AMA – a mystical perspective (Ayurveda part 3)

[ here we are in that time of Lent, but I have disclaimer. Every birthday for me, falls right in the middle of Lent and when traditionally there would be little fresh fruit. Parties and expected pleasures are generally muted. Maybe why, I do love a good party -am I entitled? To have excuse to break Lent’s fast – is sacred privilege? Maybe it’s in my interest not to need to so tightly adhere- I take on moods so easily. Or should I be a martyr?]

I endeavor to honor the fasting season in a way that’s special for me; It’s a good time for inner reflection.

As Lent, with its fasting, helps spiritual cleansing, so I’d thought I’d share a few thoughts with you.


Ama can be described briefly as the qualities of our body that is stagnant, sticky, dank, rank, fetid, slimy, sticky, congealed, caked, crunchy, insoluble. These are bits indigestible sticky fractals of attachment; holding us back from our light that no longer or never, were helpful or useful to our light body vessels.

Physical Ama

Physical ama are poorly digested food products. We are 100% what we consume, eat, drink, and breathe.

Foods with AMA do consist of congealed fats, denatured proteins, and bread products that are hard and crumbly[1].

Eating them requires inordinate support from our axis of digestion. Often enzymes, as we age, aren’t quite as abundant. Ttissues falter, mucosa thins, our peristalsis creeps or is irritable. Without healthy slime, non-food particles may not be completely bound, transported or discarded. With time and frequent feedings, abnormal microbes are favored; your hormonal axis becomes affected too.

Here a good food fasting- removing all food with ama, is helpful. Aided with hydration from frequent sips of hot water and lemon juice (or fennel), the tiny shrota channels open; fine portals for cleansing. Activating these portals is the benefit of Eating ginger pickle before meals; helps to warm and satisfy. Ginger supports ciliary function and like processes.

Reduce physical pollutants in your air[2]. (I admit it, I’m still working on this between the candles and aromatherapy.)

Ask your organs what they need or want- Take your time asking start with the painful, or your heart or pancreas, ask them what you can do for them. The answers can be astounding!

Emotional Ama

Emotional Ama is undigested parcels of grief, anger, and resentment. Can be thought of as metaphoric hydras; causes tissues to stiffen. It feels so good to clear the air. Go ahead and yell or cry[3]. Later we can listen. To aid in avoiding excess, it’s wise to refrain from unnecessary speech that triggers. So keep your mouth quiet to reduce the build up of static. Meanwhile make amends with your heart.

Lent is a great time for quiet meditations and keeping your airwaves entrained with nature.

Mental Ama 

Unnecessary thoughts and ideas that distract us from our purpose, create cobwebs and fuzzy thinking. Your neighbor’s gossip is poison. If that’s her interest, avoid her. Or you’ll be channeling into the energy of situations that do not serve you. Stop tossing around ideas unrelated to your quest; let others solve their own problems. Tone down your media. As we give them this attention, we pay opportunity less notice. Consider that neurolinguistics is an actual reproducible field of science!

Spiritual Ama 

Faith in other “gods”, other than the one who’s your Higher Power, will not bring your karmic fortune in the end, no matter how hard you work. I’m talking about the gods of power, sex, and money. In the end at our death, we won’t have any of them.


For a quick inventory of qualities that are healthy to cultivate, consider the following; each day embodies qualities we NEED regularly and with regularity, in order to best thrive.

Monday – is Moon day, a good day for reflecting on the week that lays before us; Surveying for priorities. Taking inventory what will those needs require, before you set out blindly. Healthy hormones come from “witnessing” – observing with a sense of detachment, helps us manage our subconscious reactions. We do not have to like everyone but be courteous, kind, and compassionate with others in your life. We cultivate with moon’s cycles.

Tuesday – is Mars day. A day for action. Tackling those priorities identified yesterday is the order for the day. Take time for your Savasana though, or you may run in circles. (Dopamine/ endorphins are the result of action)

Wednesday, – Mercredi (Fr.) is Mercury’s day; for using our intelligence. The week is half over, so better use your head too! This is a good day to analyze and name, and sort contradictions. Identify what serves or not; and double-check your stats. You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s opportunity (Thor’s day). Get ready for the next wave. Finish your words early, light a candle and focus on your breath. Histamine underlies mental processes; lactate keeps them focused with happy myelin sheathing, so do some brisk exercise for at least 30 minutes!

Thursday – is Thor and Jove’s day, Jupiterian in quality. What can be expanded, where can you share generosity? You need space to be open, so when opportunity knocks you’re ready. Typically I don’t schedule appointments- until the last minute (Endocannibinoid axis- general sense of expansion and well-being).

Friday is Venus’s day, a day for relationship and love. Listening is essential to keep a heart open with tenderness. So honor her well, and your heart will thrive. (Oxytocin/serotonin)

Please know though, what is balancing…may seem like your polar opposite! Ideas will clash when you’re negotiating; but essential for proper expansion. Otherwise you’re back to Wednesday, needing isolation and candles.

Saturday is Saturn’s day For polishing crystals and structures. Sometimes what’s had is completely unsuitable, and must be dismantled and thrown. This is a day for chores and cleanup resulting from weeks wrought actions. Saturday is a great day to roll one’s sleeves up and early start to get up, take out the trash and do laundry. (GABA)

Sunday, is Sol’s or Soul’s day, a day to feed Divine spark within you. Sunday’s a day to recreate and revisit your inner temple. (which supports overall succoring)

Note which days seem easy to do, and notice, which are hardest. Try to add a little more balance in your life, if you’re way out of whack.

Ideally, we’d spend a little of each of these activities every day to honor our hologram beings. Naturally Ayurvedic practitioners have a calendar hour for every activity.

Regardless of language and culture, each of these are important.

[1]Specifically avoiding processes like microwaving. And (as best you can) leftovers more than 3 days old, all processed or preserved foods, meat, nut butters, dry nuts, dairy, sugar, alcohol, drugs, caffeine are a good place to start. And one of my favorites, fruit, goes last (only for 5 days). Taking even one of these from your diet, can make a difference from your body’s perspectives.

[2]Dang, I’ve given so much advice here, I’m going to get pretty scrutinized- meaning I have a lot of advice to take myself!

[3]I am so going to rue these words…I know it. No matter what, we will get through this.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) and recently completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master and astrologer.

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