Some souls come and make a huge splash,

others barely a ripple. some seem to skip and surf across difficult channels, yet land safely. * Your results are what the outside world sees, a deeper self perhaps not. you might never know their story of how life informed their necessities. * What made them choose, to use those props on their stages ringed…… Continue reading Some souls come and make a huge splash,

Our Jungian Archetypes (I’m not sure if this is posting correctly!)

I am so appreciative of the work of Carl Jung (may he RIP). I wish everybody knew about it. He is a man who really came to understand synchronicities and archetypes. He explored them for a while from the point of near-madness, and produced for us his “Red Book” and the field of analytical psychiatry…… Continue reading Our Jungian Archetypes (I’m not sure if this is posting correctly!)

Pondering on being Jew-ish

Did you know that ~ 50% of world’s peoples read from right to left? There are at least 16 languages still spoken.  Most of these languages are semitic (meaning of the Semite’s- the word semitic was created by the Germans, so I wouldn’t deign to capitalize it; I don’t want to give it more power,…… Continue reading Pondering on being Jew-ish

Becoming Author of Your Life

Many ‘magicians’ I know, meaning those who want to author[1], rather than footnote their life, often do the “the Middle Pillar Exercise[2]” to strengthen their resolve. This helps reaffirm our connections with Spirit and Earth.  When you want to be a pillar in your ‘society’[3], then this is helpful to keep on the straight and…… Continue reading Becoming Author of Your Life

Tea to soften

The intensity of the forbidden is building in my life, some days it feels like a tsunami of pressure – at least there was one in my dreams. So I offer the following, as a way to calm (my) ideas. My Introduction to a Tea Ceremony (of sorts). Once, I got some Tea Forte in…… Continue reading Tea to soften

Snow as metaphor

~original draft Snow   I love snow. It hasn’t failed to lift my heart but once… after an ice storm in May, when it should have been spring! Thank goodness it’s here on the Valentines’ day[1]   Covering everything in a blanket of white is always a marvel. Even a dusting is magical to me.…… Continue reading Snow as metaphor

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