waterfall of possibility as we witness opportunity and emotional resonance of lifte, viewed as. Notice cues for potential, decides to bring my attention or leave it. 

[3]R for rabbi and waterfall of colored worms scanning for opportunities for the images conjured by hive minds, which swirl around in my medulla. Senses sifted by structures of preconception; light mixed with rocks on occasion, lolol. But what man (the rebbe) can tell you from G-d is wonderful, but learning from first principles goes deeper. 

[4]Unless you are going into battle against death when you have faith in the G-d of being in the right place right now let all others go.

[5]We all are human and stupid.

It is easy to get in a muddle.

Promise 1: We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness

Promise 2: We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.

Promise 3: We will comprehend the word serenity.

Promise 4: We will know peace.

Promise 5: No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others.

Promise 6: The feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear.

Promise 7: We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows.

Promise 8: Self-seeking will slip away.

Promise 9: Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change.

Promise 10: Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us.

Promise 11: We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.

Promise 12: We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.

[6]The multiversal infinite potential of possibility and probability manifesting opportunity through the singularity of occurrence; any entity or being that causes you to change YOUR sovereign course of desire. 


By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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