A Musing about my Love Angel (L.D. #9)[1]

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if ‘he’ showed up here, actually? He could one day, I’m ~ sure of it. AS if I could be sure of anything, that is. Which really is nothing[2]. Anyway what if he did, would I need to make a big fuss about it? Broadcast and cash in…… Continue reading A Musing about my Love Angel (L.D. #9)[1]

Lamed  ל

The path of Lamed ל is our experience of day-to-day decisions we make to stay in our commitments towards those we love; our corpus of family. Could be pronounced La’ med, l’ame d, or lamed- the latter like caused an ouch. With Lamed’s ל path, as our truths unfold, we may feel a bit lamed,…… Continue reading Lamed  ל

Qoph ק, Shin ש and Teth ט

Spelled multiple ways – Kuf, Qof, too, is  our  quality of Yeztiratic boson energy self – our Nape –where “He” whispers to us. Qoph ק has planted Vau ו with a descending winding structure wrapping ever nearer. Qoph ק sits at the bottom of Kabbalah’s tree– on the pillar of Force. Of spirit, but self…… Continue reading Qoph ק, Shin ש and Teth ט

Snow as metaphor

Snow- my birthday gift (I was born on the snow-moon- almost full moon. ( first draft). [So here I sit swaddled, hot cocoa in hand after my fun foray to clear frontage; writing about it now on my birthday stationary.] I love snow. It hasn’t failed to lift my heart but once… after an ice…… Continue reading Snow as metaphor

St. Valentine’s day Tribute[1]

Valentines day is a time of year, landing in February when all bleak and cheerless, and has been already for 3 months or more up here in the northern hemisphere. Coming off of Christmas and New Year’s festivities. I love the pretty cards and sentiments of affection between two parties, both personal and collectively. and…… Continue reading St. Valentine’s day Tribute[1]

Christmas Update 2021

Insomniac now for many months, I guess it’s time once again to ‘speak’ up, if you will, Hanukkah past and Christmas around the corner. All told, I’ve felt pretty disassociated- weeks turn into months with little form in my calendar. Would I even pass a (mental) status test? At this point I’m not so sure.…… Continue reading Christmas Update 2021

Twelve Steps and “The Promises”

1.We admitted we were powerless over (name your poison)-that our lives had become unmanageable. 2.Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. 3.Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. 4.Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. 5.Admitted to…… Continue reading Twelve Steps and “The Promises”

Scary Malefics

It doesn’t fail to annoy me- the constant references to “Mercury retrogrades”, squares and all references to the challenge planets of Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto by astrologers; they create much drama and fear that’s unnecessary. These outer planets represent larger perspectives that stress us- and ruffle our individual sovereign self. We’ve only been aware…… Continue reading Scary Malefics

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