A Quick Follow up (F/U- in Dr. speak) [1]

Working on another flower essay; trying to bring it from garble. Here I’m presenting a brief follow up. Though I am toying with sharing an altogether different L.D. story; already written…but do I dare publish it? Meanwhile, chores are demanding as my housekeeper quit.[2] Our rupture was precipitated by both the new kitchen, and yes,…… Continue reading A Quick Follow up (F/U- in Dr. speak) [1]

A blurb about having vertigo

vantage through the cactus

Vertigo is really humbling. I had it a few years ago. The first time was coming from a plunge in cold water -into a hot room at my favorite Korean bath spa. The room spun so rapidly I thought I would fall. Fortunately then, it lasted a few seconds. The summer before I got divorced,…… Continue reading A blurb about having vertigo

Every picture tells a story

Consider, While every picture tells a story of a thousand words, Every part of your picture Has one of its own. So when you’re looking a picture As e-vidence of proximity in any given situation, How they got there on the page, might be quite interesting. At least if you like listening to people and…… Continue reading Every picture tells a story

Gimel גמל

Gimel, kabbalistically is our priestess of self who bears heart’s call to G-d above. And bears His blessings back to us. With our cries froom Tipheret, She guides His breath from Keter. It is to spirit of Gimel, ג, light being and moon G-ddess (of self), heart’s consciousness bears our flames of nonverbal agony (a-gon-y…… Continue reading Gimel גמל

Welcome spirit (AEIOU#2)

Imagine you as entity, whole in the womb. Embryo enjoined into vessel of being but yet unawakened, without breath, sparkless. [1] Also not yet named in one’s inner ear clearly, Nor until now did a parent look you in the eye when saying your combination of vowels and consonants. Growing in and with your mother’s…… Continue reading Welcome spirit (AEIOU#2)

Lamed  ל

The path of Lamed ל is our experience of day-to-day decisions we make to stay in our commitments towards those we love; our corpus of family. Could be pronounced La’ med, l’ame d, or lamed- the latter like caused an ouch. With Lamed’s ל path, as our truths unfold, we may feel a bit lamed,…… Continue reading Lamed  ל

Qoph ק, Shin ש and Teth ט

Spelled multiple ways – Kuf, Qof, too, is  our  quality of Yeztiratic boson energy self – our Nape –where “He” whispers to us. Qoph ק has planted Vau ו with a descending winding structure wrapping ever nearer. Qoph ק sits at the bottom of Kabbalah’s tree– on the pillar of Force. Of spirit, but self…… Continue reading Qoph ק, Shin ש and Teth ט


Air Air is mysterious because we cannot see or touch it – yet it is there. Birds can fly. Clouds sit in the sky. Stars and planets drift above us at night. * Air always changes, at least if you look up, you may see, the clouds are never the same. Each time the sky…… Continue reading Air

Snow as metaphor

Snow- my birthday gift (I was born on the snow-moon- almost full moon. ( first draft). [So here I sit swaddled, hot cocoa in hand after my fun foray to clear frontage; writing about it now on my birthday stationary.] I love snow. It hasn’t failed to lift my heart but once… after an ice…… Continue reading Snow as metaphor

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