Feeling Pretty

How often does it happen for you

To have the thought

“Hey, I look pretty” as a flash of insight,

Or cross your mind?

Implicit in pretty,

is happy and non-self-conscious,

in a light attractive way.

Unlike riveting beauty,

Which is distracting-

Beauty demands being the center of attention,

That is a law of attraction!

When you feel pretty, your presence is an asset-

to any ‘mission’ that is;

Your vibe adds to the aesthetic[1].

Even when it’s tough going.

You help people relax subconsciously

This in turn helps focus.

When you’re feeling lighter,

you can pivot, more easily.

Your ‘bubble of inclusion’[2], isn’t so sticky.

 People like being around you- but you can take or leave them. 

There’s a breath between you.

Themselves a little freer,

they start to sparkle a bit more too![3]

When you smile, you’re even prettier!

So make up once in a while, and

Smile in your mirror

Remember your comeliness.

That’s good practice-

But ditch the magnifier[4],

You’ll miss nothing important,

That another can’t tell you (so try to have at least one human friend!)

Those rare times, when you FEEL pretty,

Are especially uplifting-and even worth documenting[5],

To relate you back to you[6],

And remind you of a time when you put your efforts into the task of trying.

Feeling pretty brings a bit of warm and an all over healthy kind of vibe.


I used to love skipping.

I skipped everywhere for as long as I could seemingly get away with it- when I was around 14 or 15- by then only when the street was empty.

Skipping never failed to make me feel happier, and prettier, at the same time. [7]Who doesn’t look better with some flush in your cheeks and dewy?

And, I couldn’t always take ballet to manage my moods-

Turns out that skipping works really fast to shift[8]them too. 

I know skipping’s not for everyone.

Too bad it’s so obvious, skipping as an activity that is.  

It’s so much fun and quick for a lift.

It’s not even that bad on the joints[9]

it engages your whole leg.

Ear buds don’t stay in too well…either.

But then I don’t wear ear buds[10],

So that is not my problem!


To recall the sensation in the body- of joy and delight,

Even though fleeting,

Gives you sparkle-

there can be ‘seen’ as shimmers in your aura!

And in that moment

You embody Celestine’s Prophesy!

It’s enough to be pretty; you don’t always need to be beautiful!


Did you know, plastic surgery-face-lifts and blepharoplasty, take away on average, about three years of aging[11]? That’s not so much. But if that rocks you, go for it.

When a many can tell you the value of a sweet smile-and hell, ask DJT, even when it’s not.

can warm hearts long frozen.

Even if the glimpse is tiny,

the sucking heart wound will sense it.

Not often, so far for me, at least until now.

I don’t need to “get ready”-

I haven’t gone to work for an eon[12].

That is until now[13].

Being fair-skinned, not features[14],

I’m no blond or ginger

With expressive features

I’ve learned to hold my face, in ‘acceptable’ ways.

Or face risk of confrontations[15]

People judge me for what they read.

Because of course they are,

It’s human and natural to see contrasts…

The image and resonance of me bouncing off of you.

Present in your mirrors.

Now is to see our soul’s candle

and perceive beyond the skin. [16].

Here is where idea of dignity comes in, “di”-“gni”-“ty”,

‘Di’ embodies cleavage to and from divinity.

When we are divided from Gnosis – our spirit of flame peels  off in emanation.

There is no gender or form.

“T” “y” – manifestation as the eye sees it (Tau and Ayin).

The one we can’t perceive because we are one with it, in an ineffable way, that is. That’s like trying to see the rainbow, when you’re in the middle of it!

We can experience it subliminally when our being’s quiet, in atonement.

Akin to spirit of earth, animal and man

How it looks –

There is flame in everything-

Please ask the Shintoists about their Kamis!

As humans we can learn to turn the flame up and down[17].

Sitting so fairly, my features asleep with emotions at bay,

I can listen intently,

glimmers of truth in by which you say

and don’t,

How else can I stay ‘up’,

while your words distract and

pull me towards your story,

what do you hope for me to make for you?

When you gossip, lie, and complain,

as I listen to you carefully As I’m wont to do,

My being suffers,

Just listening to you whine about another’s story makes me queasy in the stomach.

Especially when I engage with your story then the karma’s doubled- though that helps the nausea go away.

And I used to listen, ever so intently.

People love that,

To be heard and to be witnessed is

A genuine gift from the heart that is felt[18].

Talking trash detracts from your prettiness. You can’t be engaged with a pleasant sensation, radiating your inner sweetness, while your brain works the emotions of anger or envy.

For the hologram of our body experiences it as one and the same.

Do not kid yourself. So leave others to their miseries.

Our engagements with their woe do not help anything![19]

But take the glow from your face.


Feeling pretty is a little like the experience of Ojas[20].

Ojas are the expected result of following an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Having Ojas is little like body nirvana –

Quintessentially balanced, our joints move easily and the body is ‘juicy’.

Take a little inventory next time you go out,

Then check when you come home!

Are you dried out, run down, and drained;

or more calm and centered?

If you liked your body’s symptoms, then of course, do it again!

That’s your spirit talking.

Heed it.


[1]We have animal natures that judge what is like and unlike us. Things that are jarring or different, from (inherited from lineage) expectations, are not aesthetic. We must neutralize our attachment to what they represent, when it’s prudent that is.

[2]Refer to essay on inclusiviity.

[3]As we entrain energetically with our chakra systems. 

[4]Except when those chin hairs inevitably require tweezing.

[5]I took one photo of me dressed up for my meeting.

[6]Like an anchor with golden chain a good photo in a beautiful spot can preserve you, especially if you leave something there. Can you recall that’s still you, even when that “reality”[6]is over? Yes you did have those good times! Though they may at time far away distant; long gone experiences with fading realities. Yet none of them are wasted, (may it be so). From each of them we grow. Hopefully, wiser, calmer and more contented.

[7]Now my hips hurt when I do it; sometimes I wish I’d never given it up. But that’s growing up for you…and I’ve found a way to be light (most of the time anyway) without doing so, but a physical reminder works wonders.

[8]Whistling helps too, but then your face puckers.

[9]There’s the hop forward and up at the same time – giving you both vertical and translational distance. Energy expended in a number of directions. It’s easier going southerly!(Just kidding, I haven’t tried).

[10]I don’t want to miss a bird call or singing!

[11]This was the result of a blinded study where judges looked at before and after pictures of work and gave approximate ages.

[12]Here I was the one who wanted to work until at least 90, like my grandfather Bapoo did!

[13]I started turning my laptop camera on during class – the teacher can see me and has already given me several corrections (though I don’t expect that to continue); her eye can see well enough for general placements – and can coach. That’is amazing! So now I ‘get’ to get ready for class; not show up wearing sweat pants or robe!

[14]With dark eyebrows, bright lips, and nearly porcelain complexion, I had striking features, especially when I wanted to play them up. That said, makeup never stays on my face so I don’t wear it.

[15]My emotions were so easily written across my face, never mind the heart on my sleeve-that I always got into trouble with others! 

[16]And many are doing that already. 

Really, they are. It’s just the plutocracy wants you to believe otherwise, so they can “save you” for their super hero industry.

[17]Though I’d rather be on pilot, only turning up for the kettle!

[18]To think I gave it freely! Oh wait, what am I doing now? LOL.

that I would focus on your inner value, your dignity- a quality unknowable by me- and wish for you a blessing that your next steps lighten. Amen.

[19]And here I can honestly say the experience I’ve had with L.D. has left me feeling shunned and alone. But I’m learning to grieve like a “wild woman”, so that’s good- crying in a ball on my side while wailing “yi, yi, yi”- feels good.…and drumming, even a bit loudly- as I had much to grieve about. Naturally I have no minyan around me, though I’m like a Jew,!I’m not Jewish. But funny word Jewish is because, it implies being like a Jew! Which I am (I hope). So I’m Jewish, but Lol, I’m already there!

[20]Describing that would need the experiences of at least 8 archetypes all trying to describe the same sweet lushness embodied by Lakshmi – 

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) and recently completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master and astrologer.

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