Auric microbiome

So I’m going to put this essay out there, not peer reviewed or published but -based on science, expanded with mysticism. Although now that the CDDC finally has the evidence to say the virus is contagious in the air, here’s a link : We need to do what we can to “flatten the curve” as…… Continue reading Auric microbiome

Love daemon (L.D. #2)

So, in one of my moments being obsessed with this love daemon as described in, I decided to astral project to witness him. And did. He was angry, flustered and slammed the door. Finally some relief! He is otherwise busy and ‘doesn’t want you’. (It has always been my habit to easily detach, no…… Continue reading Love daemon (L.D. #2)

Combating winter sluggishness (Ayurveda 1)

It’s the thick of winter. Branches are bare and harshly shining in the strong rare sun. Locally you can’t find any fresh local fruit and most vegetables were harvested a couple of months ago. Seems everything is congealing, contracting, and trying to get more sleep. Your body too, responds to weather, light, and diet -especially…… Continue reading Combating winter sluggishness (Ayurveda 1)