Auric microbiome

So I’m going to put this essay out there, not peer reviewed or published but -based on science, expanded with mysticism. If you love it, please let me know.

We need to do what we can to “flatten the curve” as the Covid-19 pandemic progresses.

Our body’s microbiome is like our aura. In the wild, it would expand outwards literally, with skin cells, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and phage, in a cloud proportional to the body. In humans, this is 18 or more inches around us- especially from our face with all it’s orifices. Talking and breathing sample our aura, and place droplets into it.  And then, you know, there’s always one dragon amongst us who wants to sneeze out into the open- shooting a comet of trillions of mist and organisms out in front of them! I know, I was married to one for over twenty years.

What we eat and do creates our microbiome – especially the one in the air around us.

As we move in the world, this auric microbiome picks up from the environment and air we walk though.

Then, as we interact moving and sweeping our arms through our own cloud, our skin picks it up too.

From there, it can go everywhere – eventually!

Our auric microbiome also protects us, like a shield.

It slows down the penetrance of organisms – especially particles with ‘consciousness’, from the environment.

Please Recall: All particles are still subject to diffusion when suspended like gas.

Now add particles with appendages spikes, tails, or whips that catch air currents easily and maybe homing to some unknown emission from us! One day, we will know this.

Having a healthy shield around us gives us literally front line immunity because it can slow particles down from getting to our skin.

During this epidemic, it will be wise to keep your shields up – by not washing so harshly. Even Clarisonic admitted it! (Their courage to go public, be a blessing)

Bathe after going out in public (maybe). If you’re quarantined for general precaution, but not sick and have to go out for essentials, don’t shower in between.

Let your ‘cloud’ build up a little.

Avoid gesticulating.

Keep your mouth shut!

Wash well when you get home. Consider taking clothes off before going in the house, if you’re super worried, wash them immediately. Eventually it will visit us all, so I’m doing it gradually.

Wear a face mask -especially if you are sick in any way.  And know, that you are likely carrying whatever makes you ill in the cloud of air around you. It totally could be allergies, but why subject someone else to concern?

Smudge yourself before and after being in crowds, especially if you can’t get to a shower.

Make a mask easily using sterilizable materials. Here’s good website:

Once masks are damp from your breathing, they are useless and contaminated. Rinse with mild detergent. Let them dry out. Set in the sun for 10 minutes and you’re good to go. Or be fastidious and boil for 8 mins.

Lastly, keep your distance from others in public. Around two arms lengths or 2 meters, away if at all possible. And wear a burka (teehee) if you can!

Even as this is hard to do, I send and receive blessings even including the coronavirus for all it is teaching, from all 7 directions (including within). Do this everyday, preferably several times- resets your cortisol level at least!

Remember, you are loved, you are so loved. We all incarnated to be here now. As our lives unfurl, we co-create each others’ Dharma. You are in the perfect place. There are no mistakes or accidents. Let us all learn from these painful times. The hospitals are going to run out of supplies. and they are already on thin margins with staffing. I’m 99% sure. We won’t be able to count on them. Flatten the curve while you can.

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