Metaphorical aspects of Covid-19 for the individual

Covid-19 – here are symptoms specific to virus and from “cytokine storm” along with interpretations from energy medicine and a homeopathic approach to managing if any of these are off in you. See what resonates. Consider being willing to accept ‘life on life’s terms’.


1)what do you lose by being sick (ability to participate, separation, etc)

 2) what do you gain (attention, peace and quiet, “you” time, etc)

 3) other silver linings (usually take up to two years to fully manifest)

Here are the coronavirous symptoms in order of their common first appearance along with a homeopathic activity that reproduces the symptom (..). Select one or two of these activities if they appeal to you.

I’m also referencing a book that resonates with many as being helpful to them or was for me. Use, meaning listen to, your intuition to find an activity that makes sense to you too!

Loss of smell– forgetting joy of life 

Smell fresh honey, or something good outside in the air (hurray for Spring!)

Identify three things you love in nature near you right now

Celebrate your love for another being

Loose stools– fear (‘forgetting’ spirit in flesh never really ceases), 

Build your faith,

Read your Holy books,

Work your ‘program’,

Call your sponsor, mom, or best friend

“Waking the Tiger”, Peter Levine

Confusion– (forgetting life is a precious gift) 

7-directional blessing sending and receiving, savor the times between giving and receiving,

Smile at a child,

“When life gives you lemons…make lemonade”

Recall the three beings, activities, or things outside of yourself that you love- and that you can touch!

Nausea- disgust (being surrounded by psychically unpalatable environment) 

Get into a private tent space- blanket over two chairs

Eat some greens,

De-clutter, clean

Turn off the TV

Rash – Visible symptoms of dis-ease (Denying reality of a situation)

Journaling to identify the problem, especially automatic writing

 Increasing network of support

 Remember you are perfect right here right now exactly where you are, always!

Shortness of breath– grief (heart attachments)



Fur baby time


Fever– warming spirit (spirit smothered, weakened, poor self-esteem)


Take a hot bath with ‘warm’-scented aromatherapy (like vanilla, coconut, or oregano/thyme/basil/tarragon mix),

Read anything by Brene Brown!

Let your thoughts inflame you, but take a cool shower afterwards.

Rigors and chills– body hypothermia from early sepsis- (body fighting spirit’s leaving) 

Stamp in place or dance

Grounding and warming

Spinning and skipping,

Jumping jacks

Hot bath

Body on fire pain, aching (cytokine storm symptom)– self-blaming, self-torture (forgetting there is no absolute ‘right or wrong’ in the space of quantum physicis)

Get your chart done-your path is there along with your “lessons”

Or do what is suggested by your Holy men (or women)

12-step program of your choice. Work anyone, helps all of us.

Love every molecule of your human being- even it’s yucky bits.

Colin Tipping’s book “radical forgiveness”

Weakness– loss of sense of being supported (Giving up, abandoning yourself) –             Oil massage, 

‘Listen’ to a palm stone in your left hand,

Pay homage to your ancestors

Call your mother

Liver poisoning-anger (that’s the first cue that something is wrong, now dig deeper for the fear that’s underneath),



Urinating on a cheerio,

Tomahawk throwing

Do anything that you have agency in

“Dance of Anger”, book

Kidney poisoning-fear, see above,


push fluids,

reduce salt,

Peter Levine’s “Waking the Tiger”

Paul Levy, “Dispelling Wetiko”

Drowning – symptoms of ARDS. (Succumbing to emotion, addictions, forgetting that all sensations, good and bad, come to an end)

Vipassana meditation,

Cry with a movie or by yourself

Be in community with others (even if you have to wear earplugs, just sit there- it raises your serotonin levels!)

Tell mom you love her but keep your visits to ten minutes or less. (You can do almost anything for ten minutes, except hold your breath.)

Unlike modern western medicine, which embraces an Aristotelian principle ‘A, can not be, not-A’, traditional Chinese medicine reflects that “yin” and “yang” produce each other and everything alive has dualism. Imbalances of organs, organ function, especially in metaphysical terms, are the seat of all chronic dis-eases motivated by emotional stickiness in terms of the whole, including the “not-A”. (Emotions keep our minds engaged, drama is essential for living and growth. They are normal and essential. The hormones and chemicals responsible for them can be over- or under- active. Usually because of being ’fed’ (used and facilitated) too much or too little.)

When you are in a safe or more relaxed space, perhaps on your mat or zabuton, consider the situation and spiral out- 

Take an eagle’s perspective- will this really matter in a day, month, or year from now? Yes, someone may be ‘sicker’ than you, people are human, we all have flaws keep in mind there is a looking glass.

Do your astrology chart

”Emotional sobriety”, AAGrapevine.

Meditation helps to settle emotions, especially in response to drama keep most “flares” going.

[Homeopathy, which I could never wrap my mind around, is exactly the same with its intention]

It’s all about belief that your body can and will always heal into its energetic template of spirit, even if the body won’t or can’t go there anymore.

If you can accept, at a visceral level, that there is a power greater than yourself, someone or something that has more of what you feel you’re lacking, and are willing to accept life on life’s terms, surrendering to your symptoms will help you find ease during these transitions.

Everything being inter-related, by 6 degrees of separation, it does matter what you do and how you do it. The more we can resonate authentically with the good in our moment, the easier life will seem and amazingly this will lift and help others around you and in interconnectedness of the quantum field.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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