My Journey to the Snake G-ddess

My journey to the snake G-ddess.

In a purified state, arrived at the door to Her sanctuary- an arched opening of rocks and stones. I hear hissing from all sides up and down, front to back.


Restating my intention, that I wished to be brought to the G-ddess, was bid to lie down on the river of snakes. Ugh.

Obediently, I lay down and was slowly borne along their backs and sides. My belly to their backs, their sides to my sides- My shoulders, arms, legs and thighs guided by eel-like determined beings.

I was willing, we swam closer to the egg just on my horizon of view.

Faintly blue, the Orphic egg sat protected in her coils.

We swam closer. It seemed pretty scary, I’ll say.

Then, suddenly I was in the middle of a ferocious and violent storm!

Huge Swells and Gales a maelstrom of watery energies.

The water stilled,

I waited….like a consciousness waiting for focus.

A piece of raft appeared, forming under my fingertips.

I clutched on and, as if on a raft saved by the savage sea, naked, clambered up to say with arms outstretched, “Hurray, I made it!”.

Next I know, I am unspooling from the egg in my own being being one with the mass of (snake) beings.

Then, as if by magic, one by one we disengaged and flew off like fireflies into the distance to our respective callings.

And so be it.

The nature of Mission.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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