A blurb about having vertigo

vantage through the cactus

Vertigo is really humbling. I had it a few years ago. The first time was coming from a plunge in cold water -into a hot room at my favorite Korean bath spa. The room spun so rapidly I thought I would fall. Fortunately then, it lasted a few seconds. The summer before I got divorced,…… Continue reading A blurb about having vertigo

L.D. #12 A complaint statement (first draft)

Here’s a letter for our local court system (hey, why not at this point?! This is A-mer-ica, land of no mothers and instead an expensive legal system). I am willing to receive constructive feedback from my readers. Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to register a complaint of verbal assault against Mr. (insert my Love Daemon’s…… Continue reading L.D. #12 A complaint statement (first draft)

“Scouting report”. (L.D. #10)

This is basically a “scouting report” about my ongoing possession by my Love Daemon-Angel. Maybe I should call him a de-mangler. Either way for now, it’s L.D-A. , for short. I left another note on his car. * This one was a card with an elephant holding an umbrella whilst a tiny mouse danced on…… Continue reading “Scouting report”. (L.D. #10)

A tribute to a beloved teacher-and witnessing a healing


I was saddened to hear my beloved teacher passed away. She was way too young, by my reckoning; in her mid-40s, or so, making her passing that much more difficult to process. What caused her demise I don’t know[1]… I can only pray her spirit is returned back to the light from which it came.…… Continue reading A tribute to a beloved teacher-and witnessing a healing

Reminiscences on my father’s life

Argh It’s February 13th, and the world’s abuzz with hype about Valentine’s Day and America’s Super Bowl. I went to Met market, to ready for my son’s upcoming visit. Red and white paraphernalia met my eyes everywhere (wow- such a lot of artful decorating), Cards and snacks decorated with heart-shapes- Sweet’s and specials covered the…… Continue reading Reminiscences on my father’s life

Christmas in nature

When feeling stuck in nature’s bleak landscapes, Snow’s sparkle easy to miss, Gloom overhead casts few shadows Land appears ghost-like as Fore blends with Aft. * When Grace happens, A twinkle catches your eye, You notice a tiny red berry bits of color- like highlights against the grays. * Body natural rather’d get away and…… Continue reading Christmas in nature

A name not my own

Someone called me a name the other day. I had to say “La, La, La” to my self, “that’s not true, I’m me”. “Not some title they gave me”, -because I seemed to them like another someone. It used to be that when that happened, I didn’t know how to lessen it from myself. Words…… Continue reading A name not my own

My Vipassana story

The first time I went on a silent meditation retreat I came away more refreshed than I had ever felt- hands down. My head felt so cleansed of fears and what-ifs, It was as if my brain had been washed. Ah, so this is what “brain-washing” is really supposed to mean! For almost 12 days,…… Continue reading My Vipassana story

Christmas Update 2021

Insomniac now for many months, I guess it’s time once again to ‘speak’ up, if you will, Hanukkah past and Christmas around the corner. All told, I’ve felt pretty disassociated- weeks turn into months with little form in my calendar. Would I even pass a (mental) status test? At this point I’m not so sure.…… Continue reading Christmas Update 2021

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