Hi there Ayin, ע, would like to tell you more of his story, since after all, he IS very important[1]. I was a little hard on Him last time.

Ayin, ע, is made from Nun נ and Vau ו; becoming embodied in Hod’s Sephiroth intelligence of names and senses. 

Like a spring of water- infinite from my incarnate life’s perspective, Ayin, ע, with Vau, ו, embodies the “positive,” outgoing energy of Netzach. She is our dancing, shape-shifting self that needs naming and consonants to be productive. She is the force behind our sense of ego and resonant being[2]; and our emotional she self. She seeks connection and belonging and is prone to temper tantrums. I say, “she” as she is powers’ reactivity.

Netzach is the part of us that usually sits in the back unless Ayin, ע, gets turned on – then what we see becomes conscious (to our foveas-[3]and semi-tattooed onto our two-D projection of retina. Without vision, we are tantamount to dead from the sighted world; we aren’t moved by what we see any more. With sighting, Netzach gets going as energy-in-motion. (That is not in at-one-ment when in those moments!)

Nun, נ, is ‘forward’ in the right to left alphabet, with Vau[4],ו, standing on נ’s back as if on a Segway. The נ part of Ayin, ע, wears a triple crown called a tagine; that’s part of the letter that goes in and out of apparent reality in direct connection with spirit. 


Nun part of Ayin, is the king riding forward in his saddle; he sees truths between eyelids as he is king of senses – with Vau, ו, at his back carrying the reins to the best of his ability.[5] Their synergetic union is more than their sum however.


Ayin, ע,is also our motivator, who helps us go and get. He can be a little too driven – and can overlook his weaknesses. Sometimes he can’t help himself when by coveting, a thing happens! Oops.

Looking and seeking, eyes search for ego’s resonance of completion mirrored in the opposite one. Then 1+1=O and individual souls extinguish- again becoming whole and singular (-ity). With the singularity from the O, there is a dot in the middle.

Then the symbol becomes the sun and a new beginning. Our bubbling fountain turns into Resh our waterfall- just ‘under’ him in more density- and that much closer to manifesting in the Malkuthian plane of flesh and form.


Words starting with Ayin in Hebrew point to a predominance, for good or ill, of consciousness over physical matter; it’s position in the word switches meaning of the word’s understanding.

נ, Nun wears a crown and looks like Bet[7]ב, only narrower; as is quite fitting[8].Therefore, Nun plus the lord of butterfly creations, is ב in the end! All this is Ayin too.

Ayin’s gematria is 70 and with that he shares both Hebrew gematria for wine and spirit. With 7 Shekinahs, are 7 sets of ten, he is also the (Holy) Spirit of our G-ddess (there’s Netzach, again).

נ, Nun, is the stuff, to which we are tied, wishes and dreams that create emotional seas and challenges Will[9]. Death- as in our last breath, yes, but more as in passing of an idea, thought or action, (over which we had no control); the release of limiting beliefs.

Mashallah Habibi for all that I’ve been given![10]

[1]As are all the letters, in the Hebrew alphabet – important that is. Each one has essential ‘truths’ and stories- as well as being built upon by combinations with others. 

Each letter is both the letter you see with your outer eyes- as defined by photons bouncing in specific alignment and dimension on the rods and cones on your retina, and what’s  ‘visible’ to our inner eye- symbolically relating ideas- linear to non-linear/circular/and tangential forms. The letter is also as much an expression of the invisible energy of the boson- the dense dark matter creates the form-the letter/ bouncing photons ins specific ways allowing photon. Together creates unity. Letters are formulates and emanations from and with G-d, as was their intention, even if they started out onomatopoeic (and of Gaia herself) from the sounds of mud sucking. Until now seen as 2D representations.


[3]Hive minds are reticulated energy centers (solid organs) with ‘needs’, ‘wants’, and cycles. Their chakra center representations reflect in the fovea – also coordinating direct and indirect visual feedback to focus our attention on…whatever we want!

[4]Vau is our ‘nail’ of self; the experience of our being incorporated (the little “t” on the top shape of a nail, hints of our ‘namings’ and hyphens.  Things we do to stop us from rising.)

[5] ע has no inherent commitment other than to himself , unlike Chet ח. Cheth, ח, harnessed to truth’s penetrance by the reality of yin and yang’s  dance of energy and embodiment. By the power of commitment with our word as our bond, we reap what we sow.  Much can be produced when Zayin ז, our “I” as weapon, and Vau ו, our nail, are willing to co-operate. The simplified symbol for Chet, ח, loses many subtleties of it’s reality.

[6]Our Yang self, Zayin is the “I” that is weapon; Will that is generated when there are energetic ‘mismatches’ in our non-‘at-one-ment’ interactions.

[7]Bet is All(-ah) manifestation of vector (ideas with energy and direction)- from Keter. our soul’s crown, or crow-n/ crone[7], and ineffable. If you look carefully at Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur, you can see 3 arched panels over our Keter. He looks forward to illuminating the limitless attachments we can make in our bewilderments.  Walking sightless in our desert, for forty years or more in most cases, whilst believing that life is measurable, when it is a miracle.

[8]The part נ’s missing looks like the I-Ching’s character with three horizontal lines- the hexagram for the creative heaven. For the how Bet, ב, is built and carried out – intention visits the land of pyramids (Binah), you add the missing line. What ב’s house looks like- is our manifest dance of yin and yang.

[9]Will is our pure yang self, exactly as it is, uncommitted, unfettered, free to apply itself however.

[10]No wonder AA and Allahu Akbar share beginnings.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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