Zayin and Happy Juneteenth!

Zayin, ז, is the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It looks like Vau with backwards baseball cap.

Zayin means sword weapon (we-a-pon or we ap(p) on) in Hebrew and is shaped like a sword. It has  ‘blade’ Vau ו and a hilt.

It is wielded and willed by the heart governed by brain, with two hands.

One hand is dominant, the other supports.

Zayin’s  ז Kabbalistic path is depicted by the Lover’s card in Tarot. We use Zayin to create L’ove.

Used for our heart’s calling, Zayin is activating and creative.

With Zayin  ז we commit to “do as thy will” to be tangibly creative (for good or bad). With Zayin  ז we carry out plans. With Zayin we gain freedom.

That is, on Saturn’s time, Gebvurah’s (severe) form is judged- Lamed ל weighs behavior and reality against Hod’s blueprint imposed on self or other of what should, as in “she would if she could” do. Hod also fills in the details – provided by Yesod’s treasure house of images (which so waxes and wanes). Peh’s  פ refined e-motions and Netzach’s victorious energy, as discerned by Ayin ע

are in Samech’s and union’s alchemy.

Whether we engage depends on our Shins ש (health of our ancestral self), Qoph’s ק projections (how we appear) and Tau’s ת timing (Tau’s ת path is ruled by Saturn). Tau’s our path and destiny.

Only then, does a thing become Malkuthian density – tangible and measurable.

Using Zayin ז, our will is focused. Then Cheth ח (Body and soul chariot uniting Love and Will under G-d’s Laws), might pitch a little assymetrically as we cleave to (or from). Cleave is an interesting word in that it means both to remove, separate and affix more firmly.

With Zayin ז we do both. With Zayin, ז we act on our judgments. We use our voices and speak. We do.

Each of us has a Zayin ז.

Zayin ז is is our Yang – outgoing, heretofore called “masculine” part of us that initiates. You could consider ז our “animal self”[1] (while Vau ו is our “plant self” receiving by connections).

With our we-a-pon we initiate interaction.

My Zayin ז is heavy like scimitar and must be held with two hands (for now anyway). Only then can I safely wield it slicing, parsing, lopping, or stabbing- mostly to select, cut off, and release. Otherwise it might be used for a cane or walking stick – as a gentle support.

Zayin ז however is not Gandalf’s staff (nor of Chokmah’s wisdom).

When Zayin ז is invoked by magician’s words, those who spell and make curses, our inner G-d (I hesitate to even put an o there; you just never know who you’re dealing with) responds hearing the other loud and clear!

If we’re feeling already feeling impoverished, or someone told we were, we might allow Dalet’s ד gate to open- channeling Chokmah’s phallic power. Binah’s city of pyramids gets a big charge – so we make a snappy comeback. Moments of insecurity can make us start “wishing” out loud.

Once conceptualized, a wish is a potential incarnation.

Zayin ז can be written with a crown of three Yods ׳ atop it called keterim – Keterim bear special blessings as letters of light with their Yods ׳ in triplicity. I surmise the letters beneath them to be extra special.

With Zayin’s mini-Shin (which is what a crown with 3 Yods looks kind of like) it shares special divinity like Gimel –camel (thirst quencher- and bearer of prayers), Teth ט- snake (bearer of thoughts), Nun נ, fish (fractalized entity attachments) and  Ayin ע eye (focus of man), Tzadi צ hook (seduction), and Shin ש primal fire/ancestry and our “organs” health- all too bear reflection of Yod’s triple crown on top of them. Each of these letters speak to our soul’s spirit.


On the tree of life or Kabbalah, Zayin’s ז multidimensional [2] path leads between Binah[3] and Tipheret’s heart center. I say between and not to or from, because all paths when engaged, act reciprocally to shift both Sephiroth’s energy flows. As one thing shifts, so does the whole of one’s being – little by little.

With Zayin, ז our we-(a)-pon you could say, a forced bridging- the other one feels the “A(h)”) of being nearing you. Using Zayin, our dominant side, we, believing in the lie we’re “expelled from Eden”, interact with our world to get using we-a-pon, rather than navigate, needs and wants fulfilled.

With navigation, there’s more time for freedom to get what you want – love and re-cognition. Being known.

With Zayin we traverse by cutting away our destiny’s path covered with karmic goo- attachments and beliefs[4] obscuring reality –such as we are all one, for example.

And you know the adage, “united we stand divided we fall”? Standing tall we are most productive; standing tall we can access our creator king-self.

 So any process leading to unity, commerce, and supporting those possibilities- ultimately benefit the collective- all of us.

Spelled with Ayin, ע as well as Aleph א, Yod י, and Nun נ, you know the eyes are involved- along with our emotional vessel (Aleph), the hand of G-d (Yod) and entity (Nun).

Ayin ע in Hebrew (Heh’s ה brew) means “eye”.

So Zayin ז refers to that which is visible.

(Some “enlightened” Christians use Zain to name Zayin. Without a “y”, our we-a-pon is used without the ‘big’ picture- instead responding to emotions and feelings out of context.

Imagine ten “blind” men trying to judge how best to “control” a rampaging elephant[5]! They wouldn’t be able to describe him properly- can only run away and build barriers. They’ll wound each other using their we-a-pons since they can’t aim. They won’t be able to harness or utilize him. Think how much good a well-treated elephant can do!

For all the emphasis on people’s differences, while individual success stories accrue, a majority of people – women and non-Aryan people (even relative to a medium toned- individual) especially are ‘slighted’. They regularly experience and become sensitized to not-so-micro-aggressions. With that they shut down – not blossom.

As people stay small and un e-duced, greater society loses out!


We use Zayin ז when heart senses a need or want (or not need/ not want)- informed by our eyes to discern- on persons, places, or things outside of us.

On the body, Zayin’s ז path directly connects our eardrum to our heart via the mesoderm (this is embryologic). Our heart responds first to vibrations and undertones- milliseconds before we cognitively understand actual words or actions.

Vibrations of words and the undertones are perceived by the heart ‘s body directly- specifically the pars Christae (part of Christ heart = the Christae terminalis). 

Whether spoken by us or to us, as we use words, we perceive their vibrations and intonation on our eardrums- so directly ‘heard’ by our heart, as well as the ‘kin’ in front of us- and resonating through the chest. For this reason, using words as a weapon cuts both giver and receiver.

(This is especially true of those in states of “coma”- who’ve lost higher cortical function and language interpretation. Including those who aren’t as “woke” or “evolved” as you.

So be extra kind when you’re speaking in front of one who you think is “out of it”. Their brains might not be working or be able to sift words, but their heart will certainly “hear” you. )

As the mesoderm shifts metabolically from mechanoreceptor activation, its parenchyma affects the tone of autonomic nervous system via cells that line and surround the axonal bodies and nerves. Specific conductivity is enhanced or repressed. (This is the root of demyelination- too, when the soma wants no more of that kind of stimulation.)


[It is so funny I felt called to write this essay. Yesterday I put L.D.13.2 on the actual man’s windshield – a perfect exercise in ‘using’ my Zayin. No sooner did I get home when lyrics from Eurythmics popped into my head.  It was Annie Lennox singing “talk to me like lovers do” from “Here Comes the Rain Again”. I hadn’t thought of writing this essay.

This is one of those corny earworms I get periodically now since being “possessed”, but was the first time for that particular one. I don’t own any Eurythmics music –nor would I normally choose to listen to it. I wonder what inspired me?!

But those lyrics are a good reminder of how we ‘should’ (as in, “she would if she could”) speak to each other.

Truthfully  I’m not sure how! I hear Mormons teach their children to speak with “honey tongues”, maybe I should ask them?

A few thees and thous, might be soothing too…we all love a little cooing.

Though as I continue to be flooded with his lips, eyes, and hands- morning noon, and night, I’m starting to say, besides, “I love you too”, now “It’s good to ‘see’ you!” and “Thank you for that tender touching!” “You’re a treasure.” “I love that!”

(Maybe that’s what Annie L. means.)]


Because Zayin  ז is the seventh letter, it is assigned to the Sabbath (Shabat). That makes sense. One must decide to take a rest from mundane work and unnecessary chores[6]– which will always be there. It takes effort to dedicate oneself (and one’s family) to rejuvenating and recreating one’s spirit of candle flame.

The Sabbath is the special time we take to honor and nourish our relationships, our l’oves’ work and our inner spirit’s flame. While there are Sabbath hours[7] every day (and worth observing, BTW) on our Sabbath, we get more time. Granted for me the Sabbath doesn’t look like going inside any dark boxes or buildings- but finding a way to go outside and play!

Numerous studies show we work best with periodic unplugging.


Unlike Nun נ ן , Tzadi צ ץ , Kaph  כ ך  , or Peh פ  ף, double letters[8] which elongate and extend when placed at a word’s end, Zayin  ז doesn’t.

Using our we-a-pons doesn’t leave one feeling proud standing tall. Fear and insecurity are at the root of feeling uncomfortable about another’s behavior[9].

When the dust settles, and we regain our senses, using our we-a-pons, folks aren’t left in a “win-win” position.

So to use Zayin ז as weapon in words or deed implies at least momentarily- you forget to have faith. Forgetting there is G-d in everything – and that interactions are meant to serve –Him (Heh הYod י Mem מ), for our highest and greatest good at all times- and for L’ove’s freedoms.

The task is nonetheless for you to find truth’s cookie crumbs- and deal with them maturely.

Instead of standing there and listening quietly- using Tzadik’s צ  hook to attract our western media and families trains to de-fend or off-end; to use arms, legs, or mouth to (push off) or take from the energy being in front of us- especially those considered smaller, lesser, or anyone of short stature or reduced status.  

Using your we-a-pon against those less informed (in form or not in form) is not equality, nor any version of being “Christian”.


As an energy form, Zayin ז is the expression of our Mercury, as well the sign and house of the Gemini (twins). Gemini represents our adaptive conscious (verbal) intelligence of our within and without[10].

 Zayin ז embodies our being in duality. Whilst we are creatures of density, we have an inside and out nor we can be in two places at once seeing both sides.(At least until now). With Mercury’s intelligence honed in our ‘Creators’ languages- initially of our parents then schools, we use our will to get what we want / don’t want and needs met.

I was always a bit confused about Gemini’s Twins. But, with twins – though they look similar, even identical ones, they aren’t really the same people. Plus with Gemini’s sigil similar to this: ” II “. Two lines, non intersecting- like parallel play which is what non-union looks like. But Gemini’s sigil has a top and bottom.

So each line shares foundation and each line holds up half the sky.

Each child has their own heart, mind – and needs. One came out first- even if a bit conjoined. Their appetites and toileting are different. They must take turns when they speak. Whoever speaks first – leads in that instance. Practice makes perfect.

Who is able to get to mama first(!) is subconscious – Already they live in different milieus by how mom and dad, as well as the rest of the family, try to individuate them!

 But identical twins can, if so inclined, ‘share’ minds and emotions in non-ordinary reality-not subject to time or space. Ask any Pisces[11] identical twins, they’ll know what I mean.


Using our will with our ‘we-a-pon’ Zayin, we ask for, take, or accept- in order to receive something. Even when a thing is freely offered, we must use our ‘will’ to say, “yes, please” or “no, thank you”.  Then our words were the tool.

When it is not our will to do a thing, such as when an overlord forces, coerces or cajoles, we might misbehave from not being in alignment[12]. When we are denied the use of our tools, either from ignorance or repression, we internalize or project. This is a healthy (adaptive) response to things unhealthy for us.

When we deploy our Zayin ז, we’re acting as judge and jury. We have decided on a thing we must or wish to change- based on Yesod’s treasure house of images (our DNA’s memories both inherited and epigenetic) and filtered by our Tipheret heart.

Rather than trusting our needs are already met and waiting for surprises, or living the way we see ourselves in our dreams –as predicted by the Law of Attraction, we seek something outside of us to do it for us. We might use a drug or similar to make us feel different.


Even the most passive of us–like me, who’d rather absorb like a sponge, then go home and squeeze my self out – emotionally releasing in personal obscurity) have to learn to use Zayin gently and effectively. But my passivity was learned.

My ‘blade’ is sharp and somehow unerring. It’s hilt has fancy gold inlay – a reflection of my excellent ‘training’ -firsthand experiences from witnessing my family’s, schools’, and universities’ interactions In my family (as well with random strangers), I often (subconsciously) ‘know’ exactly  ‘what to say’, where to touch another to press their special weak or tender buttons- so they disembowel and spill their guts all over me.

Being naturally compassionate, I heard a lot of sad stories.

Necessarily, I’ve learned to ‘overlook’ stuff (or until now to numb) so as not to stir them up too much and reduce these probabilities.

.As this is an active repression, you can imagine it’s fatiguing- and subject to failure. It takes a lot of intense support meanwhile to stay in the game (pot helps too – I must admit this).

Retired, I’m enjoying being a hermit.

As my scimitar is also quite heavy and takes two hands to lift and wield properly, I must use both heart and intellect. (The right side of body is said to be of our intellect; the left our heart).

With my back being ‘weak’, it doesn’t take too much to put me out of joint- even if it takes a day or two later.

More recently, I’ve gotten to learn to say “no” to a few things – again using Zayin ז -to sculpt rather let the world flow around me -whereas I used to be permissive. (

Being permissive is one of astrology’s “key words” for Pisces. I got to learn to say “no” to dishes with egg in them (they make me physically ill) – when I before prided myself in being able to say, “yes” to everything.

Accepting that G-d gives us (perfectly) our needs in all things, it’s OK to be humble. Hear the slight or ‘put down’, but understand, while it’s meant for you (and yes, you can learn from it), it’s more meant for the person uttering it. Give mercy.


Just last week, my ex- visited me to help with a chore I can’t do al(l)-one safely. Entering the living room, he immediately noted a towering stack of journals piled precariously. He twice asked if he could take them outside to the trash! (I said “no thank you.”

 While that was generous of him to offer his time and potential backache to better my environment (not his)- He’s noticing my sh*t, not paying attention to what he came to do.

In our marriage was a typical way he might give me attention- as in is his form of love language (!).

He told me he planned to break up with his girlfriend – the one who nursed him through is accident and injury and drove him hundreds of miles for PT. The “reasons” are projections of his own chronic behaviors (lol). I sure hope he’s kind about it.

But like me, he’s afraid to get close to people; he uses his Zayin to maintain distances. Lacking intimacy kept us safe together- we are both so independent.


My dreams of my family and peers, my expectations for their future, are my projections. They are based on what I consider “happiness” to look like through my lens crafted by ancestry and conditioning.

As individuals, my sons each have their own path towards their own sense of happiness – which hopefully includes me too! What better wish is there?

When I project onto them, it’s as if I am their energy –or as if I own it.

Lol, I don’t “own” my own sometimes – just yesterday I was blaming my body’s discomfort on the weather’s low pressure- instead of accepting its how my wave form needs to be to best serve me; I got to have another quiet day instead of run around with errands. And I got to work on this essay!

I get to practice humility by not having a quip or have a snappy comeback and not “fixing” others. Let comments lie.

(But not let go necessarily- limit your exposure to those who are consistently demeaning; they are a waste of your time (which it takes for their bruise to go away!)


Often I process particularly traumatic events, such as my son’s friend dying, by shedding what no longer serves. I used to get angry and rail about it. Now I write and do.

Low hanging fruit for me are releasing “friends” on Facebook who aren’t really- you know, the ones who always have a GoFundMe, but never like or comment on any posts.

Sometimes I de-clutter –as in throw away a whole stack of journals, but life is so gifted and animistic, it can be hard to let things go. Nonetheless, these activities make me feel immediately better- give a little serotonin pick-me-up. Weeding is always wonderful, especially if it leads to tending.

These are examples of using my Zayin.

As a rule, I don’t force changes but engage with others to communicate wishes and reach consensus (including with my plants).

Otherwise I’m in a labyrinth more like Mobius strip of endless chores – rarely shifted by punctuating diversions or singularities. You could say my chariot’s a bit skewed these days- towards obedience.

At this point in my maturity, is rare to be e-duced from my villa of self- or become exposed to e-vil. But then, the universe gives me what I need and Dr.AMA (drama) comes running.

Clearly I ‘m using this time and space to reequilibrate after my heart burst open like the Grinch’s from a few well-placed words another uttered when my spirit was collapsed and under duress.

That L.D. man (if he wasn’t a dream) gave me a taste of my own medicine! And yes, I feel much better.


When obedient to one’s lot, we are the dog looking up waiting for his inevitable blessing to soon be released from the table. There is nothing wrong with that. Dogs get to play the rest of the time.

While they (rabbis) say once we are born (from Binah’s yoni) we are destined to die which is why they regard Binah as sadness and some even consider “e-vil”, as well it’s ruler Saturn, our lineage persists.

Like a thing birthed, once words are emanated, they can’t be taken back. At the moment of intonation – they take on life that can perpetuate (until and even if amends are made).  But then, trust your words are for your highest good.


If you wish for (wishes are of 11th house) a change in your life (Uranus to wake up), you must use your tools (another Gemini concept).  

Zayin ז crafts your way.

How to do this – there are lots of ways. One might be to ‘inventory’ a day – carry a little 3×5 – one side “+” the other side “-“. Each time you feel lifted or lowered annotate it appropriately. (This is from Natalie Ledwell’s MindMovies course I took on improving self-esteem which I found quite helpful.)

At the end of the day, week, month, look back and see how you could have more “+” and fewer “-“. Over time there will be patterns. Take especial note of days when you feel less ease (as in dis-ease). When that happens, something is deeply triggering your subconscious.  Find out what that is – and stop it.

If there are lots of “+”s, then you know you’re on the right track. According to Carolyn Myss, you won’t be depleting your (energy) bank.

On the other hand, if filled with “-“s, consider this a sign (literally), it’s time to reframe stuff. [13] While you might not get to ‘stop’ doing a thing, there’s a facet you still need.

For that you might observe a friend, or someone who’s cheerfully doing the thing you’re disliking to find out their secret- or ask a counselor or clergy.  

There are no accidents or mistakes; we are here to learn from everything. But, some ways are easier than others to get the same result.

Don’t forget, there are better ways for you and your loved ones to live and thrive, even if we must separate first to find our own integrity.


You know “Juneteenth” as a word has a bit of weapon in it. I know it’s about hu(e)-man’s freedom- for people non-Aryan.

Juneteenth is the perfect word, I see that now.

Not good or bad, but it’s an interesting one

And necessary.

Until now, whenever I heard Juneteenth my attention spiked and hackles went up. Now I know why.

Starting with “Ju” is being Jew-ish, so there’s striving and faith and loyalties. There’s also “ju-ju” – spirits.

The next sound is “teen”, and wow, they’re a handful- like trying to nail “Jello” to a wall.

Then together you got “teenth”, so there’s teeth with grabbed entity Nun נ.

There’s “nth” – so a sense of ultimate = perseverance.

When you say “teenth” your mouth is between grimace and smile. So smile- you’re almost there.

And with “teenth”, there’s a long sense of ten – so it’s Kabbalah too. (I can ‘see’ councils.)

so Juneteenth feels like the perseverant striving to manifest one’s rather inchoate s’elf or se’lf (self leaf). Of course you must use your we-a-pon of genius.

Once you open and floss- remove that which is stuck, you feel so much better.

So enjoy that freedom feeling of release after the we-a-pon hits its mark and the opponent falls. The results are mutual.

Speak to each other often and words won’t be so loaded.

As we release what no longer serves, why not serve drinks with bubbles! Release doves and (biodegradable) balloons!

Archery tournaments might be awesome. As well Badminton, Croquet, or similar like Bocce. Old folks can do- so sustainable. Then celebrate with family and friends. Go ahead have your belly laughs. Let that sh*t go! Enjoy then having your we-ap(p)-on!

The sense of freedom is an inside job- from manifesting exotic hormones. Freedom is sensation when your will is used- and your creativity flourishes.

So too, honor yourself for attaining freedoms you have.

If feeling challenged, look back from whence you came.

Maybe observe a moment for your ancestors who hoped and sacrificed to bring you this time. Light for them a candle.

Compare your choices and possibilities compared to those in the “third worlds”. Hurray for Juneteenth, there’s much to celebrate!

Our growth and healing shifts timelines for everyone in our collective for perpetuity. We live on through the others we touch.

Most of all, may we have freedom to be our sweet selves –

which is the greatest gift of all.


And Happy Juneteenth!

I’m adding it to my list of essentials for me to observe every year- whenever possible, along with Shavuot, Diwali, Christmas, and Valentine’s day.


[1] Watching animals constantly acting and reacting on their environments, they move without consideration for ~ others, but follow gradients (sounds and smells) towards their goal of prey or away from predators. Plants (tend to) stay in one place and receive what they need; they get acted upon. They release esters to get more of what they want and don’t want. Both use “language” (sounds, pheromones) to communicate danger or desirability- their wants/ not wants to individual collectives. Plants release in their own secret “language”  such as a rose sends out danger pheromones  from insect invaders which are ‘heard’ by other roses, but probably not carnations) whereas when animals sound alarm, everyone hears it, even man.

[2] On the Kabbalist’s tree of life, each path uniquely resonate between Sephiroths in the four worlds of (Aziluth) idea, (Briah) thought, (Yetzirah) plan, and tangible (Assiah). The latter is the densest- which is how we can “feel” it. Depending on any given individual, though all are present some paths are more or less developed –like dirt walkways versus super highways.

[3] Binah is the Supernal’s crystallized, but un-manifest possibility. Binah is a city of (all different shape and size) pyramids (fiery shapes) without earthly foundation. Binah’s pyramids are untested by gravity. Binah’s emanation into the world of self/not self (which implies too that Heh’s  window is opened to create the opportunity, reflects a shape of our prayers’ answer, but not their reality.

[4] Beliefs I think of as bee- leafs- what we believe we need to do to be useful and busy- and feel loved.

[5] Each of us has our elephant side. No one is predictable given an individual set of circumstances. While the gap is more apparent when folks don’t look, act, or sound like us, especially when being rude or threatening, we just don’t know what’s going on – unless we ask and are willing to listen to answers.

[6] The health of a body is the direct manifestation of our spiritual health- feeding, grooming, and similar chores need to be done every day. There is no Sabbath for one’s heartbeat, why wouldn’t you continue to take care of it?

Even cleaning up afterwards leads to a sense of completion and rejuvenation. Finishing up releases serotonin and oxytocin – so too, a tiny sense of “flow” and is spiritually reinvigorating. Many hands make light work. Get everyone involved (especially the men who otherwise feel a bit useless when they’re home – even if they say they just want to “hang out”- this is learned behavior from hearing or being criticized.)

Outsourcing essential chores on the Sabbath to someone or something else- the word ab-omination keeps popping up in my head. (First you judged another’s Sabbath as less important than your own, than you haven’t treated them as equals. You’re outsourcing your sh*t so living in projection.) keep meals light and simple.

[7] In astrology every day is assigned to one of the seven (original) planets, which starts the day off at sunrise. The hours are then divided so each planet gets a portion of the day. The same goes for nighttime hours. So whether you take Sabbath on Friday (Venus’s day) Saturday (Saturn’s day) or Sunday (the sun’s day), you also get a chance to focus your worship on non-Sabbath days.

[8] Mem מ is also a double letter – it contracts at the end of a word – ם; sounds emit from finite displacements. When struck or bowed, a sound oscillates back towards it’s equilibrium until it dampens and stills.

[9] Feelings are consciousness of our e-motions- glandular hormonal outpourings. Glands can be all different sizes – some of us are wired by our inculcation by family and peers to have larger or smaller ones.

What we notice in our environment needs our receptor body to witness. How we respond, is our ego talking. Always wishing to support us in any way possible, the body makes ready- so over time, this leads to enlargement of said ‘glands’, and strengthens autonomic nervous system wiring (metabolic demands require blood supply too). So even if we stifle emotions and feelings, and keep on our party game face, we are still having e-motions, means they’re useful and necessary.  With continued use and triggering, glands don’t lessen or become vestige.

When we are in at-one-ment –in one mind with our surrounding, accepting but not wishing to change or control, other than take care of our stuff and do our chores for the common collective, as we learn to witness without attachment. Without worrying for a future or outcomes, our feelings of worry and emotions lessen. We are more contented. As we more easily regain our sense of clarity (absence of e-motions and hormones) we more consciously make decisions. Our next steps are sure(r). (It’s like our “wick” never gets too cold – and can be easily relit. See my Candle flame essay if you want more_____.)

[10] In astrology, Mercury ‘rules’ or ‘governs’ the sign of Gemini, and the third house astrologically. Communication, short trips, early (home-based) education, newspapers versatility and talents are predicted here- depending on how Mercury is aspected to other planets can suggest strengths. Mercury as an entity is shapeshifting and loaded with antennae – so our ambient sensitivities.

Where Gemini falls in your chart, could be thought of where and how your being is loaded with antennae.

This extra sensitivity is heightened with our e-motions. With very little encouragement we can easily tap in to natural gifts (genius is elicited wherever whichever part of the chart Uranus sits).

In the natal chart – reflecting birth time and place, whatever sign falls on your third house cusp, predicts how you communicate in your immediate relationships- family, relatives and peers. Throughout life, our communications adapt to circumstances. By their nature, they are flexible– as in we often speak with different tones depending on whom we’re addressing. By their nature they expand our worlds and give us fractals of power so we can latter create forms. (This is true of all the cadent, mutable houses –naturally ruled by Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces)

For example, being a Scorpio rising, my third house cusp has Capricorn on it– so, this cusp is ruled by Saturn, I can be formal, masterful, and stiff when I communicate and, honoring the constraints of being in the third house, each conversation is tailored and adaptive. While I like scripts and organized S.O.A.P notes- such as I was when I sat with patients and each client or patient receives what they need or want.- I prefer to offer options  and receive answers to open-ended questions.

To predict what I do talk about –what “triggers” my Saturn, where is the cusp ruler?. In my case, Saturn is in my second house of wealth and values. So I like to talk about values and abundance. (Usually the cusp sign’s ruler is located in another part of the chart. Planets get triggered by transits and progressions.)

We also all have Gemini somewhere in our charts. For example, I have Gemini, my Zayin ז of self on my eighth house cusp. Recall the 8th house rules our close partners’ values (as 8th is the second house from the seventh), as well as our waveform’s energy- how it burns and illuminates our significant others – and what it leaves behind when we pass.  Therefore the eight house represents our legacy, death and taxes. (I like to think of taxes as fees paid to the greater collective’s infrastructure –which in turn helps me implement /use my abundance. For that reason, I’m glad to support natural resources, schools, libraries, national transit, and the National Guard. )

While I’m naturally intelligent about these ‘topics’, with Gemini’s ruler Mercury in 4th house, naturally ruled by the moon and Cancer, my ideas about residual energy are triggered by home, family, and emotional issues, which can wax and wane- yet which I ‘share’ with my significant other(s)- close partners.

[11] Pisces, another “mutable” (flexible and adaptive) sign, is most likely to be empathic and abstractly compassionate (sun signs are of the heart).

[12] Being in alignment requires a heart to be in agreement. If you’re doing things out of alignment – your soma will find a way to get you out of it. Usually by getting s’ick or losing one’s temper. These are signs your not in the right inclusivity bubble. Use that as information.  There is no need to judge the other one this wastes your precious time as you “pay” attention to them further. Let them meet their own makers!

[13] As there are actually no “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad” but instead things that lift or lower our energy and ability to be present (and responding) according to our highest and greatest good for all people, including you and me down to our tiptoes, actions we do are energetic manifestations of our waveforms potential.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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