Here’s an idea- AEIOU ‘medicine’            


In your name, there are likely to be one or two vowels missing.

Each vowel being a certain tone, carries frequency.  When you say it aloud.

Creating a rainbow[1] in this case, with the  A, E, I, O, U.

You can add color associations of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue –

 or whatever your synesthetic mind sees readily; or not.


If your’re feeling under the weather,

With our tendencies to lean heavily on our few vowels, when there’s a world to draw from,

You might be lacking part of the AEIOU rainbow.

Just like our vitamins foods, this isn’t such a new idea,!


if you notice things 5,

 Which would be simple flowers, stars and pentangles,

She, the earth with her four elements

not just dirt,

is your friend when you let her be.


So go lay on her.

Tell her how you feel

when there’s no one

else around to listen.


An A is breath of air,

That you can trust (generally) unconditionally

Like breathing

Right now you can inspire a big breath in.

“A” is All-ah, we all breath together

So you might want to pray then., as

All are blessings (Beth),

Which from Him are given.

She, the “B” in the matter,

is the vessel

forming space for your dream’s being.

Without one, there is not the other.


Going upways and down

Inside and Out

Left to right

Front to back- or whatever your preferred orientations.

When Force manifests, the invisible boson(m)s summoned

Like a tree lit by lightening, your path lays visible.

Together with forms, your structures and limits-

 Create density of matter; we’d be no-thing without them!


Please stop decrying them…

She will always

offer something

different- but what you may not like.


E – is for change. Three horizontal bars connected by a spine.

The high and the low, with one in the middle.

Which will you choose; where will you go?

Peh with a dot (first stirrings of Yod) in the middle, F turns to P.


F sounds like Ph,-Peh with Heh.

With F, you might almost say a thing,

but then catch your tongue at the very last moment.

Sure, you might have thought it, but saying it is worse.


When Netzach gets e-motional, as energy in motion, her light gets hurled, when a thing is spoken. [2]

Quantizing is naming. And as such adds

Extra fractals to the treasure house of images,


Dutifully waiting to be called.

Do we really need more entity?

Might we be better without adding more to a matter?

 Once named, the thing is spelled. Words can’t be unspoken.


Dealing with change can be hard.

Vau (one’s dream will) being dragged or run through, a thing can feel undone.

Can feel very uncertain; are your nearing reefs of destruction?

Why don’t you try some ease for medicine?


If you need an E, for example –

new experiences and ideas,

change to rock you boat,

Maybe try adding a little variance to your routine.  


Switch things up a bit.

Give yourself more time.

You never know what your eye’ll[3] see.

Though your eyes may deceive you, trust your heart sees clearly.


Call a trusted one,

 touch your rocks of foundation, check them out .

Take some personal inventory.

Check for places cracked or cracking.


That will give your some piece of mind or maybe new projects to focus on.

Even if minute, creative projects, and well-done chores are

essentially all we really can control. 

is it time to get a hobby though; what would you like to see more of?


Maybe you hadn’t thought of this new experience

Quite that way.

E’s colors might be orange,

So would an orange card in your wallet will cheer you up sometimes?


E with orange attributed has both yellow and red

How we are feeling lies in our Dantien.  

This  is where we ‘take’ what we are given.

And  where real digestion goes on.


How connected are you

to your power center-

is your digestion overwhelmed

or are your stools floating in nicely formed pieces?


I know its gross,

But sometimes it’s wise to check.

I’m still getting the hang of my changes

Since shifting my diet so radically.


Are you eating enough yellow things, grains and starches?  Parsnips and rutabagas? Turnips are often delicious baked, boiled, or steamed. Especially add ghee or olive oil for gut and eye brightening.


E is Earth too and


I – is for Yod, the hand of G-d. That’s a big one or can be, if you’re not looking out.

I’d rather get it by a wise parent, than by His higher orders!

Yod is the light of the Blessing, carried to the heart.

The Hermit in Tarot; silver is his color; or ultraviolet.


There are three parts to Yod, his head, the body, and tail.

His head, starts with the face of the idea; nothing quite conscious; it sort of presents itself, though, you have, at least subconsciously been working on this a long time.

How it flushes out, is on G-d’s time always.

So why fret about it; just keep working.


Yod’s  tail has no ending,  as we are tethered by ideas

to Him that emanates them.


I put cut-out little rose-wheels- and traced out angels’ sigils.

They hang around my office and surround me like a little family.

It’s pretty subtle, but an astute eye might notice them.

Vision will help you dream your dreams.

Yellow stands for wisdom with me-

And wisdom can get jaded;

Like caramels with heat (anger or passion) and air (change), turn brittle

Even with too much oxygen[4].


Both your being and ideas, need room to breathe,

So if you’re lacking inspirations,

Get rid of clutter.; take time for meditation.

Earth is the space we need for the Chi to flow in.

Wreaths might cheer you too.

Like donuts, there’s space in the middle, you can’t quite see perfectly, but you know it has one.

And anything else with circles that grabs your fancy.


As purple is the complement of yellow,

Put some amethyst (Ame- Thyst, Love thoust) in your wine glass,

to help you with your temperance.

Maybe then ,you won’t overdo it so much!

Purple might be a good color for you too, even if not your favorite.



Is healing spirit of green; she

O is for All of us, and embodies many principles –

Samech and Vau together.

Try some tapping , skipping or jumping on the trampoline.

If you don’t have much “O”, community can be especially helpful;

With others your moods can from the serotonin

Those gatherings induce together.

It might not just be, the turkey on Thanksgiving that makes everyone so sleepy.  That’s a special feeling of safety the kicks in when everyone’s home.

Only when all is tucked in and ready, does mom get really deep sleep.


O is completion of great work and effort, as much as it is a circle with inside and out. The circle being a bubble in 5D vantage point.

(4D is adding the element of time to the thing)

Samech, mixes force and form together.

He with “O”s, is alchemical master, who can sees the unity in love’s story.

This takes Art; science is in the measuring.

Watch out or you’ll get heady

inhaling Her (per-) fumes and vapors!


Did you know, while you may be expert at a thing, 

There are worlds of possibility, each with different geometries, forms and customs that have been successful – to get the same thing done…and for millenia!

And yet, some approaches are more successful than others, granted.


There are cycles to everything, and forces that won’t bear rushing;

negative pressure can move them.

So make some extra space in your house.


Hints of realities perfection are real[5], but fleeting.

Dopamine is addictive.

If you get too much, eat vegetables to help process it.

It’s better altogether, to cut out the extra adrenaline.  Adrenaline will save your loved one (once), but she will fry you next time.


To restore, your O for Ojas, go for a swim

In the ocean is best, though rare, you’ll never forget it;  

or treat yourself to a Ferris (or any iron wheeled) riding excursion.

Savor the views presented to you. There is always someone worse off than you; and always someone better.

Skip the ice-cream if that’s not your thing.

How you mark time is your choice, at least in His eyes;

 To hell with your supervisor. [6]

 You might try blowing bubbles to captivate your eyes; with bubbles you get to create little rainbows when you are open to seeing them.

A warm bubble bath might be just the thing too


Teth is in Samech too, as unity takes the snake (sensation, feeling, emotion, thought (which is Kaph encapsulated)) to connect them.

Teth swims between the BV and the D. He negotiates boundaries in how lust comes to being balancing Ve-Gebvurah and Ve-Gedulah, is his healthy aim.


Back again to form and Spirit.  BV – has element of willfulness and what it “should” be, D  more natural progression. So please calm down and let the fall-out settle, before you jump to hasty conclusions[7].


I put this in here so you can get a bigger picture of the forces.



U is anything not me; though open, more than simple cresent.


U is the Blue and Purplish part of our Soul Song Rainbow.

And as such encompasses  ‘rare’ stuff. You don’t need massive  abstractions or be that much mental, to be successful and productive, helpful and wanted.


U” is  Kaph turned 90 degrees- clockwise in this case. 

Kaph is G-d’s palm- and single-human world amount of something. When Kaph is rotated from either His world or man’s, (as Kaph can be flipped horizontally and still look the same) he becomes U; and rubber hits the road.

With Kaph starts the wheel in the Tarot, honoring Newton’s second Law.

What Kaph catches that cog of self,

Peh and Teth clarify.


The success measured by G-d, or man,  as Kaph’s palm-sized amounts can be either,  is a passel of opportunity and exactly the right medicine.

No more, no less. Now you can see why,

Patience is a virtue. Sometimes the wheel is quite large indeed.


U is also Vau, historically.

That my will, and yours, be honored between us.

This is hard when the jobs are so damn polarized…at least until now, it seems.

Your true Dharma

honors your strengths and weaknesses. An interesting thing though, your weaknesses will never boor you.

So honor your strengths; and work on your weaknesses, you’ll always have something to do. 

While I’ll do the same too and  sometimes quiet words are extremely helpful; off the cuff ones are startling.


U is everything I received from Him. U does looks a little like a pit or the rut that you can get into without e-motion or Air. Are you stuck in despondency? Is it time to dump ‘U” out? Have you tried going Solo; maybe an adventure’s just the thing you need. Tapping and laughter are also indispensible. Do that frequently!


Life will freshen when you get out of your comfort zone-

You’ll have taken your first step towards changing[8].

Even if it’s going to a different Starbucks,

we can both shift to an even healthier outlook! Though, I may outgrow you; if you won’t play with me.


The following are “vowels” used rarely; especially by the Welsh, to whom I’m related in blood and apparently in spirit.


Y is Ayin, he’s reviewed in detail, here. He is essential, but he’s even rarer.


W is it really a vowel?

Since the tongue hits the mouth’s hard palate saying it, is that cheating? Seems pretty consonant, like it’s forming a thing.

W, as 2 Vaus, or Vau and Zayin is your choice;

Some use Boson(m) as weapon, their Zayin can be sword too.


I’d mostly avoid using  my W unnecessarily, if I were you.

But the best prayer of all, is your own alphabet in its entirety – that way you don’t miss anyone’s prayers when you say them.

May G-d’s will, not thy will, be done for all (and always your) highest good.

[1]  A five-element idea is foundation (4) + insight (1); or creation by two (3+2). Different times for everything. The pentangle either right side-up or upside down; both invoke the other in their execution.  Whether your result be from man or G-d, will be easy see the difference; G-d works through the heart- man through the pocketbook. The homes may look the similar, but in one a faint glow may be missing.

[2] [2].(to Hod). Refining blasts derailed spirit (of pride; your towers of ego crumble. Did you forget all was gift? This process is healthy. Ouch though.

[3] Ayin self

[4]Too much air-(wave) hogging. Please wear a mask and put your tongue into listening position- stick it up to your hard palate and please, just leave it there. 

[5] On the tree of life, Samech connects Tipherth (Beauty, Unity, and Love’s healing energies) with Yesod (treasure house of images, tides and cycle manifestations..

[6] If something is actually holding you back- it can’t be sustained against a true heart.

[7] If anyone who knows me is reading this, know I’m trying to take this advice too!

[8] Change is releasing really, you can only be you, ultimately. When you as a vessel shifts, so does everything around you.

By Dr. Jen Wyman-Clemons, MD

Dr. Wyman-Clemons treats the body, mind, emotions as well as spiritual wellness using tools described by established teachers and authors and her own experiences as she experiences an ongoing sense of (loving) energetic intrusion (possession) since 2019. She has ~thirty years of clinical experience as an allergy and internal medicine physician (ABAI, ABIM) has completed requirements to practice as a yoga teacher, USUI Reiki Master, and astrologer.

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