To Bake a Cake – or not.

To bake a cake or not,

As in be allowed to choose whom to share one’s heart’s vocation and pleasure,

Is a question I’m asking for a friend.

When a purveyor feels resistance to a customer’s proposal –

Ostensibly from heart-based emotions, but could be “lower”,

Do you think s/he will celebrate while s/he creates your cake

 or you’ll get his/her best efforts and famed artistry?


Didn’t you watch “Like Water for Chocolate”?

Food prepared unwillingly, or with chittering[1],

results in indigestion.

This is a truth, ask any lama.


Imagine if you just let it go when s/he says “no”.

Instead say, “It’s okay” and, “I accept you might not to do your best.”

Back off then, and leave it at that.

When they say, “no”, check your map or Google; find another one.


The nicer you are – despite feeling neurotic, insecure, constipated, and emotional-AKA “nice”,

Or n’ice – with emotions forming entity (n) words – cool on ice,

You’ll break her (belief) molds that include ideas starting with “all (blankety-blanks) are this”. For the first time, you won’t be.


Whether or not it’s his/her “right” to say “no”- as judged by any so-called Supreme Court, if s/he feels how s/he feels, regardless of reason,

There’s another baker who’d be delighted to make your fancied wedding cake and lend you their artistry- as well as service.


So what(!), s/he’s not ready in this soul body, to experience what you’re about.

S/he can’t get you, yet.

Think of s/he as versions of ~infant. So be a little extra patient and kind.

(And too, welcome to my world.)


You’re going to have your blessed wedding day

with or without him/her.

S/he’s missing out-

S/he won’t gain from your unity energy an un-measured benefit of being part or witness of any wedding and christening.

While your request might be his/her first, trust me, before your “case” arrived, s/he had plenty of discussions about “what ifs”. Since then, s/he’s been waiting to unload.

They used to call this a “reaction formation”- when ideas build into thoughts from unprocessed (undigested) e-motions. As our imagination offers plans for contingencies, then we are waiting to be triggered into action.  This is an example of Kabbalah’s four worlds  of idea, thought, plan, action creating manifestation.


You might think of the interaction as a ‘pearl’ sown before swine.

While we hu(e)mans might judge an effort to be wasted or futile- as a pearl to be trampled- and so might avoid doling, not bothering with or avoiding attempts at engagement, the universe knows better.

Usually you get three similar ‘lessons’ – each one a little more important for the ‘flushing out’ of one’s soul.  Have no doubt s/he will have others! (Inshallah)

S/he’ll have other opportunities to understand gender “preferences”

As versions of biologic wiring as equally and fully hu(e)-man as any other.

Recall, a soul can only grow (add frequencies to gain unity) whilst incarnate. 

To grow, we must tangibly interact with our senses[2].

This includes ‘hearing’ words as they create mechano-sensory ripples throughout speaker and recipient body’s corpus, digesting them, then co-creating towards a future.

In finding mutually satisfying resolution, both parties gain their wants. In this case one party gains a lovely cake, the other both financial reward and portfolio addition.

May it be so too, s/he who says “no”, questions his/her “Christian” heart –

to do unto others as s/he’d have done were s/he to find him/herself in a similar situation!.

While s/he’s not living in your skin in this lifetime- maybe s/he’ll be wearing your shoes in the next one.

G-d’s gems, in the form of lessons and blessings, amplify from unions – no matter with whom. With unity comes strength and power.

Unity strengthens our inner self – freeing us to further result in “good works” we are proud of and reflect our amazing individual lineage.

United we stand; Gaia[3] loves unity! May it be so one day we celebrate a World Unity Day.


[For your reception, you might even make cupcakes.

Arrange them with fig leaves and slather them with whip cream.

Top with two cherries or plastic figurines.

Have your own fun with it.

(Putting plastic people on top of a cake has got to be the strangest thing I’ve ever seen- as you eat the cake, you erode at their foundation. Which is apropos for how friends seem sometimes, undermining. By doing anything they can do so you don’t change or grow from them.)]

[1] “Chittering” are high-pitched dissonant sounds that create tension in a body. As they are inharmonious, they stimulate us discordantly. Like playing piece full of tri-tones, this is the opposite of mellifluous- pleasingly coherent. Chittering wears and erodes a spirit.

[2] Our senses are the embodiment of will (brain’s energy) and l’ove (desire to co-create), joined by mesoderm.

[3] Gaia is the Universe’s avatar – as are each one of us avatars of Galactic beings. She too seeks unity consciousness.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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