Every picture tells a story

Consider, While every picture tells a story of a thousand words, Every part of your picture Has one of its own. So when you’re looking a picture As e-vidence of proximity in any given situation, How they got there on the page, might be quite interesting. At least if you like listening to people and…… Continue reading Every picture tells a story


vantage through the cactus

When did you forget to look up? Can you remember the last time you got to be fool, and yet, there was someone there looking out or after you? When was the last time someone snapped, ‘look out where you’re going’, with your gaze lowered down? * Over time, our chins dip and shoulders curve…… Continue reading Stoop-ed

A food allergy story

I’ve had skin sensitivities since I was a kid – none so stressful I went to any doctor except, when I had poison ivy – all over my face and body – that swelled my lids shut. ‘They’ said I probably got in some smoke or something despite trying to avoid it while out in…… Continue reading A food allergy story


Synesthesia – the crossing and merging of two or more senses, like color and sounds, is an interesting phenomenon. Some manifestations are more common or others[1]; these are essentially a breakdown of what would normally be subconscious processing. This isn’t that rare; some forms of synesthesia are in ~2% of the population. So far 54…… Continue reading Synesthesia

Million Dollar Baby

cool clouds and sun

This morning I listened to a pediatrician and medical intensivist talk about the ethics of spending a couple of million dollars for one baby with a one-of-a kind (very rare) disease, in this case a neuromuscular disorder limiting normal breathing ability.  These babies might receive a series of doses, some intrathecally, (meaning they stick a…… Continue reading Million Dollar Baby

A Plea for Modesty

This is my news reaction to taking down, yet another, prominent man- this time New York governor Coumo[1]. Now this guy is (a tad) imperious. He comes from a “Because I Can” (http://drjenwyman-clemons.com/2020/12/26/because-i-can/) background, and may have royalty in his genes. Either way his family learned to govern and he has successfully done so for…… Continue reading A Plea for Modesty

How I met my Love Angel (L.D.#0)

Looking back, about –it seems like every time I receive massage or similar service, I feel like I give back to the relationship to the point that I’m often a little emotionally drained. Even though ostensibly, I am receiving (and paying for) a “relaxing” therapy. That tends to happen when someone has his or her…… Continue reading How I met my Love Angel (L.D.#0)

Wherever we are now

Wherever we are now We can have happiness, As children will find moments to play – Even among ruins of war; While they live in the present moment. Some of them play king of the hill, Others play with snakes and insects. The lucky ones will have dollies, paints, and Tonka trucks instead. Yes it…… Continue reading Wherever we are now

Careless Speech (L.D. #8.5)

With free speech, the person with the most power gets to say them. Those with purse strings, consciously choose what is said during airtime. For that reason, “Free speech” is really a misnomer, I really wish they’d “fix” the First Amendment. Hold your tongue if you know what’s good for you. Reread the Old Testament book of Sirach, It doesn’t mince words! Speaking out of turn or rank, the weaker one will suffer.