Qoph ק, Shin ש and Teth ט

Spelled multiple ways – Kuf, Qof, too, is  our  quality of Yeztiratic boson energy self – our Nape –where “He” whispers to us. Qoph ק has planted Vau ו with a descending winding structure wrapping ever nearer. Qoph ק sits at the bottom of Kabbalah’s tree– on the pillar of Force. Of spirit, but self…… Continue reading Qoph ק, Shin ש and Teth ט

Snow as metaphor

Snow- my birthday gift (I was born on the snow-moon- almost full moon. ( first draft). [So here I sit swaddled, hot cocoa in hand after my fun foray to clear frontage; writing about it now on my birthday stationary.] I love snow. It hasn’t failed to lift my heart but once… after an ice…… Continue reading Snow as metaphor

What is being deserving and entitled?

To be deserving and entitled are two words used quite a lot not always in a healthy or productive way. Let’s start with “entitle”. This is spoken “n-title”, as spelled[1] to our hive mind senses, as nun- from infinite oneness–title : Tau-Yod-Tau (ת׳ת).  One’s personal Kabbalah (ת) inspired (׳) and in alignment with our earthed…… Continue reading What is being deserving and entitled?

Christmas in nature

When feeling stuck in nature’s bleak landscapes, Snow’s sparkle easy to miss, Gloom overhead casts few shadows Land appears ghost-like as Fore blends with Aft. * When Grace happens, A twinkle catches your eye, You notice a tiny red berry bits of color- like highlights against the grays. * Body natural rather’d get away and…… Continue reading Christmas in nature

Christmas Update 2021

Insomniac now for many months, I guess it’s time once again to ‘speak’ up, if you will, Hanukkah past and Christmas around the corner. All told, I’ve felt pretty disassociated- weeks turn into months with little form in my calendar. Would I even pass a (mental) status test? At this point I’m not so sure.…… Continue reading Christmas Update 2021

“E-vil” is live spelled backwards

As in sum of our lives- Marked by gold spiral Is Measured against G-d’s Holy Light which way floats your merkaba? * How many crystals and entity goblins are ‘twixt you and His Sight of brilliance? * What is left over will, like the Terminator coalesce and again incarnate. Sorry; there’s no escaping it. That’s…… Continue reading “E-vil” is live spelled backwards

Revisiting the Snake G-ddess

One thing I learned when I went to visit the Snake G-ddess was about focus of mission.  From the very beginning, I had to submit to lying down on at her writhing snake entrance,[1] they were there en masse, in a version of coherence- as they individually made up her body….Really we all did, as…… Continue reading Revisiting the Snake G-ddess


Hi there Ayin, ע, would like to tell you more of his story, since after all, he IS very important[1]. I was a little hard on Him last time. Ayin, ע, is made from Nun נ and Vau ו; becoming embodied in Hod’s Sephiroth intelligence of names and senses.  Like a spring of water- infinite from my incarnate life’s perspective,…… Continue reading Ayin

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