“Peace Now” “Give Peace a Chance!”, “Peace on Earth” without specifics, these declarations make me wince. They are so non-specific as “peace” can look like anything. Please consider[1]this. What bugs you anyway?  That you might pick another’s cause distracts you (not that that’s bad, just different choice of focus).

Peace, as I have experienced it in my life, or maybe I should call it a ‘felt’, has been enjoyed when my baby goes down for a nap (oh that face is priceless). Or perhaps in the fresh snowfall quiet of winter, or maybe from an endorphin high (but then there’s giddiness), or best of all- after a great orgasm! What does it take to have a peaceful feeling in you?

Too often, peace on earth is heard after a battle, fight or argument. Leaving losers, bruised egos and/or death. Death is the most peaceful state of all, from my perspective of viewing. For what on earth are you clamoring?

A peaceful state, what characterizes it? The “peace” as I see it –



Yin all around, even

NO breathing (except the baby).

If you’re an earthworm or snake living on the earth, with covid has brought less vibration. There is a sense of more quiet. Whales are finding their voices carry further without so many ships and vessels. We are doing less; so that’s more quiet.

Personally, I feel peaceful in the few minutes of svasana when I do yoga; or deeply relaxed and clear (for several days) after long (stock silent) meditation retreat. Emergin then as if from cocoon, my outside world, hadn’t budged a smidge. Going on retreat clears inner dissonance- especially doing Viippasana. Learning to disassociate ourselves from our thoughts and feelings is to become witness.

[Otherwise my mind is like a beehive. I literally have tinnitus. Thoughts churn perseverantly; my consciousness needs to be on “mission”. At least until now, when my thoughts are disordered by a daemonic thought form entity sensation – however pleasing- (going on for over two years.)]

Moreover, I have peace when I don’t HAVE to engage with you. Another nice side effect, for me, in the pandemic is so many fewer unnecessary interactions; I love the hands-off delivery for that reason alone!

Why should I disturb my inner will with you anyway: Are you and your drama worth it? Or will something you say to me leave me to ruminate (my habit) for a day and a night or longer?

During my fertile years, I was so sensitive, my dandelion sucker self used to get set off by anything. I’d swear I was psychotic when I had PMS. I’d boil with rage or at least irritably simmer, until I learned to tell my foster siblings I was “feeling a bit too raw and upset” to interact with them patiently. That did help the explosions, using my words and being listened to. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Betsy Emerson, for your intense patience with me!

When I was in practice, I had to learn techniques to listen deeply and yet stay patient, kind and compassionate! It is hard to bite my lips so hard, never mind the teeth grinding[2].  Over time, one’s face can get a bit puckered. Learning to send Reiki to unfortunate souls really helped.

There are so many things to get and stay upset about; how am I supposed to be and stay calm while I’m alive engaging?  I could always find something to worry about or fix, just ask my ‘husband’. I’m so grateful to be in my hermitage[3]with cats!


Instead of the word peace, I think I’ll substitute it with “ease”. Feels a little bouncier to say, don’t you think too? That is not the same as easy….

Demonstrations are paradoxically unproductive -other than for the vendors, cops, and support staff.  Chanting emotionally still feels good. Why not add some of that to your life, like a spice. Emotional letters create resonance to your body’s vessel.

May it be so to have a breath of fresh air on your cheek as a reminder to help you lift and pivot!

So next time you want to holler at a demonstration, try “Give ease a chance! At least it won’t have so many consonants – except for the “G” which is Gimel, She brings you light.

[1]Consider, con- with (latin), and sider- the stars. Con, “c” is Kaph and Qoph, “the ring or circle, an “O” is samech kaph and vav, nun – from the reflection of His palm, of oneness; an idea binds, nun – death – a loss of freedom from each other- the mirage of oneness in schools of fishes; sider – samech (oneness) yod(hand of G-d), dalet (gate), resh (rainbow quality and radiance).  

[2]It’s hard not to laugh at the dentist who says, “oh, just chill a little”. 

[3]All women, as defined by those who menstruate, are well served to have their own space of solitude for their menses. While I’m not Nepali I would need to be put in the menstrual shed, even with it’s lessons. There is great value in being sequestered– so they can keep their sweetness! 

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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