Our Jungian Archetypes (I’m not sure if this is posting correctly!)

I am so appreciative of the work of Carl Jung (may he RIP). I wish everybody knew about it. He is a man who really came to understand synchronicities and archetypes. He explored them for a while from the point of near-madness, and produced for us his “Red Book” and the field of analytical psychiatry – a very big deal still. 

That he experienced his archetypes so vividly, and re-experienced them to learn subtleties, intrigues me –what was he accessing exactly, in those ‘dreams’ he was having?

For one man to have developed archetypal stories, means technically all of us have them. Like characters in “Inside Out” the Disney movie, though they are quite a bit less manageable. When out of control- any one of them can easily wreak havoc.

Analogous archetypes are in each of us; some stronger than others and some primarily well connected. But technically all are present.

It’s no wonder our ‘demons’ come out when we’re dreaming or undone! That each of us connects with them, in one way or another, seems inescapable. It is our will to engage them when it serves our purposes.

Theoretically these could be from the astral plane (alone), but my guess it’s astral energy[1]manifestation onto the ancestral DNA. Epigenetics is applied later, as we refine our responses[2]

These collections of energies, which could be seen as forces with faces, are encoded in our resonance. They come out when needed and when the time is ripe- not randomly.

Especially these entities save[3]us when life makes no sense. When what we perceive with our senses clashes with what our DNA self ‘expects’- such as Harmony from the limbic control tower and being in surrounds of pleasance[4].

Our hierarchy of limbic and neocortical selves, as expressed by the DNA blueprint, are individually and physically encoded with its own collection of neuron bodies. At birth, they are not efficiently linked by any hologram of images, sensations and symbols- until we begin to experience life.  

How we interpret life is what’s subject to scrutiny. 

For the main archetypes[5], there’s no accident that astrologies agree on the main forces. 

As we balance, we become our higher aspirations of self. We blossom. Our pineal pinecone is ‘happy’ and we sleep pretty well. When we come into flow, our brain and nervous system self comes into atonement and coherence.  This is a good thing. Synchronicities happen to further your progress. 

Experiencing synchronicities is a manifestation of being on the “right” path, one’s personal Dao/Tao- and also from being Jew-ish. I’ve been having a bunch, personally; this continues to be my witness and testimony.


It is a great sadness that western medicine has declined to embrace Dr. Jung’s work. Instead, choosing to suppress particular and “overactive” archetypes with drugs and harsh measures- especially when expressed by women.  

When a part of our psyche is “overactive”, it must be managed. Manifestations of brain forces are uncontrollable- without being knocked or cut out. Really, ask any neurologist after they’ve had a few drinks!

But folks, these are nerve body clusters, which must be ‘fed’ to activate, never mind grow and fatten. They are serving something. Their expression of truth must be honored, or else they will wreak havoc[6].

I love that both the Chinese and the Jews, offer a way for us to do it – besides Buddhist chanting, ‘Om Mani Padme Om,’ which does have some limits. Reiki and Yoga breathing will tone down the system, so work can begin.

The Chinese use the Five elements control cycle to temper their wild elemental beings. These represent our essential archetypes wood (spring and growth), fire (summer and joy/exuberance), earth (our center, manifestations on those around us…our ashes consolidating) metal (manifest forms), and water (emotions – which ultimately dissolves all before it can be used to feed) still or turbulent – thoughts recapitulate ideas, plans and actions.

Tissues and organs imbue with direct reflection. Our effects on life reflect our surroundings on earth- when taken in their entirety[7].

As life evolves and us with it, we weave our life cocoon. Fabric forms from our collection of responses to our inherited ‘puzzles’. That’s analogous to our metal element. When your metal is thriving- you are manifesting physically (for better or worse).

Like a cat’s cradle though, constantly responding the same way to the same stimuli, is eventually imprisoning– until we cut the strings from the past, and feed our imaginations with nature and books, and feed our spirits with dance and music.

From our weaving, like Karma, we define our complexities. With depth, growth, and fieriness- we create what we will.


In Kabbalah, each of us has a ‘tree of life’. It is already wired and waiting for ‘light’ to shine. Light hitting on even a single leaf, can be enough to create a tiny shift – and eventual revolution in one’s self from the butterfly effect. Over time, a majestic tree unfurls- one really never knows what is going to happen. It thrives in accordance with our perceptions. I wonder what your tree looks like?

This tree, analogous to our left and right brains, balances knowledge and form (letters and mantra/yantra) with force of spirit and is powered by the heart (magnification) at the center; we stand in all three.

Forgiveness is a quality of the heart center. With that willing spirit, mountains can move.


As we age, the unused side weakens and overused congeals- we can start sagging under its weight.[8]That the ‘muscles’ we overuse fail first is a given[9]So take some time and notice what else is interesting as an easy way to start listening.

Our trunk will straighten as we empower the opposite side – like acting anything that’s out of whack, how you can help it.  Specifically doing a thing out of your comfort zone[10]and at what you are weakest is often helpful too. 

You know, the thing you “should” do, but don’t.

That showsyour neuro-brain, you are willing to be in integrity (and helps with immunity). Yes, do this is to balance an otherwise raging sense of betrayal and failure. 

And too, fear[11]strengthens boundaries; that’s automatically implied. Our brain does ‘hear’ the sense of boundary, when the sensation is activated.[12]


This may seem obvious, but as mammals we inherit pallial circuitry. This limbic structure, part of the Thalami which also governs excitation and arousal, functions to receive, not integrate (thoroughly) per se, from all the senses – visual, acoustic, lateral line (in fish), somatosensory (touch, vibration, pain), and electrosensory (including magnetic; electric in eels).

Intra-telencephalic circuitry forms the hippocampus and is where spatial memories form in 3 and 4D. Fear and aversions overwhelm it’s function of more exquisite discernment.  All vertebrates share analogous circuitry; just in different proportions.

Our named planets are essentially embodiments of nerve body clusters in medulla, Pons, diencephalon,[13]telencephalon, cortex, etc; their activation in our mystery play rules our physiology.  

This circuitry is pre-wired – meaning in each of us inherited. Our brain is just waiting for the ‘light’ to hit on an otherwise invisible leaf on our invisible trees- all in the ready and waiting; until a sign happens that shines on us just so, just right, that our perception shifts and we learn something interesting.

Some connections are superhighways, others paths. Some are culturally honed and perfected; others we have to work at. Near-vestigial ones leave remnant paths like breadcrumbs in our Psyche, somewhat disconnected. But even those are found by the desperate and avid.


To those scientists who have the audacity to name any DNA as “junk”, I am left speechless. Really, 100 million years of mammalian evolution, and you think DNA has “junk” in it? Don’t even scientists believe in Darwin’s evolutionary theory? Can’t they fathom complexity? Do they not know that DNA expresses itself like a multidimensional matrix? Do they really believe that man became human, a literal 6000 years ago, and the rest of his DNA is random? Wow, who’d have thunk it- that so many creationists were in charge of the laboratory?


Suffice it to say, we “know” from Jung’s work consciously, not just subconsciously, there is a realm of unseen collective that impacts us directly and over which we have no control. Forces which artists and writers tap into routinely and make other people mad.

So I offer, why not, with Grace and G-d’s blessing[14], gently visit.  Open the door and learn more of yourself and your own personal archetypes, especially those hidden? Get your chart done; do some drumming, reverie can come from monks chanting. 

You will do this anyway, one way or another; as we age and become more of our essence. So would it not be wise to allow “it” an opening- to inform you of your assets but also Achilles?

Pay attention to even the littlest annoyances and see what role you had in them- like were you the one who was rushing and late or hungry; how does your bias otherwise serve you- help you avoid commitments?

Be compassionate – let yourself feel as you’re doing your best in this moment; then you’ll be open to feeling even better! Butterfly effects ripple through and re-pattern (though there are often hold-out areas). How quickly or slowly depends on our resistance and trust.

When your love language is more than 50% of your thoughts, your Akashic records shift. Really though, as soon as you consider that happening, in time and space as Einstein sees it, it has already happened!

Truths can be healed with amends. But stories have multiple chapters, so don’t assumeyour multi-lifetime spirit didn’tplay a part in the experience of your life today! 

In “Because I Can” essay, I describe a painful journey. I felt my patriarchal shame for its misuse of power to rob others’ beauty. The sad part is theydidn’t know their own– only what someone else told them, and that was conditional. They lived much of their lives shaming others but with that, shamed themselves.

May we receive all things we need- both in the material and spiritual. Amen.

Mashallah Habibi, you are a great blessing!

[1]At the first breath, when the brain came on line essentially – and at that moment of first breathing, imbue with heavenly energies prevailing in that second= natal horoscope- all systems, Vedic, Chinese, and Western (sorry if I missed any) are accurate, though focus on different perspectives of manifestation.

[2]Manifestation of DNA is resonance-based; when sequences start buzzing, enzymes rush over. That’s why methylation is used to silence; when being awakened is unfashionable, the DNA quiets.

[3]To what degree an NDE (near death experience) affects you; how close you got to being snuffed – wakes up brain function areas that usually lie dormant. Aroused from the state of anergy, this creates flow and a cycle of economy in one’s being. Waking receptors that were previously sleeping makes for appetites and need for releasing. 

[4]This word came to me automatically when I was writing. I hadn’t heard of it before but when I looked it up, it was EXACTLY what I had in mind. LOL.

[5]Qualities of Venus (personal magnetism, sense of relationship- heart Chakra), Mars (drive and ambition, root Chakra), and Mercury( thought processes, governed by health of Solar Plexus) each expressed in a myriad of ways defined culturally. Elementally they are the same in each of us. All planets are equally important at different times.

[6]In my astro chart, Pluto is ruler and also sitting in the throne of mid-coelum meaning ‘guiding’ my chart directly. Pluto, specifically is also obsessed with society’s underbelly and ‘whys’. Pluto depicts how I view authority (all-powerful) and also how I am reputed. Happily willing to deconstruct the non-essential to get at the truth (ouch). People with strong Pluto in their charts stand in their personal power and are often experienced as ruthless. My favorite Pluto-informed character, (AKA Plutonian), would be Vladamir Putin; we both have Pluto in the same place guiding us and similar ascendents, meaning rulers. Most intense or sexy men have strong Pluto positions; Pluto needs depth and story. Men ruled by Mars –and his sense of passion, tend to baser sex addicts- more interested in the (their) outcome, not process. 

[7]With our global awareness now and Internet, there really is no excuse for not weighing our choices more consciously.

[8]There are often unintended, and karmic, consequences for ‘choices’!

[9]Telemeres shorten as epigenetic changes build up; this is transcription dependent- a reflection of use and intensity over time.

[10]That will get you from your comfort zone and on to a new adventure!

[11]The word fearembodies the terror faced when Force (unleashed by emotional Netzach spirit) rushes, instead of shines, to be named; releasing forms and lies that encase it. Peh means mouth or edge, and sounds like F and P- the latter when there’s a dot (of Yod) in the middle. F is intrinsically unguided by G-d’s face (the dot), and becomes named entity by quantized mantra. 

These phonemes are received, (Hod) on the right side of the brain (to be made sense of later when vowels are filled in by the left). With fear, resh finishes the word to WHOOSH off to a now unguided waterfall pouring into shifting and phasic Yesod, our treasure house of images!

Did you know fear, also sounds like “reef” backwards – which is ‘heard’ in the brain too when experienced- as all messages are reflected-though dampened.

[12]Until you don’t care any more, your kids’ leave, you get sick or otherwise have to express yourself and be your own advocate- even if you literally have to vomit sometimes.

[13]Also where the subject is viewed by left and right brain lenses separately. 

[14]As in, “with right permission and authority”; “may it (your wish) benefit all beings”, or something similar.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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