St. Valentine’s day Tribute[1]

Valentines day is a time of year, landing in February when all bleak and cheerless, and has been already for 3 months or more up here in the northern hemisphere. Coming off of Christmas and New Year’s festivities.

I love the pretty cards and sentiments of affection between two parties, both personal and collectively. and time for lovers and friends to celebrate their bond of hearts together.

The heart as a shape is like a hyperbolic spiral, then split into two, but still connected at the mid section and bottom. Red excites, on a limbic level- root and hearts’ christae hive mind, our inner lusts flame. Red heart flat on white laser cut doily- forming spaces against snow-white background. Love persists connecting spirit and life[2]. Heart shape inverted, is twin flame too.

My mother, bless her now-ancestral heart, always gave me great cards. Unfolding serial vistas with cupids and hearts. Perhaps she got them from her father. Scenes brushed with aqua aura glitter proclaiming, “I love you!”

Even if from her I didn’t feel it.

Glamour hasn’t moved me since.

So today I’m feeling it, al(l)-one as I am. I’m grateful my son came over yesterday with our family dog Gus. Our words were light with little drama, as I sometimes stumbled along in the thickets where we walked, being with him in his presence reassured my soma self- reinforcing in resonance with our years long relationship.

It is true, with nursing him for eighteen months and years of cuddling afterwards, we both have to outgrow each other – but more budding off -rather than splitting wide open. Although he may disagree.

Lately, I’ve been seeing four+ levels in my heart’s aura. The upper (outer) one is white, blessing[3] – parts of myself, I freely share with anyone –unconditional and impersonal. This includes even ‘blessings’ beyond my control like- how I look or my age, for example.

He is to me, deep on level three! And by rights, he’s entitled to all three[4] . Celebrating a hug with him, feels wonderful I’m telling you!

Writing this essay, I was prompted to send him (another too-) long text message reminding him he “didn’t have to prove himself”, “you be you”- (other than show up and do your job well), “follow your heart’s dream” and “be kind always”- that sort of thing.…and likewise those same truths go for all those around him.

(We’d been talking about some social situations he was in)


My other son has specifically asked me to stop sending him “love bombs”, so I’m holding off on sending him any.


I especially like that Valentine’s Day has no political or religious overtones…so everyone can participate. 

Oh wait, I also heard a new story today! St. Valentine was a priest who lived around 100AD who expressed fervently that men and women equally had souls[5], came from twin flames, and healed with their hands. How timely for me to hear this.

He was crucified for heresy and the formal (endowed with power) church canonized their litany to perfectly refute him!

The question was then raised (this was in my Trickster Council), what if that had become the new church instead of the patriarchy[6]?

I’d say, humanity had already had millennias of unbalanced matriarchy. She is subjective and results usually hidden or unmeasurable[7]. Priestesses[8] had great power they used- ruthlessly-taking a bit too much for themselves as fear[9] takes over. Worshipping the idea of incarnate Jesus was the pendulum swinging.

As I have argued before, that there was a “Jesus” (Je-is-us, sounds like he-is-us, in Sp.) at all was proof that any one man could channel Him (implying we are each of Him too); that in truth miracles were being witnessed and performed by many is no surprise, considering math and physicist’s predict, ‘All things statistically possible, with enough time, will’!


On a more practical level, for kids on Valentine’s Day at school, it is fun to get cards at school- reminding of friendships highlights… but with school, getting cards from some kids-there are those you are comfortable with and those you’d avoid. Then it can feel downright awkward.

As we write out our cards for those we’d rather not, signing our name to friendly proclamations, is inculcating lies, as far your subconscious believes, as experience, whatever you actually feel.

Requirement to give to everyone equally, creates a little fraud.

Thank goodness the cards are cheap, is all I’ll say more!

At least no one wrote anything mean.

[1] Written Valentine’s Day Monday Feb 14, 2021

[2] Assuming Symbolism of white for the sacred and spaces for the void – our existence despite uncertainty (Da’at’s flow kabbalistically).

[3] Blessings may not always be experienced as pleasurable.

[4]Level one – the world at large. Level two particular acquaintances and friends we coach together. Level three family – I’m entitled to protect them personally (this is where I’ve learned some balance), Level 4 intimate lovers, etc.

[5] Gasp, according to the religious illuminati, I have no soul since my Jennifer/ Eve self, got ‘us’ kicked out- judging me along beasts! That explains quite a lot, actually. What a shame. Bless their hearts- they can only see the extent of their own in another, based on our lineage conditioning of archetype- when we are each Her vessel.

Since they can’t see Her soul in one such as me, I guess they may be the “soulless” in actuality– at least until now?!

I once almost sent cards around to the local priests, pastors and ministers to give them Reiki on a donation basis- on their own church grounds. The cards were even designed and printed, I thought why not. But then I realized, my wooden table is too heavy for me to carry in and out or up and down (with my back). Since my husband wasn’t interested, I let it go at that.

[6] Paraphrasing other remarks of the council which are interesting but I can’t confirm- technically hearsay,‘ in 1AD, churches were formed and tended by middle-class Christian widows built initially as home churches. Whereas before, one left a dying man in the road, with Christ’s teachings and miracles, they were being rescued and restored with nursing and hands-on-healing.’  There was about an hour more in our councilor’s report.

[7] If there was one thing I loved about western medicine and its definition of “healing”- everything is measureable. Too bad our measurements are like 7 ‘blind’ men trying to describe an elephant.

[8] Must she always get chocolate on her period? Can’t she take ownership she needs own red tent for menses and mood swings? Stop holding men captive and responsible for her fertility needs? Holding out herbs to the highest bidder, is also unconscienable.

[9] As soon as you feel power, part of you fears you’ll lose it. As results are exhilarating, one can believe dopamine’s an issue. In Kabbalistic teachings, once an intelligence is illuminated, short of having a stroke or dementia, one doesn’t turn off ideas (each Sephiroth has its four worlds, starting with an idea that sparks it), but balances with it’s alternate form versus force… By dropping down into one’s heart helps center compassion with judgment, and grounding- by recalling all has it’s time.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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