Heroes, AKA Creators of Pyramid Schemes and Spirals

I. What is a hero? Someone we look up to. Someone who does or attained something we believe we can’t do for ourselves?! “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”, from a Webster’s. Who are our stars? Who do we want to emulate? I mean, who doesn’t want…… Continue reading Heroes, AKA Creators of Pyramid Schemes and Spirals

Blindness of sense

If we want to be race-blind, then we will get our wish. If we want to ignore our sensory-based truths as we see them, and ignore information about our environments then it is very likely we’ll get our wish. I’m guessing in the next 15 years or so, those kids who’ve grown up with a…… Continue reading Blindness of sense

Being seen but not heard

My father used this saying as a warning to us kids. Maybe he’d already had a taxing day, but we ‘d be so eager to see him (especially after mother’s worst days), we’d do anything to get his attention.  The three little “Indians”[1], was our nickname- we three were mischievous and devilishly cute at the…… Continue reading Being seen but not heard

When we are disembodied

As a disembodied entity, your’e sensing patterns are based on frequency. We essentially of course, are frequency. At any one moment, we are shifting of course in relation to eight major, but potentially an infinite number of, sensory inputs be they real, or via our mirror neurons. Our frequencies are the summation of all our…… Continue reading When we are disembodied


Teachers have been important to me my whole life. Feeling as if I were brought up by wolves- ever aware of my social position of having limited family or emotional support, I’ve sought after teachers that my mother would respect. It wasn’t coincidental that good teachers held sway over her moods. I ‘knew’ that she…… Continue reading Teachers


Ignorance is like being deep in a metaphorical well. From the bottom looking up, your world looks fleeting and unconnected.  There is nothing to count on except regularity of an experience. Since you’re alive, your basic needs are being met. To include air, sustenance, love/hate, elimination. Just like in the OA. Not imminently in any harm’s…… Continue reading Ignorance

Auric microbiome

So I’m going to put this essay out there, not peer reviewed or published but -based on science, expanded with mysticism. Although now that the CDDC finally has the evidence to say the virus is contagious in the air, here’s a link :https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/07/health/coronavirus-airborne-threat.html We need to do what we can to “flatten the curve” as…… Continue reading Auric microbiome

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