Snow as metaphor

Snow- my birthday gift (I was born on the snow-moon- almost full moon. ( first draft). [So here I sit swaddled, hot cocoa in hand after my fun foray to clear frontage; writing about it now on my birthday stationary.] I love snow. It hasn’t failed to lift my heart but once… after an ice…… Continue reading Snow as metaphor

Recall Baba Yaga

In Russian myths and folk tales, one of my favorites is the story of Baba Yaga. I only recently re-discovered her about 5 years ago. * I first was introduced to her in a book my mother gave me, “A Harvest of Russian Children’s Literature”- a collection of stories from Russia and the surrounding regions…… Continue reading Recall Baba Yaga

What is being deserving and entitled?

To be deserving and entitled are two words used quite a lot not always in a healthy or productive way. Let’s start with “entitle”. This is spoken “n-title”, as spelled[1] to our hive mind senses, as nun- from infinite oneness–title : Tau-Yod-Tau (ת׳ת).  One’s personal Kabbalah (ת) inspired (׳) and in alignment with our earthed…… Continue reading What is being deserving and entitled?

Here’s an idea- AEIOU ‘medicine’            

* In your name, there are likely to be one or two vowels missing. Each vowel being a certain tone, carries frequency.  When you say it aloud. Creating a rainbow[1] in this case, with the  A, E, I, O, U. You can add color associations of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue –  or whatever…… Continue reading Here’s an idea- AEIOU ‘medicine’            

Christmas in nature

When feeling stuck in nature’s bleak landscapes, Snow’s sparkle easy to miss, Gloom overhead casts few shadows Land appears ghost-like as Fore blends with Aft. * When Grace happens, A twinkle catches your eye, You notice a tiny red berry bits of color- like highlights against the grays. * Body natural rather’d get away and…… Continue reading Christmas in nature

Yod and His friends Vau, Dalet, and Zain

IAM (a little Kabbalah) For me, first is Yod,‘who’ is heartily defining.A twinkling starOf the Invisible’s signs. Yod starts out as solitary dot-reaching to us faintlyWhile deep in our dream state.Blinking as always. He leads Tetragrammaton,that is His calling.Yod’s dot you see,is face without yet body. His head, neck and shoulders though,gather with continued summoning.He…… Continue reading Yod and His friends Vau, Dalet, and Zain

Meet my two friends, Tzadi and Ayin

Meet my two friends, Tzadi and Ayin They look quite similar, but are in fact different by the ways they experience life in the house of images. As expected, the results are not the same, not bad necessarily, just different. * At first glance, they seem similar and it might seem there is equality in…… Continue reading Meet my two friends, Tzadi and Ayin

Love is

Perhaps this is a law of manifestation from the energetic being of spirit- In order to become denser, our spirit spirals right and left as we are cleaved into dyad. Splitting our flame into separateness, when previously there was one. In answering love’s call to creation. We must be ‘man’ and ‘woman’.  you can’t create…… Continue reading Love is

Just for Fun

There are 2 things when a word or syllable is uttered.  There is what you say, And what I hear. In either case, entity is created. Vibrations move air molecules; dark matter’s engaged. Words uttered out loud fall on two sets of ears – mine to whom directed, but also and always yours too! There are at least…… Continue reading Just for Fun

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