“Because I can”

“Because I can[1]…” There are many things I can’t fathom, nor would want to. The cruelty that people inflict on each other… for some momentary victory, that might leave a bunch of fallout, seems astounding. It’s like watching pigs rutting out in their pen, after eating their young.  Why would someone purposely harm a child…… Continue reading “Because I can”

Fate versus Free Will

We all know that man has “free will”.  Uniquely, he has ability to choose, plan, and decide. While apes have made significant “progress”, as have crows, rats  and every creature in between– and will continue to do so, our human capacity for executive thinking, is the distinct purview of man. At least until now. We all,…… Continue reading Fate versus Free Will

My Thanksgiving story

I started with the expectation of Thanksgiving set by my Aunt Judy (bless her heart). Thanksgiving, even with its historical controversy was, besides Easter, my favorite holiday! Every year there were around thirteen growing to twenty of us a mostly congenial group. With a beautiful formal table with china, crystal, and silver, we’d have like…… Continue reading My Thanksgiving story

What is Ayurveda ? (Ayurveda 2)

Ayurveda focuses on digestion, Foods, yes, but also thought, feelings and emotions. The end result creates essence in our body and supports ojas, or sweetness in our being. Ojas is the experience of happiness, bliss, and contentment.

Carpe Diem. (Seize the day)

Whether one or the other wins, at this point, there will be difficult futures for many, many, many people including the previously disenfranchised. Compared to what the Gulf Wars did to ordinary folks with businesses and practices- all lost when they were abusively deployed boots-on the ground. which took them years to recover, but many…… Continue reading Carpe Diem. (Seize the day)

Atonement, for Yom Kippur

Atonement At-one-ment Being at one in the moment –  All spelled. Ultimately in coherence with the sum of your actions. I give to G-d that I may not be forgotten by Him. The 7-directional meditation I do when times are tough,  can be done in any position, Maybe strongest in full Tadasana  Hands placed firmly…… Continue reading Atonement, for Yom Kippur

Pompous (L.D. #5.5)

Pompous[1] Never, in my wildest dreams of being a doctor- client -patient, would I ever, ever, ever utter such words, even if mixed in phrases as,  “beautiful” “kiss” “love” (Ok, I channeled, “warrior for love” once…) “Intense and passionate” “You can do whatever you want…” (with dreamy goo-goo eyes) Even if I was in deep trance…… Continue reading Pompous (L.D. #5.5)


Bubbles create power by its intention. With each bubble you are part of, you get the opportunity to engage with more like-bubbles, or to choose not. For this reason, one must ask, for what purpose do circles serve? Does it create power with, or power over? Are all parties given agency? Is it balanced both the masculine and feminine; yin and yang? Engaging with ones’ agency- or the feeling that in the “our” of being in a bubble, will get you more of “whatever you want!”, is powerful and feeds creativity.

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